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A Complete Guide to study at Arizona State University in the USA

 Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the most prestigious public universities in the USA. Established in 1885, the university underwent a series of changes in its name and was finally named the Arizona State University in 1958. With over 77,000 students, the university has a population of over 9000 international students, of which over 4000 are from India. ASU offers scholarships and other financial aid to its students.

Do you know which are the popular course at ASU?

Have you ever wondered what scholarships are available to you at the university?

Won't it be beneficial to know the top courses offered by the university? 

ASU has five campuses, and the main campus is the Urban Tempe Campus, even though most classes take place at the Polytechnic Campus. The average tuition fee for Bachelor's programs is USD 54,593, while the tuition fee for a Master's program is USD 48,555. If you have given studying at ASU a thought, then this blog is for you. You can read it completely and get all the information.

Why Choose Arizona State University?

ASU has students from 130+ countries around the world. If you have considered studying at ASU, here are a few reasons why you should finalise this university.

  1. Affordable: ASU was ranked a top "best buy" university in the USA by the 2020 Fiske Guide to Colleges.
  2. Offers better research opportunities: ASU offers better career, internship and research opportunities to its students, is ranked best in the USA for preparing graduates for jobs, and is ranked above UCLA, MIT and Columbia.
  3. Good campus setting: As mentioned previously, ASU has five campuses, and you can choose the one that best suits your interests.

Arizona State University Highlights

Year of Establishment


No. of international students


No. of campuses


Endowments value

USD 665 million

Size of the campus

700 acres

Average accommodation expenses

USD 10,316

Average annual tuition fees

USD 48,555 - USD 54,593

Official website


Official website for international students


Arizona State University Rankings 2023

ASU is a constant presence in top positions in several national and international rankings. A certificate from a top-ranked university like ASU will benefit you both in your higher education and for a better career. The table below shows the position of ASU in a couple of rankings in 2023.



QS World University Rankings 2023


THE 2023


US News & World Report 8 years, 2016-2023


Arizona State University Acceptance Rate 2023

The acceptance rate at ASU is 88%. There can be slight changes in this based on the program level you choose. Nonetheless, an 88% acceptance rate definitely means that it is one of the prestigious universities. This also means that it is not too easy to get admission to ASU, and you have to satisfy all the requirements and have a good academic record to study at ASU. However, it is always worth studying at the university.

Arizona State University Deadlines 2023

It will be helpful for you to get the deadline for applying to ASU for 2023. ASU has Spring, Fall and Summer admissions. We have inserted a table below with the deadlines for 2023 admission.






November 1

May 1

February 1


February 1

September 1

Arizona State University Courses

ASU offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs in all streams and disciplines. The entry requirements and tuition fees can vary considerably. However, the average tuition fee at ASU ranges from USD 48,555 to USD 54,593. The table below will help you understand better.




Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)


4 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 79/PTE - 53/Duolingo - 95

INR 31,50,000

BS in Information Technology

4 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 79/PTE - 53/Duolingo - 95

INR 31,50,000

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

4 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 79/PTE - 53/Duolingo - 95

INR 31,50,000

MS in Computer Science

2 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 88/PTE - 60/Duolingo - 105, GRE - 308

INR 25,00,000


2 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 88/PTE - 60/Duolingo - 105

INR 25,00,000

MS in Software Engineering

2 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 88/PTE - 60/Duolingo - 105

INR 25,00,000


21 months

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 88/PTE - 60/Duolingo - 105, GMAT - 685

INR 82,40,000

PhD in Management

4 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 80/PTE - 60

INR 25,00,000

PhD in Marketing

4 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 80/PTE - 60

INR 25,00,000

PhD in Accountancy

4 years

IELTS - 6.5/TOEFL - 80/PTE - 60

INR 25,00,000


Eligibility Criteria to Study at Arizona State University

The eligibility criteria to get admission to ASU vary depending on the program and course you choose. We have given below the requirements for Undergraduate and Postgraduate admission to ASU. It is also advisable to consult the university's official website to get updated information.

English Proficiency Test Scores

The English proficiency test score requirement can vary depending on your chosen program. ASU accepts all the prominent English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo. The table below will help you understand better.

English Proficiency Tests

Minimum Scores Required









Documents Required

You must submit a few documents while you apply to ASU. Though there can be slight variations based on your chosen course and program, you will have to submit almost all of the below-mentioned documents.

Arizona State University Admission 2023

The process to apply to ASU is not difficult, and you will surely be able to apply without making any mistakes if you follow the correct steps. We have outlined the steps you can follow while you apply to ASU.

  1. Visit ASU's Application Portal on its official website.
  2. Fill in all the information.
  3. Upload the necessary documents.
  4. Pay the application fee and submit the application.

Arizona State University Cost

ASU is considered one of the most affordable universities in the USA. The average tuition fee can range from INR 23,00,000 to INR 83,00,000. The tuition fees for different programs and courses can vary, and the table below contains the course-wise and program-wise average tuition fees at ASU.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)


INR 25,00,000 - INR 31,00,000


INR 23,00,000 - INR 30,00,000


INR 31,50,000


INR 25,00,000 - INR 27,00,000


INR 25,00,000 - INR 83,00,000


INR 25,00,000

Arizona State University Scholarships

ASU offers scholarships and other financial aid to its students, and there are also scholarships offered exclusively for international students. These scholarships may have varying eligibility criteria and award monetary values. They can cover your tuition and living expenses wholly or partially. We have tabulated a few popular scholarships below for your reference.



Average Amount (in USD)

New American University Scholarship

All international UG students are eligible

Full tuition fee waiver

Kenneth A. McDonald Scholarship

All international PG students are eligible

Full tuition fee waiver

Marley Foundation Scholarship for Veterinary Practice

All students of Applied Biological Sciences with a CGPA of 3.0 are eligible

USD 10,000

Jobs and Salary After Studying at Arizona State University

The graduate employment rate at ASU is 87%. Intel, Honeywell, Apple, Amazon, American Express, Walmart, Dell, Johnson & Johnson etc., are some of the leading recruiters. ASU offers career services to its students, and there are career cells to help you get a better job easily. The average salary for an ASU graduate ranges from USD 55,000 to USD 65,000. The top job roles and average salaries for ASU graduates are tabulated below.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in INR)

Accounts Receivable Specialist

INR 3,03,500

Senior Business Analyst

INR 7,15,000

Software Engineer

INR 7,00,000

Project Manager

INR 13,00,000

Technical Architect

INR 21,25,000

Technical/Quality Assurance Engineer

INR 20,73,000

Technical Writer

INR 6,60,000

Arizona State University is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious public universities in the USA that has a good reputation. We hope to have provided an overview of the university. If you need more information or assistance to apply to the university, you can contact AECC's counsellors. You can also read our blogs to learn more about the cost of studying and living in the USA, scholarships available, visa procedures etc.

AECC has expert counsellors to guide you through the entire process of studying abroad. From researching the best universities and courses to visa guidance, we will help you on every step of your study abroad journey. Don't hesitate to contact us to get free assistance!


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