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Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better to Study?


Faced with the life-changing decision of where to pursue higher education, students often find themselves asking: "Which is better for studying, Australia or Ireland?" This pivotal question, central to many young academic lives, brings to the forefront a comparison that's as intriguing as it is vital.

In this article, titled "Australia vs Ireland - Top Choices for Students", we'll explore the heart of this debate. We'll dissect each element that contributes to the educational landscape of both countries, from the robust, innovative education systems in Australia to the historic, deeply-rooted academic traditions of Ireland.

Whether it's understanding the intricacies of admission intakes in Australia compared to those in Ireland, evaluating the prestigious universities each country boasts, or deciphering the cost and scholarship opportunities, we've got every angle covered. This comprehensive "Country Comparison - Australia vs Ireland" is designed to be your guiding beacon.

For those pondering over "Studying in Australia" versus "Studying in Ireland," this article is a treasure trove of information. It's tailored to be incredibly straightforward, yet rich with the details you need to make that all-important decision. So, if you're mulling over "Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better for Students", read on to find clarity and direction for your educational journey. 

Did you Know 💡: Meet Priya, a 21-year-old from Bangalore, facing the monumental decision of where to pursue her Master's in Environmental Science. Torn between the world-renowned research facilities in Australia and Ireland's unique approach to environmental studies, Priya felt overwhelmed. She pondered over the costs, lifestyle, and academic rigour in both countries. The turning point came when she discovered a scholarship in Ireland covering 50% of her tuition, significantly reducing her financial burden. This, combined with Ireland's hands-on approach to environmental issues, sealed her decision. Priya's journey is a testament to the importance of thorough research and financial planning in shaping one's educational path abroad.

Australia vs Ireland - Top Choices for Students: Education System

Deciding where to study can be a head-scratcher, can't it? Especially when it's a choice between two academic powerhouses: Australia and Ireland. Let's untangle this puzzle and see how each fares in the "Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better for Students" debate.

Studying in Australia:

Australia shines with its innovative, research-led education. It's a land where ideas bloom, and diverse courses are the norm. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Universities: Boasting 43 universities, with a striking presence in global rankings.
  2. Specialities: It's a haven for those keen on natural sciences, tech, and humanities.
  3. International Students: A whopping 700,000+ international students call Australia their academic home.

Studying in Ireland:

Ireland, with its rich academic tradition, offers a unique charm. It's a place where history and modernity blend seamlessly into education. Key points include:

  1. Universities: Home to 9 universities and 14 Institutes of Technology, each with its own character.
  2. Specialities: Ideal for lovers of literature, tech, and history.
  3. International Students: Over 35,000 international students add to its diverse academic tapestry.

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Australia vs Ireland - Admission Intakes

A critical factor in the "Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better for Students" decision is understanding each country's admission intake. This section in our "Country Comparison - Australia vs Ireland" guide aims to clarify the intake periods and deadlines essential for planning your educational journey.

Australia Intakes

Application Deadlines

Ireland Intakes

Application Deadlines

Semester 1 (Feb/Mar)

Oct - Nov (Previous Year)

Autumn Intake (Sep)

Feb - Apr (Same Year)

Semester 2 (Jul/Aug)

May - Jun (Same Year)

Spring Intake (Jan)

Oct - Nov (Previous Year)

Trimester 1 (Jan/Feb)

Sep-Oct (Previous Year)



Trimester 2 (May/Jun)

Feb - Mar (Same Year)



Trimester 3 (Sep/Oct)

Jun - Jul (Same Year)



Summer School (Nov/Dec)

Jul - Aug (Same Year)



Winter School (Jun/Jul)

Mar - Apr (Same Year)



When making a decision on "Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better for Students" regarding admission intakes, students should consider not only their preparedness to start their studies but also the specific offerings of their desired course during these intakes. Both "Studying in Australia" and "Studying in Ireland" offer world-class education, but the intake periods can significantly affect your planning and timeline.

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Australia vs Ireland: Top Universities

When choosing where to study, the calibre of universities is a pivotal factor. In this section of our "Country Comparison - Australia vs Ireland", we delve into the top universities of both nations. This insight is crucial in the "Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better for Students" debate.

Universities in Australia

Popular Programs

Universities in Ireland

Popular Programs

University of Melbourne

Medicine, Law

Trinity College Dublin

Literature, History

Australian National University

Politics, Astronomy

University College Dublin

Business, Law

University of Sydney

Engineering, Music

National University of Ireland, Galway

Medicine, Irish Studies

University of Queensland

Psychology, Sports Science

University College Cork

Pharmacy, Arts

University of New South Wales

Finance, Fine Arts

Dublin City University

Communication, Computing

Monash University

Pharmacy, Law

Maynooth University

Humanities, Music

University of Western Australia

Marine Biology, Law

University of Limerick

Aeronautical Engineering, Music

University of Adelaide

Wine Science, Dentistry

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Medicine, Surgery

University of Technology Sydney

Design, Innovation

Dublin Institute of Technology

Culinary Arts, Architecture

Macquarie University

Business, Ecology

National College of Art and Design

Fine Art, Design

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Australia vs Ireland: Eligibility Criteria

Diving deeper into the eligibility criteria is key in our "Country Comparison - Australia vs Ireland". This is especially crucial for students debating "Which is better to study in: Australia or Ireland?" Let's unpack the specific requirements for "Studying in Australia" and "Studying in Ireland".

Specific Eligibility Criteria For Studying in Australia:

Australia's universities are known for their high standards. Here's what they typically require:

Academic Excellence: For undergraduate programs, a minimum of 75% in 12th standard is often expected. For postgraduate courses, a bachelor's degree with at least a second-class division is a common requirement.

English Language Proficiency: IELTS minimum scores range from 6.5 to 7.0 for most courses, with TOEFL (iBT) scores usually needing to be above 90. PTE scores of around 58-65 are also accepted by many institutions.

Course-Specific Requirements: Certain courses like medicine, engineering, and law may have additional tests (like UMAT for medical courses) or require portfolios for courses like design and fine arts.

LORs and SOPs: Letters of Recommendation (LORs) and Statement of Purpose (SOPs) play a significant role in applications, particularly for competitive programs.

Specific Eligibility Criteria for Studying in Ireland:

Ireland's criteria are slightly different, aligning with their education system:

Academic Record: For undergraduates, a high school certificate with a minimum of 70% is generally required. Postgraduate courses usually require a bachelor's degree with a first or second-class division.

English Proficiency: IELTS scores need to be at least 6.0, with some institutions requiring 6.5. TOEFL scores are typically above 80 (iBT), and some universities accept PTE scores of 58 or higher.

Work Experience: For certain postgraduate courses like MBA, relevant work experience can be a critical requirement.

Specific Course Prerequisites: Certain specialised programs may have additional prerequisites, such as a portfolio for art and design courses or GMAT scores for business-related programs. 

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Australia vs Ireland: Cost to Study

We'll look at the financial aspects of "Studying in Australia" versus "Studying in Ireland". This is crucial for students to plan their budget and seek financial aid if necessary.

Degrees in Australia

Cost Details (in INR)

Degrees in Ireland

Cost Details (in INR)

Undergraduate Arts

Tuition: ₹10,86,000 - ₹16,29,000; Living: ₹11,42,220/year*

Undergraduate Arts

Tuition: ₹5,42,000 - ₹8,66,000; Living: ₹6,50,400/year*

Undergraduate Science

Tuition: ₹13,57,500 - ₹18,99,500; Lab Fees: ₹1,08,600

Undergraduate Science

Tuition: ₹6,50,400 - ₹9,74,400; Living: ₹6,50,400/year*

Postgraduate Arts

Tuition: ₹11,93,300 - ₹17,36,600; Living: ₹11,42,220/year*

Postgraduate Arts

Tuition: ₹4,87,200 - ₹8,13,000; Living: ₹6,50,400/year*

Postgraduate Science

Tuition: ₹15,20,600 - ₹21,73,200; Lab Fees: ₹1,08,600

Postgraduate Science

Tuition: ₹6,50,400 - ₹10,84,000; Living: ₹6,50,400/year*

MBA Programs

Tuition: ₹16,29,000 - ₹27,15,000; Living: ₹11,42,220/year*

MBA Programs

Tuition: ₹8,13,000 - ₹16,26,000; Living: ₹6,50,400/year*

Engineering Programs

Tuition: ₹16,29,000 - ₹21,73,200; Living: ₹11,42,220/year*

Engineering Programs

Tuition: ₹6,50,400 - ₹11,91,600; Living: ₹6,50,400/year*

While the tuition fees in Australia are generally higher, it's important to weigh these figures against factors like course quality, living experience, and potential career opportunities post-graduation.

Australia vs Ireland: Scholarships

We delve into the scholarship opportunities in both countries, an essential aspect for students contemplating "Studying in Australia" or "Studying in Ireland". Scholarships can significantly alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad. They vary widely in terms of eligibility, amount, and what they cover.

Scholarships in Australia

Amount (INR)


Scholarships in Ireland

Amount (INR)


Australian Government Research Training Program

Up to ₹15,72,000/year

Tuition + Living Stipend

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships

Up to ₹8,60,000/year

Tuition + Living Stipend

University of Sydney International Scholarships

Up to ₹20,00,000/year

Tuition + Living Stipend

University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarships

Up to ₹10,00,000/year

Tuition Fee

Monash International Merit Scholarships

Up to ₹10,00,000/year

Tuition Fee

National University of Ireland Galway International Student Scholarships

Up to ₹5,00,000/year

Tuition Fee

University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

Full fee offset + Up to ₹18,60,000/year

Tuition + Living Stipend

Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Full fee offset + Up to ₹12,00,000/year

Tuition + Living Stipend

Adelaide Scholarships International

Up to ₹22,00,000/year

Tuition Fee + Annual Stipend

Dublin Institute of Technology Centenary Scholarship Program

Up to ₹7,00,000/year

Tuition Fee

The "Country Comparison - Australia vs Ireland" boils down to what excites you academically. If you're drawn to cutting-edge research and a variety of fields, "Studying in Australia" might be your call. But if you resonate more with deep academic roots, particularly in the arts, then "Studying in Ireland" could be your academic haven.

In essence, when pondering "Australia vs Ireland - Which is Better for Students", it's about aligning your educational dreams with what each country uniquely offers. Both are exceptional, but their strengths and academic focuses differ, shaping the journey for international students.

For more information, contact AECC to get more clarity and learn all about which country would suit you best!


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