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BA Course

BA Course for Indian Students BA Course for Indian Students

The Arts and Humanities define who we are as a people. That is their power ― to remind us of what we each have to offer, and what we all have in common.

-Michelle Obama

The Bachelor of Arts is one of the most popular undergraduate degree programmes, with thousands of students entering each year. The curriculum allows students to specialise in various areas, and they can further their careers by earning a master's degree. Students get a broad understanding of several areas, from linguistics and economics to social sciences and finance, which helps them grasp the field's scope. However, understanding the critical Art stream disciplines from which to choose is essential before deciding on a degree programme. This will provide insight into significant BA themes presented in various courses, assisting students in grasping the different concepts and issues that make up the vast scope of the course.

Employees who wish to distinguish themselves from the pack may consider pursuing a B.A. degree. It enables students to enhance their careers and stay relevant in a constantly changing labour market. A BA degree enhances qualifications and provides valuable information and abilities that students may use at work and in everyday life. Among the skills, they will acquire are communication and writing abilities and self-organisation abilities. To summarise, students will master skills valuable in various professional scenarios, allowing them to integrate into almost any firm.

A BA degree allows them to be creative, allowing them pursue their passion. It may contain a variety of specialisations and courses, such as Business Management, Marketing Research, Project Management, Media Communications, and Accounting. While a B.A. degree focuses less on math and science subjects, a BA student majoring in Psychology or Computer Science may follow whole other pathways. It can also assist in developing analytical, communication, and writing skills. B.A. graduates can find work in various industries and vocations, including business, the creative arts, marketing research, and media advertising. Some of the most common jobs for B.A. graduates are public relations and communication officer, advertising journalist, project manager, psychologist, and content writer.

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BA Course Details

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is an undergraduate degree awarded in the field of Liberal Arts or specialisations related to Humanities or Social Science. It is typically a three-year programme where students study various subjects, including history, political science, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. The Programme generally is three years long, but it can be extended to four years in many countries. After graduating, one can find many jobs and courses after B.A. to further their education.

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BA Course List

  • B.A. English
  • B.A. English Literature
  • B.A. Fine Arts
  • B.A. Psychology
  • B.A. Archaeology
  • B.A. Social Work
  • B.A. Rural Studies
  • B.A. Music
  • B.A. History
  • B.A. Communication Studies
  • B.A. Economics
  • B.A. Sociology
  • B.A. Philosophy
  • B.A. Political Science
  • B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication
  • B.A. Geography
  • B.A. Theology
  • B.A. Anthropology
  • B.A. Biomedical Sciences
  • B.A. Public Administration
  • B.A. LLB
  • B.A. Home Science
  • B.A. Physical Education
  • B.A. Functional English

Additional degree courses are offered in language, literature, and linguistics categories, such as Bachelor in Arts in Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, etc.

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BA Subject List







Journalism and Mass Communication

Media Studies

Religious Studies

Any Other Linguistics Course

List Of BA Subjects In Different BA Courses

B.A. English

The English Literature course looks at English literature and writings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The degree programme offers lessons on virtually all of the best-known and most-loved authors, including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Swift, Milton, Jane Austen, Dickens, etc. The degree programme is split into chapters that travel through the periods of English literature and writing in chronological order. The course lasts three years, and it is a professional path that begins in nature and leads to a variety of opportunities after graduation. 

The Employment Areas Are:

  • Broadcasting,
  • Business Process Outsourcing Units,
  • Business Organisations,
  • Civil Services,
  • Communication Management,
  • Film Editing and Direction,
  • Graphics and Printing Industry,
  • Media & Entertainment Industry and
  • Theatre. 

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B.A. Sociology

The Undergraduate Program in Sociology offers an interdisciplinary curriculum and attracts Civil Service candidates. The curriculum aims to raise knowledge of social institutions and social concerns in numerous civilisations worldwide and apply sociological perspectives to these issues. 

It prepares students for many jobs in the public and private sectors, such as:

  • social activism,
  • research, teaching,
  • non-governmental organisation administration,
  • policy-making.

The curriculum focuses on social transformation and developing an awareness of today's significant issues.

B.A. Philosophy

B.A. Philosophy covers numerous fundamental issues such as values, reason, mind, language, knowledge, etc. 

The students are introduced to various philosophical branches such as:

  • Metaphysics,
  • Epistemology,
  • Ethics,
  • Logic Aesthetics,
  • Religion.

The course is structured to help the students familiarise themselves with the fundamental issues of the philosophical streams and familiarise themselves with different methods to develop critical rational thinking, sensitise and instil humanistic values, interfaith dialogue, religious and cultural co-existence among students to make them into responsible citizens, and develop practical communication skills in them.


From the undergraduate level, it aims to provide rigorous instruction in methodologies and theoretical perspectives in both history and archaeology and inspire students to think and write creatively. Archaeology and history introduce pupils to the past in their entirety because both disciplines deal with large swaths of time and place.


The scientific study of human mental and behavioural activity is known as psychology. The course is designed to give students the fundamental abilities needed for further study and research transferable skills that may be useful in future work.

The course's goal is to introduce students to the diverse techniques that comprise psychology, and students will be able to apply what they have studied.

They learn about current research, its process, applications, and how to appraise research and conduct their own. Training in the field, the best strategies to encourage individuals, and providing essential insight into the causes of social crises such as suicide, addiction, and child abuse are some topics that may be included.

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Political Science

The undergraduate Political Science curriculum focuses on studying and applying various theoretical papers and empirical investigations. It is dedicated to a liberal philosophy of comprehending political realities worldwide. Usually consists of studying Research Methodologies and field studies. The course encourages more empirical research, such as:

  • researching and analysing elections,
  • migrations,
  • pertinent socio-political concerns.

Journalism & Mass Communication

Journalism & Mass Communication is an undergrad degree developed for students with the ability and interest in investigating and reporting on current and historical issues to a large audience. It is the profession of communicating information between news organisations and the general public based on:

  • the principles of truth,
  • autonomy,
  • transparency.

Radio, television, blogs, portals, social networking, and other forms of mass communication are heavily used in the profession. 

A Journalist or writer works in the fields of:

  • Business,
  • Culture,
  • Governance,
  • Finance,
  • History,
  • Games,
  • Sports,
  • Politics,
  • Religion,
  • Entertainment,
  • Current Affairs.

This course is intended to improve students' skills in editing, writing, photography, analysis, research, reporting, comprehension, etc.

BA Fine arts

The Bachelor Degree course in the Fine Arts field generally lasts for three years with colossal involvement in-studio program tasks. 

The Course in Fine Arts offers special training concerning:

  • Acting,
  • Music,
  • Theatre,
  • Stage Management,
  • T.V. production,
  • Animation,
  • Drawing,
  • Sculpture,
  • Visual effects,
  • Ceramics,
  • Pottery,
  • Metalworking,
  • Painting,
  • Photography.

According to the traditional patterns of academic brilliance in Western Europe, Fine Art evolved as an aesthetic art. It later became separated from other art professions, eventually serving a practical purpose for many. Fine arts education prepares students to succeed as inventive professionals in the arts. Individuals gain the necessary abilities of imagination, intellectualism, and reason through this study, which builds students' personalities and contributes to their professional activity. The study of Fine Arts consists of several characteristics that place a high value on improvement, originality, and the rejection of 'old concepts.'


The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB) degree programme is a full-time integrated programme (5 years). This Undergraduate Programme seeks to bridge the gap between legal theory and practice. Understanding the social sciences is essential for this course.

The Programme is created according to the newest Bar Council of India norms and the University Grants Commission prescriptions. It attempts to foster a culture of scholarship and academic excellence among the students through a combination of courses in arts and law disciplines.

This subject provides promising job opportunities. It informs students about current trends in legal education, the abilities students must possess, and the job options available after completing the course.

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Bachelor Of Arts in Abroad

There are many universities and colleges worldwide that offer top-notch education. This field is an extensive discipline comprising various aspects from archaeology, language & linguistics, performing arts, humanities, etc.

Below is a list of some of the world's top universities and colleges that are top-ranked globally in the Q.S. World 2022 Rankings are as follows:


Q.S. World 2022 Rankings

University of Oxford


Harvard University


University of Cambridge


University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor


Yale University


University of California – Berkeley


University of Edinburgh


Stanford University


University of Toronto


University of Pennsylvania 


BA Course Duration

The B.A. course program typically lasts around three to four years, depending on the student's specialisation to pursue. There are also honours degree programs and integrated courses that have a longer duration and delve deeper into the domain they deal with, and thus the course duration is as follows:


3-4  years

3-6 Years

3 years

BA Courses Fees

The B.A. course fee is not fixed and is determined by various factors. Location, faculty, demand, infrastructure, and the facilities available to students are all factors that influence B.A. fees. The average B.A. course fee is around INR 10,000 - 1.5 LPA in India.



B.A (Full-time) 

INR 10,000 - 80,000

B.A(Distant Learning) 

INR 6,000 - 20,000

B.A (Online) 

INR 40 000 to 1,00, 000


Bachelor Of Arts in India

Top 10 colleges in India for B.A.:

  • Lady Shri Ram College for women
  • Loyola college
  • Christ university
  • St. Xavier's college
  • Miranda house Delhi university
  • Hans raj college Delhi university
  • Shri ram college of commerce
  • Hindu college Delhi university
  • Ramjas college Delhi university
  • St. Stephens college Delhi university

Engineers, physicians, and business leaders are plentiful in our country. Poets, painters, journalists, attorneys, (ethical)politicians, dancers, and so on are all needed. We will need a generation of forward-thinking, proactive individuals in the future. While studying arts will not guarantee this, it sure will guide students in the correct direction.


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