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BA English Literature


Are you interested in exploring the culture, history and emotions of different genres of different eras expressed through the power of words? Are you interested in knowing exciting English literature stories, like how Kafka wrote a book within a night? If you are, a B.A. in English Literature is the best field of study for you. It will help you peep into the rich heritage of English literature by time-travelling into Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Leo Tolstoy, Emile Bronte and Charles Dickens. They have been luring students into the world of literature for ages.

About BA in English Literature

BA in English Literature is a trendy field of study. It will provide you with a platform for in-depth knowledge about different cultures, improve your writing skills and helps you to grow other career-oriented skills essential for your personal development.

BA in English Literature is a very intense 3-year course of study that encapsulates various genres like novels, drama, poetries, prose, and the history of literature. It also teaches you how to analyze different literature and understand its country of origin. It gives knowledge about summarizing the works of a writer and the art of interpreting poems. It also educates you about the shifts in writing patterns with time. It reflects light on establishing separate genres based on social movements like Realism or Existentialism. You can work as a teacher, scriptwriter, content producer, journalist, copywriter, and many more jobs after earning a B.A. in English Literature: even in the IT sector or digital marketing or sales department. The advantage of a B.A. in English Literature is that it doesn't confine you within the territory of the art; you can build your career in different courses like management, IT sector, law courses, freelancing, etc.


Differences Between BA in English Literature and BA in English

BA in English Literature is often confused with BA in English, but some fundamental differences exist between the two.

A BA degree in English provides you with a strong understanding of the language. It gives you knowledge about the functioning of the language and its technicalities, like how you can effectively use it for business purposes or communication. It includes grammar, phonetics, and other essential aspects of the language. Literature is just a part of the syllabus where you read some prose and poems. Whereas BA in English Literature is more specific, it teaches only literature: different genres of different eras, their history of origin, development and how to interpret them. It also includes shifts in writing and how writers were influenced by popular social movements like Realism or Existentialism.

Where Can I Study BA English Literature

BA English Literature Syllabus and Subjects - year-wise

The syllabus for BA in English Literature varies as per the different universities. Still, they generally cover the history of English literature and literature from other countries. Every semester includes a balanced curriculum of core and elective subjects. You will get to read about Victorian Literature, American Literature, Readings in Gender and Sexuality, History of English Literature, African-American Literature, Women's Writings, Creative Writing, English Poetry, Contemporary Fiction, European Literature, Canadian Literature, Renaissance Texts, Research & Criticism and Literature, Language and Media. The syllabus mainly consists of the great literary works of Shakespeare, Chaucer, John Milton etc.

For the 1st year:

  • In sem 1, you will have Elective Language, English for Enrichment-I, Prose, Poetry, Social History of England and Environmental Studies.
  • In sem 2, you will have Elective Language II, English for Enrichment-II, Elizabethan Age, History of English Literature, Basics of Phonetics and Basics of English Grammar.

For the 2nd year:

  • In the 3rd sem, you will have Elective Language 3, English for Enrichment- III, Puritan Age, History of English Language and Literary Forms, Mass Communication and Journalism, Extensive Reading and Basic English For Competitive Examinations.
  • In the 4th sem, you will have Elective Language 4, English for Enrichment- IV, Augustan Age, Literary Criticism, Professional Communication, Translation in Practice and Basic English for Competitive Examinations- II.

For the 3rd year:

  • In the 5th sem, you will have Shakespeare, American Literature, Indian Writing in English, Romantic Age, The Art of Public Speaking, Fundamentals of Information Security and Mathematics for Competitive Examinations.
  • In the 6th sem, you will have Victorian Age, Modern Age, New Literature, Fiction, Drama and Functional Writing in English and Enriching Vocabulary.

Top Universities for BA in English Literature in India

Some of the top universities for BA in English Literature in India are:

  • University of Delhi
  • St. Stephen's College, Delhi University
  • St. Xavier's College, Mumbai (Autonomous)
  • Presidency University, Kolkata
  • Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University
  • University of Calcutta
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • University of Calicut
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Christ (Deemed to be University)
  • Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Jadavpur University

Eligibility Criteria to Study BA English Literature Abroad

To study B.A. English Literature abroad, you need to pass the 10+2 level of your school with at least 50% to 75% marks. Also, sometimes you need specific English language examinations to be cleared before applying for admission to universities abroad. Some of those exams are:

  • IELTS - It is required to get admission to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand universities.
  • TOEFL - It is the exam that you need to clear for applying to the universities of the US and Canada. The TOEFL score is not accepted in most colleges in the UK.
  • PTE - The scores of this exam are welcomed by a few colleges in the US and most colleges in the UK.
  • CAE and CPE - These are exams that are preferred by British colleges.

The scores of the examinations mentioned above stay valid for two years. And some universities conduct entrance exams as well.

Apart from the information given above, you are suggested to go thoroughly through the university's official website you want to apply for, as different universities wish to fulfil other criteria.

Top Universities for BA in English Literature Abroad

The education system in universities abroad differs from what we have in India. Thus the foreign course structures attract many students from India. We have compiled a list of the best universities for you. to pursue a BA in English Literature along with their location, program, and course duration to choose the university program that best suits you.

Name of the University or College




University of Oxford


BA in English Language and Literature


Trinity College Dublin


BA in English Literature


The University of Manchester


BA English Language and the English Literature


University of Liverpool


English Literature BA (Hons)


University of Reading


Art and English Literature BA (Hons)


University of Wollongong


Bachelor of Arts (English Literature)


Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature


University of Pittsburgh


BA in English Literature


Queen's University


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English Language and Literature


University College Dublin


BA (Hons) in English Literature


Trent University


BA in English Literature


University of Queensland


BA (Hons) English Literature


(In the above table the universities are not arranged according to their ranks)

Cost to Study BA English Literature Abroad

The main thing that comes to mind when a student decides to study abroad is the cost of the course. So here we will try to give you an idea about how much the abroad mentioned above universities will cost you.

  • The University of Oxford - $128,659.7632 in 3 years.
  • Trinity College Dublin - $22,255.6591 for 1st year
  • The University of Manchester - $69653.55 in 3 years.
  • The University of Liverpool - $24,581.7936 for 1st year
  • The University of Reading - $23,013.8738 for 1st year
  • The University of Wollongong - $79,776 is the course fee.
  • Victoria University of Wellington - $21,839 per year.
  • University of Pittsburgh - $32,656 for 1st year.
  • Queen's University - $39810.332 for 1st year.
  • University College Dublin - $22,137.95 for 3 years.
  • Trent University - $19,189.823 in 4 years.
  • The University of Queensland - $34,960 per year.

Jobs and Salary After BA in English Literature In Abroad

Job Role 




Teaching is the most popular career option that people choose after completing a BA in English Literature. You can be a school teacher, go for further studies, do your MA, PhD etc. and become a professor.


Creative Writer

Being a creative writer will be the most exciting job if you love to spread magic and weave stories with your word power.



Being an editor means being the most responsible man for a publishing house. You have to go through the proofs, make corrections, make plans for the upcoming programs, review new stories for your newspaper,  magazine, book or website, suggest headlines etc.



Being a journalist. You have to be engaged in writing journals or articles, proofreading and filing new content for newspapers or magazines.


Content Creator

If you want to become a content creator, you will be engaged in creating entertainment or educational content for both print and digital media or channels. 


Sales Manager 

You have to lead a team of salespersons, motivate them to achieve and exceed sales forecasts, hire new leads and new people who can sell items well, and ultimately get consumers' needs met.


Scope After BA in English Literature Abroad

THROUGH VARIOUS DRAMAS OR NOVELS, the B.A. in an English Literature course will expose you to various literary, social, cultural or political problems, thus making you suitable for a wide range of subjects. The B.A. in English Literature curriculum includes critical thinking, literature analysis, communicative skills, cultural diversity, etc. This will help you develop better career skills, thus increasing your personal growth. Also, this degree will not confine you within the arts domain, and you can quickly try and build your career in the sales department, IT sector or legal courses. Thus a B.A. in English Literature will enhance your value in the job market.

Still unclear about anything? Well, not to worry. Contact AECC and get your queries answered today! AECC is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey to achieving your dream.

FAQs About BA in English Literature

Is BA English literature a good course?

Yes, BA in English Literature is a good course with good scope both in India and abroad. 

What is the scope of BA English?

You can be employed in fields like Media, Journalism, Teaching etc. after studying BA in English.

Can I get a job after my BA in English?

Yes, you can go for jobs like Teaching, Journalism, Content Creation etc.

Is BA English in demand?

Yes, BA English courses are always in demand in fields like Teaching, Content Creation etc.

Who can study BA English?

Anybody with a good score in grade 12 and an interest in learning the language can take up BA English.

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