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MA English Syllabus


MA English is a popular specialization in the Master of Arts program. Many graduates choose to pursue MA in the English Literature program. The curriculum is postgraduate and takes two years to finish. MA English combines ancient and modern English literature, with a primary focus on poetry, prose, drama, and linguistics. The study of English Literature at the Master's level is not confined to the works of English writers but also includes works by writers from all over the world. MA English allows students to dig into the vast ocean of literature from around the world, including literature from the United States, Canada, Australia, Scotland, India, Poland, France, and others. Because the discipline of literature is vast, students must choose electives and the area in which they wish to specialize. Students gain improved knowledge and understanding of English and linguistics's historical, political, and cultural settings. MA English delves into the entire historical evolution of literature. It also includes all movements and revolutions that occurred at a specific time.

Students who complete an MA in English Literature might pursue various career options. They can further their education or begin working.

Applicants for the MA English program should remember that the course syllabus and elective options vary widely from college to college. All Indian institutions and colleges adhere to the MA English Literature course outlined below.

MA English Highlights

Master of Arts in English is the full name for MA in English. MA English is a two-year program that is typically completed in four semesters. The MA in English program explores a variety of novels, short stories, poems, and epics written by well-known authors worldwide. MA in English helps students better grasp the English language, learn how to analyze and think critically, and develop their research abilities. As many students apply for this degree each year, entrance to MA English Literature is hugely competitive in practically all universities.

The MA in English covers many English literature areas, including Poetry, Prose, Drama, and Linguistics. Literature is a vast subject, so students are given a chance to choose electives and specialize in a particular area.

 MA English Syllabus - Year Wise

The following is the MA English first-year syllabus, which several Indian colleges and universities use.

  • Modern English Usage and Grammar
  • Chaucer to Elizabethans
  • Metaphysical to Milton
  • Augustans and Neoclassical Writers
  • Pre Romantics and Romantics
  • Phonetics and Spoken English
  • Literary Criticism
  • Victorian Literature

MA English Second Year Syllabus: MA English syllabus for the second year, which is followed by various colleges and universities in India, is as follows:

  • Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  • American Literature
  • World Literature
  • Stylistics, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics
  • Indian English Literature
  • Modern British Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Dissertation

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 MA English Subjects - Semester Wise

The typical subjects in a MA English program are listed below:

Semester I:

  • Structure of Modern English
  • English Fiction
  • Traditional English Drama
  • Indian Verses (Elective)
  • English Language and Literature Teaching (Elective)
  • Research Methodology (Elective)

Semester II:

  • Structure of Modern English 2
  • English Fiction 2
  • Modern English Drama
  • Indian Prose Works (Elective)

Semester III:

  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • English Poetry
  • English Language and Literature Teaching 2 (Elective)

Semester IV:

  • Literary Theory and Criticism 2
  • English Poetry 2
  • Shakespeare
  • American Literature (Elective)

 MA English Syllabus Covered in Abroad


Typically, colleges in English-speaking countries offer specialized Master's courses like MA English Studies or MA English Literature. A typical syllabus in foreign MA English programs includes

Semester I:

  • Research in English Studies
  • Pedagogical Research
  • Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Introduction to Literary Theory
  • Thesis Foundation: Researching the Field and Writing the Proposal

Semester II:

  • Topics in Folk Narrative
  • Advanced Topics in Folklore Studies
  • Selected Topics, Movements, or Genres of Literature in English
  • Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing
  • Thesis Composition

Semester III

  • Theory and Practice of Editing
  • Research for Narrative Writing
  • Composition Theory
  • Feminist Theory and Criticism

Semester IV:

  • Language and Metaphor
  • Problems in Cultural Studies
  • Dissertation/Thesis Submission

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 Top Universities in India for MA English

Many reputable Indian academic institutions offer MA English programs. Admission to the two-year MA English program is based on a merit list or an entrance exam. Candidates can pursue an MA in English either on a full-time basis or via distance learning. Most of India's best MA English colleges are located in the country's major urban areas. Candidates can apply for admission to MA English programs at the top universities below.

Top universities in Delhi:

  • Miranda college
  • Lady Shri ram college
  • Gargi college
  • St. Stephen College
  • Hindu college
  • Top colleges in Kolkata:
  • Jadavpur college
  • St. Xaviers College
  • Lady Brabone college
  • Presidency college
  • Top colleges in Bengaluru
  • Christ University
  • Jain University
  • Garden city university
  • Top colleges in Mumbai:
  • St Xavier's College
  • Mithibai college
  • Jai Hind college

Abroad Universities for MA English

There are many programs for Master's in English across the globe and many opportunities to find the right program for you. Before selecting the right program, it is always better to check the websites of numerous other university programs for course requirements, course structure, fee structure, financing, and other options.
Here is a list of some popular programs abroad:



Courses Offered


Tuition Fees per year

University of Virginia


MA in English with a Concentration in Teaching Literature and Writing

2 years


University of Oxford

United Kingdom

MSt in English and American Studies

MSt in World Literatures in English

9 months


University of Cambridge

United Kingdom

MSt in Creative Writing

MSt in Writing for Performance

MSt in Crime and Thriller Writing

2 years


University of Toronto


MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing

1 year


University of Sydney 


Masters in English Studies

1.5 years



Jobs & Salary in MA in English - Abroad 

There are a lot of options for English majors during and after college. Graduates are ready for work in almost any field because they know how to communicate, think creatively and critically, organise, and be versatile. A Master of Arts in English may open several career possibilities. Editing, journalism, teaching, and writing are some examples of traditional employment opportunities. Lately, however, many seek an MA in English to get a career in content marketing and writing or a position at a community college or university.

Job role 



Freelance Writer

Freelancing is a unique part of the job market where people can sell their services and use their words, ideas, contributions, and organizational skills on a variety of platforms. Many freelance writers start their own businesses, write for magazines, or work in the entertainment industry. Some do their own research, and most of them work more than one job at a time. One of the most common and lucrative jobs for English majors is to work as a freelancer.


News Reporter

When it comes to their careers, news reporters who serve the public through TV, newspapers, radio, and online sources will do better in larger cities. Because the news business moves quickly, news reporters work in a variety of places and do things like research, interviews, and paperwork.



An announcer is a person who makes "announcements" in an audio medium or a physical location.


Technical Writer

A technical writer is someone who can explain complicated information about a topic in a clear and concise way so that their audience, which is usually made up of people who are not experts in that field, can understand it. Technical writing often involves writing owner's manuals, process documentation, how-to guides, bid or grant proposals, and other types of documents.



There are more things to do at this job than just reading over a copy. An editor's job is to rewrite the text, check facts, judge submissions, and give articles to different kinds of writers. A lot of the time, an editor will also be in charge of a writing team. Editors work in journalism, entertainment, literature, and many other fields.


Interpreter and Translator

Interpreters and translators turn one language's information into another. Developing proficiency in a second language via an English degree with a minor in a foreign language lead to a greater understanding of language structure and more effective communication abilities. Translators deal with written language, whereas interpreters work with spoken/sign language.



English teachers are responsible for preparing and delivering grade-appropriate learning activities that enable students to learn the fundamentals of the English language, including the rules of grammar and syntax, develop an appreciation for literature, and advance their verbal and written communication skills.


 Scope after MA in English Abroad

Candidates with a Master's degree in English Literature can find work abroad. There will be a wide range of companies looking for English literature students. Getting a job as a proofreader or copy editor and a writer in the marketing department (e.g., creating pamphlets or brochures for PETA) is possible. There are several opportunities for students to conduct research outside the United States.

Postgraduates in English Literature can also work as consultants or in publishing and become teachers. Candidates with experience can land work at national and international publications like Vogue, National Geographic, and others. Those who have completed postgraduate studies in this sector will be able to evaluate and recreate stuff easily, making it easier for them to land work in these companies. Additionally, students can pursue higher education. They can pursue an M.Phil., PhD., or an MBA. Students who want to work in the sectors of social work and advertising need to have a passion for writing. MA English, therefore, provides scope for various job opportunities post-completion.

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FAQs About MA English Syllabus

1. How many papers are in M.A English?

Totally there are 9 papers in M.A English. 

2. Is M.A English hard?

For those who have studied B.A English, will not find the M.A degree hard. As for others, practice learning Engslih through books and television to get acquainted to the English language.

3. What should I study for M.A English?

To pursue M.A Englsih, students should first complete or graduate in B.A English.

4. Does M.A English has scope?

Yes. M.A English graduates have good scope in India and can work in both public and private sectors.

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