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BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

Tourism and Travel Management is a specialisation of BBA, which is the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Overseas, it is a 1-4 years course, which teaches the students the skills and knowledge to use managerial skills in the tourism sector effectively. To further enhance their skills, students often pursue an MBA after graduation.

BBA in Tourism and Travel Management: Course Highlights

To begin with, let's look at the highlights of this course. 

These are details we will expand on in this article's later sections: 




BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

Duration of the Course

3 years (based on top 2 universities)

Eligibility Criteria

{High school (10 + 2 equivelant), 60% recommended}, {IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent recommended)}, entrance exams such as GMAT or GRE (if required), and SAT or ACT

Entrance Exams

{IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent recommended), GMAT or GRE (if required), and SAT or ACT

Tuition Fees

Between 2300000 and 3410000 INR (based on top 2 universities)


Travel Agency Staff, Tourism and Travel Consultant, Travel Agent, etc.

Average Salary

290909 INR (based on 12 jobs)

Why Study BBA in Tourism and Travel Management?

The tourism and travel industry is among the vastest and highest earning sectors worldwide. A BBA degree in this category overseas will surely land you a job with high-paying salaries anywhere. Furthermore, graduates can even pursue part-time MBAs for better career opportunities.

TOP Universities for BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

Leading universities worldwide offer a Tourism and Travel Management specialisation in BBA worldwide. As per the QS World Rankings 2022, these are the best institutions for this program. However, their overall rankings may be decent.


University Name


QS World Ranking


Monroe College




The National University of Singapore 



BBA in Tourism and Travel Management: Syllabus

To know what you will study in the Tourism and Travel specialisation in BBA, look at the list of subjects below. The course will teach you Tourism and Travel and business administration fundamentals such as business economics.

  • Principles of Management.
  • Business Economics.
  • Business Mathematics.
  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • Financial Accounting.
  • Personality Development and Communication Skills.
  • Business Organization.
  • Quantitative Techniques & Operation Research in Management.
  • Database Management System.
  • Cost Accounting.
  • Organizational Behavior.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Computer Application.
  • Management Accounting.
  • Computer Application Lab.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Business Environment.
  • Marketing Research.
  • Business Laws.
  • Taxation Laws.
  • Ecology, Environment & Tourism.
  • Values & Ethics in Business.
  • Sales & Customer Relationship Management.
  • Foreign Language (French).
  • Management of Information System.
  • Financial Management.
  • Summer Training Report & Viva-Voce.
  • Marketing in Service Industry Airlines, Travel, Tours, and Hotel.
  • Trends in Travel & Tourism & Laws.
  • Project Planning & Evaluation.
  • Entrepreneurship Development.
  • International Business Management.
  • Air Ticketing and Foreign Exchange Management. 

Cost of Studying BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

You will incur various prices depending on your lifestyle and country chosen while studying your BBA in Tourism and Travel Management course. We recommend keeping a budget of around 40,00,000 INR for the top universities overseas.


University Name



Tuition Fees in INR


Monroe College

BBA in Hospitality Management (Online)




The National University of Singapore 


3 years


Eligibility Criteria for BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

There are some country-specific and university-specific criteria that you must meet to apply for a BBA in Tourism and Travel Management abroad.

The universities set the minimum benchmark at the innermost level. First, however, you should know these general criteria.

  • To study BBA in Tourism and Travel Management abroad, you must sit entrance exams such as the ACT or SAT and submit your scores. However, some universities have dropped these requirements, so we recommend checking with your university before giving the test.
  • To prove your English language competency, you must submit IELTS, PTE, or equivalent scores. You are exempt if you are from an English-native country.
  • You must clear 10 + 2 or high school with a set university cutoff. Usually, the minimum benchmark is 60%.
  • Some universities may require GRE or GMAT. 

Exams Required for BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

To study for a BBA in Tourism and Travel Management abroad, you must prove your English language proficiency with IELTS or equivalent test score. You also require the SAT or ACT exam. However, many universities have removed this criterion. Let's look at the exams and minimum score requirements for the top 2 universities for BBA in Tourism and Travel Management we have discussed so far.

Name of the University

Exam Name

Minimum Band Requirement

Monroe College


5.5, between 1098 and 1113

The National University of Singapore 


6.5 (6.5 in reading and writing), 1250 (650 in math and 600 in evidence-based reading and writing)  

Scholarships to Study BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

Various scholarships are available to financial aid you in your studies abroad as a BBA in Tourism and Travel Management student. These awards can cover multiple amounts such as tuition fees, living expenses, etc.


Scholarship Name



Amount in INR


Hani Zeini Scholarship

This award is offered by the Hani Zeini entrepreneur




Tata Scholarship

This scholarship is presented by the Tata Education and Development




NUS Business Dean’s & Mochtar Riady Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by the National University of Singapore


Covers tuition fees + 23071 monthly allowance for up to 5 years + 115357 start-up allowance for the first year of study  

Jobs After BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

The Tourism and Travel sector offers ample career opportunities to other industries. But, again, since it's a BBA degree with a specialisation, you can also get hired in other areas, such as IT, business, etc., with lucrative salaries.

Job Profile 

Salary in INR

Travel Agency Staff


Tourism and Travel Consultant


Travel Agent


Tour Operator


Ticketing Staff


Air Hostess


Airline Employee




Tour Guide


Customer Service Manager


Event Manager


Tourism Promoter or Marketer  


How to Study for a BBA in Tourism and Travel Management?

Here's how to apply for an overseas BBA in Tourism and Travel Management. Please note that this guide is only indicative, and the steps may vary slightly from one university to another.

Step 1: Select a subcontinent and university offering a BBA.

Step 2: Visit the university's official website and check if it's offering the Tourism and Travel Management specialisation or not before applying. Otherwise, your time will be wasted. Please, also make sure that you meet the eligibility guidelines.

Step 3: Gather these attested documents.

  • Proof of funds.
  • At least 2-3 LORs.
  • Your SOP.
  • Your evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, or equivalent scores).
  • Your academic transcripts.
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • Entrance exams such as GRE or GMAT (if required).

Step 4: At the desired course page, fill out an application form with your academic, professional, and personal details. Attach or mail to the official PO Box all the required credentials.

Step 5: Pay a non-refundable application fee if prompted.

Step 6: Wait for the decision on your application. During this time, you can make preparations such as mastering your chosen nation's official languages.

Step 7: Done.

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