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BCom Computer Subjects


As students complete the 10th or 12th class exams, most plan to continue immediately to earn a bachelor's degree. Many already know where they want to be, and many are still confused. Some don't like pure science courses but will love to study a commerce course with a touch of science. If this describes you, don't be concerned as there are a lot of commerce courses with science as an elective. The BCom computer subjects are one such perfect example.

Now, what are BCom computer subjects, you may ask? Well, continue reading this article to find the answers to all your questions.

What is BCom Computer?

BCom computer is a three-year undergraduate degree that combines commerce with computer science to diversify the subject scope of both courses. BCom is a common choice for commerce students and covers economics, accountancy, and business studies. At the same time, BCom computer is a more specialized field that focuses on how computer technology is applied in the commerce field. The combination is designed to familiarize students with using computer applications in subjects like banking and finance. This creates a technologically advanced system that is feasible economically.

BCom computer subject emphasizes on the software, hardware, and the application technology of computers. This is in addition to students learning financial accounting, web designing, and computer languages. All over the world, as well as in India, many universities offer these subjects. We will go over this in further depth later in the blog. 

Why Pursue BCom Computer?

There are many reasons why you should study a BCom computer instead of just a BCom degree. Some of the reasons include:

  • You get to acquire computer knowledge which is becoming more relevant in a continually advancing world.
  • You understand how to apply computer knowledge in the commerce field to create a technologically advanced and economically feasible system.
  • It enables you to develop relevant skills in the latest technologies like business analytics, finance technology, and blockchain technology.
  • It will also help you secure a well-paid job as you learned the best of both worlds from the course.
  • You get to learn how to use computer applications in business after graduation.
  • It teaches you in-depth how commerce work as well as IT.
  • It expands the horizons of the areas in which you can use your certificate to work. For example, as a BCom computer graduate, you can work in an educational institute, IT industry, banking sector, computer training centres, and web designing, among many other areas.

The curriculum is taught innovative and modern, assuring a much broader outlook on how the market functions. So, if you put in the right effort, you will surely reap all the rewards a BCom computer gives.

List of BCom Computer Subjects

Another great thing about BCom computer is its balance in core commerce and computer subjects. It has many electives students can choose to specialize in. The following are some of the subjects you will be learning.

  1. Principles of Accounting – in this subject, you will learn all the essential details of accounting and its principles, such as economic entry, matching, and cost.
  2. Banking theory, law and practice – this subject focuses on the significant pillar of the economy, banking and all that relates to it.
  3. C++ - this subject focuses on platforms such as Windows, Unix, and Linux and how they work and teach students general programming details.
  4. Internet and Web designing – in this subject, students learn all about the web page layout and its features, such as graphic design.
  5. Principles of Management – this subject teaches students strategies and approaches to management, including fundamentals of organizational designs.
  6. Java programming – this is a popular programming language. And this subject teaches the student all about it and how to apply it.
  7. Business statistics – this subject aims to teach students data analysis and its application in business.
  8. Executive business communication – this subject teaches students the importance of effective communication and how to build a healthy relationship between employers and employees.
  9. Cost Accounting – students learn all about costs, budgeting, and the importance of goods and services.
  10. Technical writing - this subject teaches students the different types of technical languages used in computers.
  11. Corporate law
  12. E-commerce
  13. Auditing
  14. Environmental studies
  15. the language I and II
  16. Financial accounting
  17. Income tax law and practices

Other subjects taught in BCom computer include company law, IT, Java scripts, and HTML. As you can see, the course is elaborate to equip students with all the necessary skills required to succeed in the field after graduation.

Top Universities in India for BCom Computer

Many universities in India and overseas offer B.Com Computers as a course. The top universities in India for BCom computer is;

  • VELS, Chennai
  • Sacred Heart College, Thevara
  • Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
  • Women's Christian College, Chennai
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Jain University, Bangalore
  • St. Gits College of Applied Science, Kottayam

Any one of these universities offers BCom computers in the most conducive environment. They are the top best, and you will learn a lot without travelling out of the country. As mentioned earlier, graduates of the universities also stand a chance of getting high-paying jobs from top recruiting companies.

Top Universities for BCom Computer Abroad 

For students who wish to study BCom computer abroad in search of a better educational system and broaden their horizons, below is a table of top universities offering the course abroad.


QS Ranking

Course duration

Tuition Fees

University of Toronto




The University of Queensland




The University of Melbourne 




University of British Columbia




McGill University




Australian National University




BCom Computer Jobs and Salary Abroad

Getting jobs after graduation for students for BCom computer is not hard, as there are several jobs they can apply to. They can work in both the public and private sector and various fields ranging from e-business and software to management-related employment, among many others. The degree certificate gives them the flexibility of either working in the commerce field or the IT industry.

The career options are vast as you can choose to become a computer programmer, mobile app developer, business analyst, consultant, or work in the advertisement and management sector of the business industry. As you can see, getting a job won't be a problem.

Below are some jobs and their average annual salary

Auditor - you get to audit business records to verify the accuracy of the company's finances. The average salary you earn annually is $100,000+.

Computer Programmer – you get to work on computer languages. The average salary you can earn annually is $89,190+.

Business consultant – as a business consultant, your job is to help business owners better improve their business. The average salary you can earn annually is $117,500+.

Business Analyst – You help companies improve their overall process, services, and products. The average salary you can earn annually is $70,489+. 

Career After BCom Computer Subjects

As you can see, the scope of BCom computer is broad when it comes to the types of jobs and the career prospect. There are many jobs for students who have graduated in the field. You can also target higher-earning jobs by pursuing your MBA. Below is a list of some jobs and careers you can specialize in.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Human resource manager
  • IT analyst
  • Mobile app developer
  • Chartered accountant

The career prospect is vast, so you can rest assured of finding a job that suits your needs once you graduate.

Suppose you have been paying attention right from the beginning. In that case, you will see that this article covers all the essential areas, questions, and queries you need to make an informed decision. BCom computer subjects as a course is a lucrative path to pursue. Many schools are offering it both in India and abroad with affordable fees. There are also enormous benefits that come with it, like good-paying jobs and the ability to grow and impact the world.

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FAQs about BCom Computer Subjects

Which is the best B Com or B Com Computers?

The two courses are different in various respects. If you wish to learn about Computer Applications, you can also choose B.Com Computers; otherwise, you can choose a general B.Com.

Is BCom and BCom Computers the same?

No. B.Com consists only of Commerce subjects like Accounting, Finance etc., while BCom Computers includes Computer Applications, IT etc.

What is the scope of BCom Computers?

BCom Computers has good scope in the future, and its job opportunities are also increasing.

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