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BSc IT Scope


The IT industry is advancing at a faster pace. Each sector in the information technology industry is adopting superior and advanced technologies to look after tiresome tasks to promote efficiency. An increasing market for IT specialists has led to the popularity of the courses provided in the field popular among individuals. BSc IT is one such course that offers students the amalgamate knowledge of the IT industry and science.

But before you jump into the course, you must understand its importance and the career pathways in the field. Most of all, it is vital to focus on the BSc IT scope.

What is BSc IT?

Bachelor of Science in information technology is abbreviated as BSc IT. It is an undergraduate course or a bachelor's degree with a total duration of three years. The three years are equally divided into six semesters.

The course deals with data management and covers crucial areas such as data applications, data structure, and operations systems. Also, it deals with software, the internet, networking, and information technology. It imparts practical and theoretical knowledge on securely managing, processing, and storing information.

After completing the bachelor's degree, the students can select a master's degree or MSc, search for professional job-oriented courses, or go into a research area. 

BSc IT Scope in India

BSc is one of the topmost courses opted for by students in India. This decision is formed because the need for BSc graduates increases. The graduates are moulded according to the industry standards and are industry-ready as soon they have graduated. The degree focuses on both practical and theoretical knowledge.

BSc IT Scope in Canada

Canada constantly needs skilled professionals. Given the demand, pursuing the BSc IT course will promise an excellent path for studying abroad. Universities such as Winnipeg, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto offer the degree course. The students who have pursued BSc in IT can get into numerous fields and apply for a wide range of job profiles in Canada.

BSc IT Scope in USA

Technical courses and skills are significantly in demand in the USA. Hence, the scope of BSC IT in the USA is tremendous. Also, the candidates can get into a wide variety of job opportunities in numerous sectors such as government, security, education, technology, and health care. Universities such as Southwestern Oklahoma State, Upper Iowa University, Westcliff University, and the University of Missouri are among the popular ones that offer BSc IT courses. A candidate can become an IT expert, information systems manager, information officer, and database administrator after pursuing a BSc in IT.

BSc IT Scope in UK

  • The UK is renowned for its education. UK has become a hotspot for IT courses.
  • Along with being recognised globally, BSc IT from the UK can open worldwide opportunities for students.
  • The courses in UK are based on practical training and thus, make you ready for your career. Also, their labs are equipped with high-tech software and apparatus to help you learn efficiently.

BSc IT Scope in Australia

It is a fast-moving and dynamic sector; information technology is a most sought-after field. It is considered an essential element of business and computer technology. It is an integral part of the present century. Many colleges and universities in Australia are top rank holders. Thus, they have been the leading candidates for a BSc in IT. The universities provide exposure according to the industry standards and, therefore, shape you in the manner industry wants. Consequently, you come out to be all set to jump into a drive and get selected easily.

Popular Entrance Exams for BSc IT

The admissions to the BSc IT courses are provided via entrance exams conducted at the national level. Moreover, some private universities also carry out in-house entrance examinations.

Some popular exams conducted for admission in colleges for BSc IT courses are given below:

  • IISER (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research) entrance exam
  • IIT JAM (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test for Masters)
  • UPCATET (Uttar Pradesh Combine Agricultural and Technology Entrance Test)
  • GSAT (GITAM Science Admission Test)
  • ICAR AIEEA (Indian council of agricultural research All India Entrance Examination for Admission)
  • NEST (National entrance screening test)
  • CG PAT (Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board pre agriculture test)
  • Patnagar University entrance exam
  • CUET (Central Universities Entrance Test)

Top universities for Bsc IT Abroad

The benefit of studying in top colleges and universities abroad and India is that the students are recruited directly by substantial multinational companies once they have completed their course.

QS ranking



IU international university of applied sciences 


University of Auckland


University of Derby


Middlesex University


University of South Australia


University of Huddersfield


University of Kent


Westcliff University


Edith Cowan University


University of Hertfordshire

Courses After Bsc IT

A vast array of courses is available for the candidates who have finished their BSc in IT. The courses that can be pursued after your bachelor's are given below.

  • Web designing and development courses
  • Masters of business administration
  • Masters of business administration in information technology
  • Masters of Science in IT
  • Masters in computer applications
  • Masters of technology
  • Master of information management and systems
  • Special effects courses or video editing and visual
  • Software programming and development courses
  • Designing courses and animation courses
  • Security and hardware network courses
  • Diploma program in web technology and multimedia
  • Digital film making courses

Jobs and Salary After Bsc IT Abroad


Salary (in USD)

Senior market analyst

USD 32930

Director of productions 

USD 57957

Business testing officer

USD 42151

Market operator

USD 52688

Lead communication office

USD 36882

Lead production officer

USD 39516

Director of information governance

USD 14489

Information security manager

USD 13172

Community management coordinator

USD 14489

Senior manager

USD 13172

Chief scientist

USD 39516

Quality assurance analyst

USD 46102

Top Recruiters for Bsc IT

Below are some top recruiting firms for candidates pursuing a BSc IT.

  • Accenture
  • NASA
  • Space X
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • HP
  • L&T
  • Qualcomm
  • Cognizant
  • Siemens
  • ASUS
  • VSNL
  • Unisys
  • Cisco Systems
  • Vodafone
  • Microsoft
  • La Liga
  • FIFA
  • English Premier League
  • Champion League
  • TCS
  • Infosys

The Bachelor of Science in information technology is all about managing, storing, securing, and processing information. Programming, testing, software development, networks, and information databases are some of the significant elements of BSc IT. It helps in building a decent career with promised growth.

There are different courses that one can pursue after BSc in IT. The courses can be categorised into different categories based on factors such as the format of the course and academic level. Moreover, after getting a Bsc IT degree from a recognised university, the candidates can look for jobs in the private or government sector. Pursuing a Master's degree helps the candidates to land a higher position with better salary packages.

Some courses require entrance examinations to be cleared. The candidates are allotted colleges based on their ranking or score in the examination. Also, some colleges conduct their in-house entrance tests. On the other hand, some colleges provide direct admissions. 

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