BSc Maths Syllabus


The mathematics syllabus of bachelor's is designed to develop students' mathematical skills in calculus, algebra, and data analysis. BSC Maths includes incorporating detailed knowledge of calculus, trigonometry, and relevant theories. Semester wise, the BSC Maths syllabus develops a thorough and profound understanding of mathematics. There are 24 subjects in 6 semesters of BSC Maths. BSc in mathematics is considered a bachelor's degree in which core and applied mathematics are studied. BSc Maths syllabus encompasses a multidisciplinary curriculum that covers the study in three years with six semesters. There are different ways of teaching Maths: lecture, deductive, inductive, discovery or heuristics, problem-solving, analytic, and other approaches used to teach mathematics. Teachers adopt the following techniques according to the available resources and particular syllabus units.

  • Synthetic method
  • Demonstration
  • Problem-solving exercise

BSc Maths Syllabus Highlights



1st year  



Real analysis  

Differential equations  

2nd year 

Theory of real functions  

Group theory – 1 

Multivariate calculus  

Partial differential equations  

Riemann integration and series of functions  

Ring theory and linear algebra  

3rd year  

Metric spaces  

Group theory – II 

Complex analysis  

Ring theory and linear algebra – II  

BSc Maths Syllabus - Year Wise

BSc 1st Year Maths Syllabus

The first year strengthens the base and essential topics are covered in the course objectives. The primary purpose is to develop the understanding of planetary motion by using geometric and calculus properties of conic sections. Mathematical modelling, differential equations, and applications are taught in the first year.

BSc 2nd Year Maths Syllabus

In the second year of the course, you will be taught different subjects to build the foundation for the third year. Concepts related to continuity, calculus, and valued function are trained in the second year. Fundamental theories of group and in-depth study of group symmetry are covered.

BSc 3rd Year Maths Syllabus

3rd year is the last year for BSc mathematics, and this year topics like contour integral, metric spaces, numerical analysis, etc., are studied. These topics will also clarify and strengthen the comprehension of metrics of open or close balls and other study areas. Extra knowledge for abstract algebra and its application are studied.


  • Tracing and sketching of curves
  • Vector calculus and its applications
  • Derivatives for graphing and applications
  • Areas and volumes of surfaces


  • Basic number theory
  • Theory of complex numbers and equations
  • Equivalence relations and functions
  • Row echelon form of metrics

Real analysis:

  • R, natural number systems
  • Properties of infinite series
  • Sequence of R

Differential equations:

  • Differential equations and mathematical modelling
  • Population growth model
  • Second and higher-order differential equations
  • Analysis of mathematical models

Theories of real functions:

  • Limits of functions
  • Continuous functions and their properties
  • Taylor's theorem and its application
  • Derivability and its application

Group theory – I:

  • Cyclic groups and subgroups
  • Groups and their elementary properties
  • Group homomorphism
  • Lagrange's theorem and permutation group

Multivariate calculus:

  • Double and triple integrals
  • Calculus of functions of different variables
  • Properties of the vector field and the extrema of functions of two variables
  • Gauss, Stoke's and Green's divergence theorem

Partial differential equations:

  • Method of characteristics and first-order PDE
  • Wave equations and the Cauchy problem
  • Classification of 2nd order line PDE and Mathematical models
  • Method of variable separation

Metric spaces:

  • Metric spaces and topology
  • Basic concepts
  • Compactness and connectedness
  • Continuity and uniform continuity in metric spaces

Group theory – II:

  • Properties ad automorphism
  • Group action
  • Sylow theorem and applications
  • Internal and external direct products of groups 

BSc Math Honors Syllabus

The syllabus for BSc math honors encompasses elective and core subjects. The aims and objectives of BSc Maths honors is to impart knowledge of research, statistics, mathematics, and others. The course of BSc Maths honors opens the opportunities for comprehension of the mathematics world, allowing students to analyze and learn partial differential equations, working performances, continuity and limit functions, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to Study BSc Maths in India & Abroad

  • Students must have completed the grade 12th examination or equivalent exams in the recognized board. For getting admission in BSc mathematics, students must score the minimum percentile set by the university in the 12th-grade study.
  • The minimum aggregate is 65 % to get access to BSc mathematics. English Language test and qualifying is necessary and demanded by abroad universities.
  • Different English language tests include IELTS, TOFEL, or PTE. However, some universities do not require English language tests, but SAT is compulsory.
  • Apart from the language requirement, the student must provide a letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, transcripts, and other relevant documents.
  • However, to get admission to top reputed educational institutions across the globe that offer BSC Mathematics, the score must be good because foreign access has intense competition.
  • Students must visit the educational institute's official website to get an insight into eligibility criteria and the application process. 

Top Universities to Study BSc Maths Abroad

Studying at the prestigious educational institute will give me more opportunities and a gateway to marvelous experiences. The QS ranking decides the ranking of the universities, and it assesses the universities with the four indicators that encompass employer reputation, academic reputation, number of and several types of research proposed.


Name of educational institution  



MIT (Massachusetts institute of Technology) 



Harvard University  



Stanford University  



University of Cambridge  



Oxford University  



University of California, Berkeley  


Jobs & Salary After BSc Maths abroad

Bachelor's in mathematics is considered an advanced degree that traverses the multifarious disciplines with mathematical applications encompassing language and literature. You can work in different industries with BSc Mathematics. The foundations are made with alliance fields like statistics, computer science, information technology, Finance, theory, games, etc. With BSC mathematics, you can work in entry-level jobs for different areas, as we have discussed. You can get a lucrative career if you have a specialization or master's degree in mathematics.


Average salary  


50000 US dollars  


60000 US dollars  


104,000 US dollars 

Assistant professor  

65000 US dollars 

Associate professor  

70000 US dollars 


63000 US dollars  

Data scientist  

110000 US dollars  

Tax accountant  

73000 US dollars 

Corporate advisor  

100000 US dollars  

Probability officer  

95000 US dollars  

Bank manager  

65000 US dollars 

Bank clerk  

30000 US dollars 

Insurance officer  

50000 US dollars  

BSc Maths Scope Abroad

Numerous students opt to pursue their careers in mathematics and apply for higher education abroad to have advanced knowledge in mathematics. Most mathematicians go for PhD in mathematics as it is shared. Mathematics is an interdisciplinary field, so students go for different areas that include data analytics, Finance, computer science, economics, and statistics. If students do not opt for this, then they can go for a master's in business administration MBA., accounting, and quality management. Mathematics is also most demanded in the teaching and research field. It can adjust in any area because of its universal nature. Due to the increase in technological advancement, there is a greater demand for mathematicians in the private and government sectors. A mathematician has the analytical mindset that constructs research, analyzes diverse patterns, and assesses demographic trends. The mathematician can develop effective and binding arguments for complex problems. A mathematician can fit into any field of science because of their analytical and logical reasoning abilities.

  • The development and modernity in the nation are reflected in the investment in education. India encompasses some solid mathematical traditions. 
  • India is dealing with endemic poverty that challenges education. India has produced great mathematicians like Harish Chandra and Ramanujan despite the challenges. 
  • Mathematics is an efficient way to develop and establish mental discipline as it encourages cognitive rigor and logical reasoning. Mathematicians decide school subjects, music, social studies, and art. 
  • Mathematical knowledge is a succor characteristic of one'' living a constructive, reflective, and concerning life. 
  • The problematic situation in any field requires mathematical comprehension and analytical and logical concepts to extract the possible solution. 
  • Mathematics is also considered the cultural heritage of humans, and humans have the responsibility to maintain the heritage. 
  • Because of the expansion in advancement progression, there is also a more significant interest for mathematicians in private and government areas. 
  • A mathematician has the logical attitude that builds research, breaks down assorted designs, and surveys the segment pattern. 
  • The mathematician can foster successful and restricting contentions for complex issues. A mathematician can squeeze into any area of science because of insightful and legitimate thinking capacities.

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FAQs About BSc Maths Syllabus

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