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BSc Statistics


BSc Statistics is a bachelor's degree course that revolves around Statistics and enhances problem-solving skills and mathematical comprehension essential for statistical analysis and tackling statistical problems.

BSc Statistics includes a detailed study of topics from Math and Economics. It is a 3–4-year course with two semesters per year, i.e., 6-8 semesters in total.

A student pursuing BSc Statistics can expect job positions like Statistician, Risk Analysis, Actuary Manager, etc., from companies like Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, etc. The average salary ranges from INR 450000 – 800000 per annum and increases with time and experience.

What is BSc Statistics?

  • BSc Statistics is an undergraduate bachelors' course that deals with the detailed study of Mathematics, Statistics, Probability and logic and proofs.
  • It is a 3-4-year course and introduces highly advanced concepts and theories, mathematical proofs, data analysis and modelling, regression, etc. Statistical software, programming languages, and research projects are also an essential part of the course structure of many universities worldwide.
  • A student must appear in a few examinations to get into an Indian institute such as GSAT, BHU UET, DSAT, SUAT, etc. Similarly, for getting admitted to foreign universities, a student must give SAT, ACT+IELTS/TOEFL, etc.
  • The knowledge provided at this level is also excellent as it builds a strong foundation for advanced courses like MSc Statistics. Students who graduate from BSc Statistics expect job opportunities in financial institutes and the banking sector. 

BSc Statistics Course Highlights for Indian Students

Given below are a few important points that a student must keep in mind while opting for BSc Statistics.


Bachelor of Science in Statistics 

Course Duration 

3-4 years 


6-8 semesters 

Graduation Type 


Admission Requirements 

Completed class 12th with subjects Physics, Chemistry and Maths 

Course Fee 

INR 2000 – 10 lacs 

Areas of Employment 

Financial Institutes and Banking Sector 


INR 450000 to 800000 per annum 

Job Options 

Statistician, Risk Analysis, Actuary Manager, etc. 

BSc Statistics Syllabus

As discussed earlier, BSc Statistics involves a detailed study of subjects from mathematics and economics. Thus, BSc Statistics covers many topics and hosts electives to choose from. Mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophical scientists enter questions and apply their procedures for statistics.

Some of the subjects to expect during the study of BSc Statistics are:




Topics of vectors, matrices, equations, systems of equations, eigenvalues, linear independence, spans, orthogonality that are broadly discussed are included. 


This forms the basis of a lot of interrelated topics in a BSc Statistics program. Functions, limits, derivatives, exponents, logarithms, differentiation, and integration along with their various applications, series, are a few of the sub-topics which are dealt with during the study of calculus. 

Proofs and Problem Solving 

The technique of solving is the essence of mathematical analysis. Various proofing methodologies and dealing with different kinds of problems are extensively discussed. 

Probability Analysis 

During the duration of the course of BSc Statistics, various topics of probability such as sample spaces, independence, continuous probability, distributions, etc are included for advanced study and discussion. 

Pure and Abstract Mathematics 

This is the most puzzling subject taught during the BSc Statistics program. Real analysis forms a large portion of the subject along with linear transformations, theorems of intermediate value, extreme value, and inverse function among others. 

Data Science 

Here, students get a hands-on opportunity to analyse data, its types, and techniques of analysis, visualization, etc. With some of these tools, more substantive topics like regression, predictive modelling, interpretation, etc are also covered. 

BSc Statistics Syllabus - Year Wise

Now that we know all the subjects being taught in BSc Statistics, here is a semester wise program curriculum that a student needs to further understand the structure and flow of the program:


Semester 1 

Semester 2 


Review of Integration and Definite Integrals 

Equations theories, Fundamental theorem of algebra and its consequences. 

Review of Differential Equations 

Demoivre’s theorem 

Differential Calculus 


Semester 3 

Semester 4 

Probability Theory 

Index Number 

Measures of Location (or Central Tendency) and Dispersion 

Mathematical Finance 

Statistical Methods 

Utility and Production Functions 

Random Variables 

Demand Analysis 

Expectation of Random Variable and its properties 

Time Series 


Semester 5 

Semester 6 

Stratified Random Sample 

Numerical Analysis 

Basic Sampling Method 

Inverse Interpolation 

Sample Surveys 

Numerical Integration 

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and its Consequences 

General Linear Models 

Top Universities in Abroad for BSc Statistics

While selecting colleges for studying BSc Statistics, a student must check out some of the foreign universities, as they provide more exposure and provide better education in general. The top 3 steps a student must keep in mind while applying to study abroad are:

  1. Find a program that matches your needs
  2. Application Guidance – every college has its application process
  3. Visa and Travel Advice – It is best to seek advice from someone before stepping out.

Some of the top abroad universities are listed below with their fee structure and must be referred to:



Fee structure 

Harvard University 

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 

INR 38.52 lakhs/annum 

Yale University 

New Haven, Connecticut, USA 

INR 45.15 lakhs/annum 

University of Chicago 

Chicago, Illinois, USA 

INR 43.41 lakhs/annum 

University College London 

London, England, UK 

INR 28.03 lakhs/annum 

Imperial College London 

London, England, UK 

INR 33.02 lakhs/annum 

University of Toronto 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

INR 34.35 lakhs/annum 

Australian National University 

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 

INR 23.83 lakhs/annum 

National University of Singapore 


INR 9.78 lakhs/annum 

BSc Statistics in Abroad: Eligibility & Requirements

A student interested in pursuing BSc Statistics abroad must keep these entry requisites in mind that almost all abroad universities demand.

  • Students must have cleared 12th class with physics, chemistry, and Maths from a recognised institution.
  • They have secured minimum passing marks.
  • Few universities ask for test scores of English Proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL, etc., to get admitted.
  • To be qualified to study statistics in the United States, the student must have finished their 12th grade with PCM courses and a 50 percent grade point average. Students must have a TOEFL score of 90 and an IELTS score of 7.5.
  • A student must have a minimum of 50% in high school and 6.5 in IELTS or 67 in PTE, depending on the university, to be eligible to pursue BSc in Statistics in the UK.

BSc Statistics in Abroad: Admission Process

Every College or University, be it Indian or Abroad, follows a specific procedure for admission. This must be followed by a student to get admitted. Following are the points of the admission procedure that a student must keep in mind while getting admitted to a foreign university.

  • Prepare your class's tenth and twelfth-grade mark sheets.
  • Make a list of the universities where you want to study.
  • To test your English proficiency, take the SAT or IELTS/TOEFL.
  • Once the exam is completed, apply to all of the universities that were shortlisted.
  • Fill out all essential information and attach an SOP, LOR, and academic transcript.
  • Apply for a student visa for the targeted nation once you have been told by the institution that selected you.

BSc Statistics - Course & Specialisation Tracks

Most of the abroad universities ask a student pursuing statistics (UG and PG) to choose a particular track or concentration. These are topics that a student wants to pick as their specialisation (principal) to gain advanced and domain-specific knowledge. Some of these are listed below:

  • Decision Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Statistics and Applied Mathematics
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Biology
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Statistical Biology

Top Universities in India for BSc Statistics

Listed below are top Indian universities that a student can pursue BSc Statistics. A student must appear for GSAT, BHU UET, DSAT, SUAT, etc.

Universities in India 


Fee Structure 

Hindu University 

New Delhi 

INR 19260 per year 

Lady Shri Ram College for Women 

New Delhi 

INR 20670 per year 

Loyola College 


INR 11490 per year 

Presidency College 


INR 1270 per year 

Fergusson College 


INR 11135 per year 

St Xavier’s College 


INR 9000 per year 

St Xavier’s College 


INR 7187 per year 

BSc Statistics in India: Eligibility & Requirements

All courses have eligibility criteria and requirements that a student needs to fulfil. Given below are a few requirements that a student must follow to get admitted to an Indian institute:

  • Must have passed class 12th with physics, chemistry, and maths from a recognised board.
  • Must have secured minimum passing marks.
  • Some universities ask for test scores of English Proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL, etc., to get admitted.
  • To pursue BSc Statistics in India, students must appear for various entrance and competitive exams. Admissions are either given based on merit or entrance exams.

BSc Statistics in India: Admission Process

Unlike abroad universities, the admission process in India is relatively short and straightforward. While applying for BSc Statistics, one must keep in mind that it is only meant for students who studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th. Following are the admission criteria for BSc Statistics in India:

  • Students must have cleared class 12th from a recognised board and average passing marks.
  • Students must have a 50 percent or above in subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • For some institutes, students must clear the college entrance test and appear for the counselling round. 

BSc Statistics Scope Abroad

The scope of BSc Statistics is increasing daily with the advancement of technology and increase in demand. Nowadays, statistics is applied in almost every field like business, industry, agriculture, government, private, etc. After completing BSc Statistics, a student can also opt to pursue Civil Services, Indian Statistical Services & Indian Economic Services exams.

Job titles in BSc Statistics:

  • Statisticians
  • Business Analyst
  • Mathematician
  • Professor
  • Risk Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Content Analyst
  • Statistic Trainer
  • Data Scientist
  • Consultant
  • Biostatistician
  • Econometrician

Jobs after BSc Statistics in Abroad

BSc Statistics has various job options that provide a starting salary of INR 2.5 lacs to 3.5 lacs per year; this can go up to INR 4.5 lacs per year. In USA, a graduate can get a job package of USD $70,000 annually.

Given below are a few job opportunities for BSc Statistics graduates Abroad along with the expected salary:



Data Analyst 


Financial Analyst 


Analyst Broking 


Financial Accountant 


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FAQs About BSc Statistics

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