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Exploring Creativity and Innovation: BSc in Visual Communication


Visual communication is an innovative and non-conventional course, distinct from other communication courses. It involves the flow and transfer of information through various mediums to specific audiences. This course is increasingly popular among students after completing their 10+2 education.

What is BSc Visual Communication? & Why Study

Visual communication is a field concerned with the most effective use of visual aids to deliver a concept to an audience. It is one of the most relevant forms of communication today, and it can take the shape of an image, symbol, signal, video, or even text. Visual communication, mainly utilised in marketing and advertising, has become a crucial aspect of most modern sectors. It is at the heart of many industries such as Ad Agencies, Print Media, Television, Film Industry, Web-Based Services and Applications, etc.

Why Should I Study BSc Visual Communications?

  • BSc Visual Communication degree will equip you with the creative and business skills that many employers are looking for today.
  • Studying Visual Communication means you explore the art of creating and receiving visual messages.
  • The skills enable you to capture people's attention, attract them to your brand, help them interpret complex information in the easiest possible way, tell stories and forge relationships.
  • You'll learn how to tell a story visually, create concepts based on understanding people and cultural contexts, develop logos that resonate with your audience, craft designs that reflect your business priorities, etc.
  • These programs also serve as excellent preparation for various careers in the visual communications industry.

BSc Visual Communication Course Highlights

Here is the complete table that gives you information about the course details, fees, cost, abroad universities, average salary.

Course Level



3 Years

Examination Type

Semester System


(10+2) from a recognized board with 50% minimum marks in aggregate

Admission Process


Course Fee

INR 30,000 to 7,00,000

Average Starting Salary

INR 2.4 lakhs to 4 lakhs

Job Profiles

Graphic Artist, Desktop Publisher, Customer Service Execution, Digital Photographer, Web Designer, Instructional Designer, Animator, Cartoonist, Production Assistant, Ad Photographer, Event Manager, and more

BSc visual communication Subjects & syllabus

The following list of subjects is a semester-by-semester breakdown of the course syllabus:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Human Connection


Visual Literacy

Art and Aesthetics


Elements of Film


Film Appreciation


Radio Representation

Top BSc Visual Communication Universities in Abroad

With the increased need for workers who are proficient in both technical and theoretical understanding of the subject, academic institutions worldwide have begun to offer BSc Visual Communication or comparable degrees. Here is a list of abroad universities and their prospective Visual Communication courses:


Course Offered

Kadir Has University, Turkey

Bachelor’s in Visual Communication Design

Linnaeus University, Sweden

Bachelor’s in Visual Communication and Change

Franklin University Switzerland

Bachelor’s in Visual Communication Arts

Sabanci University, Turkey 

BA Visual Arts & Communication Design

HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communications and Management, Germany

BA Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Solent University, England

BA Hons Visual Communication

Monash University, Australia

Bachelor’s in Design and Media Communication

University of Hartford, USA 

Art, Visual Communication Design

Massey University, New Zealand

Design: Visual Communication Design

Teesside University, UK

Visual Communication

Eligibility for BSc visual communication in Abroad

  • To study BSc Visual Communication from educational institutions in multiple destinations like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, you must meet the entrance criteria established by the colleges.
  • Passing 10+2 exams in Science from a recognised board
  • Some colleges need SAT / ACT exam results if you wish to pursue BSc in Visual Communication overseas.
  • It is mandatory to submit the results of English language examinations such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.
  • Aside from that, a letter of recommendation [LOR], a statement of purpose [SOP], and mark sheets are required.

Admission Process in Abroad

  • Candidates must examine the university's eligibility requirements to which they desire to apply.
  • Eligible applicants must complete the online application form with their information.
  • After filling out all relevant information, candidates must submit it together with the application payments.
  • After the application procedure is completed and the university has received all applications, a merit list is created based on students' Class 12 results.
  • Students whose names appear on the merit list are given a set amount of time to secure their seats and pay their semester costs.

Bsc Visual Communication Jobs

Some of the prominent career paths accessible to successful course graduates are given below, along with the matching salary offered for the employment.

Job Position

Job Description

Average Annual fees in INR

Graphic Artist

Graphic designers produce graphic designs by hand or with various computer technologies to fascinate customers. They are also in charge of the entire layout and production design of brochures, marketing campaigns, publications, business reports, and other printed materials.

2.74 lakhs

Desktop Publisher

Desktop Publishers use computer software to create page layouts for newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, and other publications. These are often used for printing or posting online.

2.60 lakhs


Photographers are artists who use cameras to express themselves. They are hired in various areas to photograph people, locations, cuisine, landscapes, and so on. They typically employ various technological goods and editing tools to edit the images.

3.45 lakhs


Animators create and produce images that come to life on screen in animated TV series or movies, feature films, pop videos, computer games, websites, and other such media.

3.53 lakhs


Cartoonists are recruited to illustrate cartoons for various platforms like television, newspapers, magazines, comics.

3.53 lakhs

Web Designer

A web designer's job description comprises all the components and tasks involved in establishing and building a website from the ground up.

2.33 lakhs

BSc visual communication Scope

There are several job options in visual communication, both in the private and public sectors. Candidates who have completed visual communication training may be recruited in fields such as:

  • Print and production
  • Media
  • Photography
  • Journalism Advertising industry
  • Film industry, film and content production
  • Freelancing, and many other fields.

Such graduates are granted a competitive salary, which will increase with time, experience, and skill in their disciplines.

Visual communication is already widespread in many destinations outside India like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States. It is growing in popularity in India year after year.

Thus, taking a BSc Visual Communication empowers you to delve into the field of graphic and visual design. Suppose you are still sceptical about which degree programme in design and visual communication is best for your career. In that case, AECC specialists can help you select the perfect course and be shortlisted at the relevant institutions in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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