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Career after Bsc Maths

One of the best bachelor's courses to pursue is BSc Maths. This is a three to four-year course that is offered by most of the universities. Various universities and colleges throughout the world offer this course. In most of the universities, it is a three-year course. Pursuing a higher education after BSc maths is always a good option. There are a wide range of career after BSc maths. Do you want to explore after BSc maths which course is best? Let us dive inside the blog and find out the details.

What Can I Do After BSc Maths?

You can always explore the possibility of doing a master's degree in the same discipline after a bachelor's degree or you can go for a job. If not in the same discipline, you can pursue a master's degree in computer applications or business administration. Let us find out what are the various courses and career options after BSc maths.

Scope After BSc Maths

There is a plethora of career options after BSc maths. There is a wide range of wonderful opportunities abroad for this degree. However, you need to remember that pursuing a course abroad will help you to land a great career after BSc maths.

The range of sectors in which you can work after a BSc Maths degree is varied. They are:

  • Banking: This is one of the best sectors to work with after BSc maths. A job after BSc maths in the financial sector is almost certain.
  • Teaching: This is one of the most sought-after jobs after BSc maths and is lucrative as well. After the degree, one can become a mathematics teacher and join an educational institute.
  • Statistics: Many industries survive with the help of statistics. High-salary jobs after BSc maths are wide in the field of data science.
  • Accounting: This is one of the top industries where BSc Maths graduates can pursue their careers. Though a degree in commerce is ideal to pursue a career in accounting, maths graduates are also recruited for such jobs.
  • Data Science: A vast amount of data is the base of many businesses. People in data science bring some sense to these data. You can land yourself a high-salary job after BSc maths in this sector.
  • Meteorology: Students from a mathematics background will have strong analytical skills. This is much needed in the meteorology department.

Jobs After BSc Maths

The list of careers available for you after BSc Maths is quite extensive. It will be helpful for you to know about the different job sectors and the likely salary for different job roles.


Listed as one of the noblest jobs globally, teaching is a lucrative career after BSc Maths. Investing in a PhD will also come with greater gains in this profession. It will allow you to work in the university as a Professor/Associate Professor.


This profession provides great remuneration. This job involves providing financial solutions to firms to prevent them from suffering financial loss while in operation. This is one of the best career options after BSc Maths.

Computer Application:

Advancement in technology has given rise to high demand and well-paying jobs. Knowledge of computer applications and programming offers many job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. This is one of the high-salary jobs after BSc maths.

Operational Research:

The main job function here is to ensure that you protect your employer's business from an uncertain future. You provide them with problem-solving skills to ensure smooth running and efficiency.


The banking industry is ever-expanding, which means endless job offers for you to pursue. A wide array of financial services is offered, and this means a greater job pool for you, be it investments, insurance or loans; the choice is yours. This is one of the best jobs after BSc maths.


Fewer people are keen to enter this field. It offers excellent career options for BSc Maths students. It requires analytical skills, which are learned in BSc Maths. This job is well-paying and has a projection rate of 6% by 2029.

Job-Oriented Courses After BSc Maths

If you are someone looking for a job right after your Postgraduation, then the following information will be helpful for you. Below is a list of some popular job-oriented courses after BSc Maths, which you can pursue if you are interested.

It is always a good idea to look for courses of this kind as it will help you land a better job easily.

  • MSc in Maths
  • MSc in Statistics
  • MSc in Actuarial Science
  • BEd
  • MCA
  • MBA
  • CFA
  • CS
  • Master of Data Science
  • PG Diploma in Management

If you love maths and enjoy solving problems, there are high chances of you getting jobs in financial services, insurance and investment sectors. A career in these fields might be challenging but they are the best options available after BSc maths. For those people who have an interest in maths, a career after BSc maths can be lucrative if they take up the teaching profession. It will help you to maintain a perfect work-life balance as well. Based on your skills and expertise, you can choose your career path. The type of career path you follow will help you to shape a better future for you.

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