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The BSc in Mathematics Programme is a science degree that runs for 3 years and specializes in Maths. It cuts across many disciplines and allows for a graduate to venture into a number of fields such as computer science, accounting and even languages. Students with data interpreting skills are more suited for this course as they get to learn and understand complex mathematical concepts.

A maths degree gives you the ability to think logically and inculcates both problem solving and decision-making skills, which are traits employers search for desperately. This makes the BSc graduates highly sort after. If you are looking to step out of class and into the office without too much delay, this is the course to enrol in. This article will help highlight the various career paths you can forge for yourself after graduating.

Courses after Bsc maths

You may be interested in Mathematics and are looking to pursue higher education after your graduate program to increase your value in the job market, and advance your knowledge and skills.

Below are some of the courses you can consider:

  1. MSc in Mathematics
  2. MSc in Statistics
  3. MSc in Actuarial Science
  4. MCA
  5. B. Ed
  6. CFA
  7. MBA
  8. Master of Data Science
  9. Financial Risk Management
  10. Chartered Public Accountancy
  11. MBA in Finance
  12. Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  13. Company Secretary
  14. Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics

Job oriented courses after BSc maths

  • MSc in Mathematics
  • MSc in Statistics
  • MSc in Actuarial Science
  • MCA
  • B.Ed.
  • CFA
  • MBA
  • Master of Data Science
  • CS
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management

MSc in Mathematics

This program is designed to run for two years and improves an individual's competency within the field. You are advised to study this course if you want to become an expert in the field. It includes such as calculus, number lines and differential equations. After pursuing this course, you can work as a teacher, external auditor, data analyst, and information scientist.

MSc in Statistics

This course offers in-depth learning, knowledge and training on statistical applications. It helps you analyze and interpret data more critically and enables you to create statistical models.

MSc in Actuarial Science

If gaining problem-solving solid skills is important, this might be your best choice. It is most inclined towards insurance fields.


This course is for people interested in computer applications and the programming language. The demand for MCA experts is high, and it provides you with an incredible job offer in your career journey.


A BSc in Mathematics offers a great career path in teaching. Teaching affords you the opportunity to sharpen this skill as you pass your knowledge to others.


The Chartered Financial Analyst course provides a great and lucrative career after The Bsc Math graduate program. This certification course will help you improve your career scope.

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A Master's in Business Administration is a great course to pursue after a BSc in Mathematics. It offers high demand and well-paying jobs. If you decide to specialize in Finance, it greatly boosts your career prospects in great job positions such as CFO and Business Analyst. You can be a manager in operations, accounts and even marketing. The job prospects are endless.

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Master of Data Science

Data science career has been on a steady rise, and pursuing this course has great prospects as jobs in this niche have been on the rise and experts in data science are in high demand.

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A company secretary is not someone who takes notes. In recent times, this job has become a key managerial function in the same line as CEOs and managing directors. Pursuing this course after a BSc in Math will exponentially grow your value in the marketplace. It has become a very lucrative career path.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

This is a 2-year program that focuses on imparting individuals the necessary knowledge needed in organizational management. It offers practical and relevant skills as far as the job market is concerned. In some instances, employers prefer this course to the MBA.

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After BSc maths jobs and salary

There are several job offers for graduates of the BSc program. 

This table will offer an average view of the salary offers for different jobs.


Average Salary per annum (In INR LPA)

Data Analyst 




Data Scientist 


Mathematics Teacher


Operations Manager


Software engineer










Jobs after BSc maths

The list of careers available for you after BSc is quite extensive. Organizations looking to hire your expertise range from national to multinational enterprises. 

Listed below are some of the job profiles you may be able to venture in after your BSc in Math.

  • Teaching
  • Accounting
  • MCA
  • Actuarial
  • Operational Research
  • Mathematics
  • Banking
  • Economics
  • Meteorology
  • Statistics


Listed as one of the noblest jobs globally, teaching is a lucrative career to pursue after BSc in Mathematics. Investing in a P.H.D. will also come with greater gains in this profession. It will allow you to work in the university as a professor/associate professor.


This profession, through challenge, provides great remuneration incentives. This job involves providing financial solutions to firms to prevent them from suffering financial loss while in operation.


Advancement in technology has given rise to high demand and well-paying jobs. Knowledge of computer applications and programming offers many job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Jobs in this field will help you grow and thrive in the I.T. industry.


Students who choose this career path can forge a well-paying career path as there is a great demand for resource personnel, especially abroad. It involves analyzing and mitigating risks on behalf of firms and ensuring proper management of finances. It requires one to have a great skill set in business and economics.

Operational Research

The main job function is to ensure that you protect your employer's business from an uncertain future. You provide them with problem-solving skills to ensure smooth running and efficiency.


As the great mathematician Shakuntala Devi cites, 'Without mathematics, there is nothing you can do'. Maths is needed for technological advancements. This is a job you should venture in if you are looking for a lucrative and stable career that is also high paying.


The banking industry is ever-expanding, and this means that there are endless job offers for you to pursue. There is a wide array of financial services offered, and this means a greater job pool for you, be it investments, insurance or loans; the choice is yours.


For businesses to grow steadily, great economic policies must be put in place. If equipped with the right training and skillset, these jobs are very rewarding. Multinationals for this job can hire you.

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Though fewer people are keen to venture into this job market, it offers excellent opportunities for BSc students. It requires analytical skills, which are learned in BSc. This job is well paying and has a projection rate of 6% by 2029. It is time to get started on this course and reap the benefits of this great job prospect.


Statistics uses data to check the effectiveness of policies implemented within an organization. You can apply for a job in this field after your BSc in Math as data is an important asset for every business, and your skillset is always required to help use the data available in these organizations in a way that is beneficial to the business. The demand for BSc graduates in this field is increasingly on the rise.

Govt Jobs after BSc maths

People invest a lot of time and effort into getting government jobs. This is because it comes with added benefits such as job security, a definite increase in income as time progresses, and it is pensionable. Most government opportunities offer exams to secure employment, and these papers usually require mathematical knowledge and skill.

Though it proves futile to graduates in other faculties such as humanity, these exams are advantageous to BSc graduates. They have a better chance of clearing these exams. Government jobs available for BSc graduates include:

  1. India Forest Services
  2. Public sector banking
  3. Indian Space Research Organization
  4. Indian Railways
  5. Defense Research and Developmental Organization

Bottom line

This blog aims to provide you with in-depth and easy information about the BSc Mathematics discipline. You can now enrol in this course or even pursue higher education for graduates to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

The world has become a global village, and the career prospects it offers are vast. We hope that the information provided has answered the questions you have and has cleared your doubts as BSc truly offers great career prospects for all those who pursue it. Feel free to consult our experts if there are any lingering questions. We are here to match you to an ideal course and university that is also in line with your preferences.


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