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Cost Of Studying in Ireland for Indian Students


The cost of studying in Ireland is not exactly too high. A lot of Indian students migrate to Ireland every year for their studies, making it one of the most preferred destinations. However, the cost of living and the cost of studying is one of the several things many students find difficult to get details about.
Wondering how to manage your expenses in Ireland? Here's our list of estimates to help!
If you want to know more about the cost of living in Ireland, you can read the blog completely and get all the information necessary.

Cost of Studying in Ireland – Highlights

  • Top Global Universities with Affordable Tuition
  • Tuition for Master's programs in Ireland begins at 9000 EUR.
  • Scholarships ranging from 1000 EUR to a full tuition fee remission are available.
  • Part-time employment pays between 9 and 12 EUR per hour.
  • Starting pay of 40,000 EUR.
  • MBA tuition is 12,750 EUR.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Ireland?

Your tuition fee expenditure is determined by the type of qualification and institution you choose. You will require between €10,000 and €25,000 per year to meet your tuition fees.

Courses in the Humanities, Education and Arts are typically less expensive, but areas such as Medicine, Engineering, Business, and Management are more likely to be more expensive. The tuition fee for Postgraduate studies is usually more significant, and the expenses vary based on the program.


Study Program

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in EUR)


Undergraduate program

€9850 to €25,500 


Postgraduate degree

€9500 to €34,500 








Doctoral degree


If you wish to reduce your educational costs, you could apply for several scholarships in Ireland accessible to Indian students.

Cost of Studying Undergraduate Degree in Ireland

The tuition fee for Bachelor's degrees in Ireland starts at about €9,850 and can rise up to €25,500 per year for some courses. The average tuition charge for overseas students in Ireland is roughly €12,000 per year. Most universities, institutes of technology, and colleges will have different pricing schemes. Therefore, reviewing this before applying to a specific university or institution is preferable. Furthermore, tuition fees vary based on the course that you choose to study.

The following are the minimum tuition fees for Bachelor's degrees in Ireland at some of the most popular universities.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in EUR)

University College Dublin

€16,000 - €25,600

Trinity College Dublin

€13,758 - €29,548

NUI Galway

€16,750 - €23,000

University College Cork

€14,750 - €22,000

University of Limerick

€5,000 - €34,000

Dublin City University

€10,800 - €16,600

Maynooth University

€12,000 - €13,500

How much does it take Cost to get Postgraduate in Ireland?

Because of its competence in higher education and profound love and respect for study, Ireland is a good option for a Master's in all academic areas. The tuition fee in Ireland for overseas students ranges from 9500 EUR to 35,000 EUR for a Master's degree in Ireland. Ireland's universities are in the top 3% globally, while Irish research is in the top 1% globally in 18 academic fields. Studying Master's in Ireland includes test costs, but the study materials for MS in Ireland are the student's responsibility. Some universities may have fixed prices for study materials, but others expect students to pay for their own. Tuition and living expenses are included in Master's student expenses in Ireland.

Top Courses

Universities Offering the Course

Average Annual Tuition Fees (IN EUR)

MSc in Data Analytics

Athlone Institute of Technology


MSc Data Science & Analytics

Cork Institute of Technology


MSc in Data Analytics

Dublin Business School


MSc in Computing Data Analytics

Dublin City University


MSc Computing (Data Analytics)

Dublin Institute of Technology


MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics

Griffith College, Dublin


MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy

Trinity College Dublin 


Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS) (AIT)

MSc in Software Design with Cloud Native Computing


MSc in Computing Applied Cyber Security

Technological University Dublin


Master of Engineering in Information and Network Security

University of Limerick


Cost of Studying an MBA in Ireland

The MBA cost in Ireland is less than in other destinations. It costs between 14,000 and 35,000 EUR per year on average. Course fees in various universities are also affected by university accreditation. Universities with several accreditations are more expensive. Three bodies primarily determine the costs of international institutions.




Average Annual Tuition Fee (in EUR) 

University College Dublin 

3 semesters 


35,000 EUR

Trinity College Dublin

3 terms 


36,500 EUR

Dublin City University 

12 months 

MSC in Management (Business)

16,000 EUR

National University of Ireland Galway

2 semesters 


15,487 EUR

Technological University Dublin

1 year

MSc in Business & Entrepreneurship

13,500 EUR

Cost Of Studying Medicine in Ireland

The cost of doing an MBBS in Ireland would be between INR 20 - 40 lakhs every year, and because the degree is 6 years long, the cost would be around INR 1 - 2 crores by the time you finish your course. Other expenses such as accommodation, food, textbooks, utilities, phone, entertainment, clothing, and so on would cost between INR 5 and 10 lakhs each year. However, the degree will be worthwhile because Irish colleges are widely acknowledged.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)

Trinity College, Dublin (TCD)

INR 38 Lakhs

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

INR 42 lakhs

University College Dublin (UCD)

INR 40 lakhs

University College Cork (UCC)

INR 37 lakhs

National University of Ireland, Galway

INR 26 lakhs

University of Limerick (UL)

INR 34. 5 lakhs


Cost Of Studying PhD in Ireland

Because programs vary, each higher education school has a unique pricing structure. Your tuition prices may vary depending on the popularity and reputation of your university, whether you will pursue PhD options in Ireland part-time or full-time, your subject, and your nationality. Students from non-European Union and non-European Economic Area nations must pay 2-3 times the tuition rates of a domestic student.

Individual higher education institutions in Ireland establish the fees for PhD studies. Typically, these range from 5000 - 10,000 EUR per year.

Cost Of Studying Short-Term Certificate Courses in Ireland

You will find several short-term courses offered by several universities in Ireland. The tuition fees for these courses will be less, and you can pursue them if you wish to. The table will give you the complete details about the certificate course fees in Ireland.

Course Name

University Name

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in EUR)

Digital Marketing

ABC Business Academy

1500 EUR

Health & Safety Representation

Atlantic Technological University

750 EUR

Bioprocess Engineering

Atlantic Technological University

4500 EUR

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe

190 EUR

Irish Wildflower Identification

Atlantic Technological University

250 EUR

Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Atlantic Technological University

5598 EUR 

Other expenses you must fund during your studies, in addition to tuition, include:

  • 75 EUR/month for books and other study materials
  • 60-100 EUR/month for social activities and entertainment

Cost of Studying at Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland has 18 institutions where students can pick from over 2000 different courses. The cost of education in Ireland at the top universities accounts for a significant portion of a student's study abroad budget and is determined by the institution chosen.

Private colleges in Ireland charge higher tuition costs than public colleges/universities. Private universities, institutes, and colleges impose tuition fees ranging from 9000 to 35,000 EUR each year.

Average Tuition Fees at Ireland's Top Universities are given below.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in EUR)

Trinity College Dublin


University College Dublin


National University of Ireland, Galway


University College Cork

€16,080 – €22,130 

Dublin City University

€6900 – €25,000

University of Limerick

€6968 – €13,140

Maynooth University

€10,000 – €17,000

Technological University of Dublin

€13,500 – €27,000

Ireland University Application Fees

When applying to colleges, you must pay an application cost, which varies based on the college and course being used to; therefore, check with specific universities about their application charge.

The UG degree application fee is EUR 45, and most courses require a €50 application fee.

Pre-Arrival Costs in Ireland

A student's pre-arrival expenditures are incurred before arriving in Ireland. It is around €1700-2000, without including tuition expenses. Let's break this down and look at the separate costs.

Pre-arrival Costs

Average Amount (in EUR)

Visa Charges

€60/ INR 4,711 for Single Visit

€100/ INR 7,852 for Multiple Visits

English Language Courses

€150-950/ INR 13,000-80,000

Standard Examination Fees

€3,069 to 55,180/ INR 2.41 to 43.69 Lakhs

University Application Fee

€50/ INR 3,926

Transportation fare from India to Ireland

€804/ INR 63,184

Ireland Student Visa Costs

The first step is to obtain a valid study visa to study in Ireland, which has its charges (about €60). Please get in touch with your AECC counsellor for the most recent updates and information on the visa application procedure and associated costs.

  • Single entry €60 (INR 5226)
  • Multi entry €100 (INR 8709)

Remember that exchange rates might have an impact on your budget. We recommend that you search for part-time work or apply for scholarships at the universities to which you apply. This can significantly reduce the expense of studying in Ireland. Contact aecc for further assistance in getting into your dream university.

If you have any further questions or doubts regarding studying abroad, you can contact aecc. Our expert counsellors and professionals will help you out with everything. Right from university applications to visa guidance, we will help you on every step of your study-abroad journey. Always feel free to contact us!

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