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Countries Accepting SAT


Starting your journey to study abroad is more than just packing and flying. It's about fulfilling dreams and making big choices. One key choice is the Scholastic Assessment Test, which opens doors to top universities accepting SAT scores.

Knowing the countries accepting SAT is crucial for planning your education journey. This guide highlights universities accepting SAT scores and delves into the details of their SAT requirements.

Whether you're a high school student in India or any other part of the world, this guide lights up your path to global education. We'll explore the map of countries accepting SAT, uncovering opportunities, including SAT scholarships. 

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"Raj, a bright student from Bangalore, India, faced a significant challenge: choosing the right university abroad. Despite his high academic achievements, the myriad of options and SAT score requirements seemed daunting. Focused on Engineering, Raj targeted MIT in the U.S. but was also intrigued by opportunities in Canada. After months of preparation, he achieved an impressive SAT score of 1540. This accomplishment not only opened doors to MIT but also to top Canadian universities, significantly widening his options."

What are all the Countries Offering SAT?

Begin your journey with the Scholastic Assessment Test, your passport to the world's top universities accepting SAT scores. Discover the global array of countries accepting SAT, each offering unique educational opportunities and potential for SAT scholarships. In this guide, we quickly highlight key nations and their average SAT scores, providing a snapshot of how the SAT can open doors to a global education.

  1. United States - Average SAT Score: 1060.
  2. Canada - Average SAT Score: 1190.
  3. United Kingdom - Average SAT Score: 1200 (Competitive).
  4. Australia - Average SAT Score: 1100-1200.
  5. New Zealand - Average SAT Score: 1100.
  6. India - Average SAT Score: 1100-1200.
  7. Singapore - Average SAT Score: 1250.
  8. Germany - Average SAT Score: 1150.
  9. Netherlands - Average SAT Score: 1130.
  10. China - Average SAT Score: 1180.

United States

The United States stands as a prime example among countries accepting SAT scores. Here, the Scholastic Assessment Test is more than just a test; it's a gateway to numerous top universities accepting Scholastic Assessment Test scores. The SAT in the U.S. is a critical measure of academic potential, connecting diverse educational systems. It serves as a universal measure, enabling universities accepting SAT scores to assess students from all backgrounds.

Here is the list of Universities Accepting SAT Scores:

Harvard University:

  • SAT Score Range: 1460-1580
  • Harvard, a pinnacle of higher education globally, views SAT scores as an integral part of a holistic admissions process. A score closer to the upper end can significantly bolster an applicant's chances.

Yale University:

  • SAT Score Range: Most successful applicants have scores above 1470.
  • Yale's competitive admissions landscape means a high SAT score is often a key differentiator among applicants.

Princeton University:

  • SAT Score Range: 1440-1570
  • For Princeton, a SAT score within 1440-1570 can be a testament to a student's academic readiness.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

  • SAT Score Range: Generally above 1500
  • MIT, known for its STEM excellence, places a high value on SAT scores, especially in quantitative sections.

Stanford University:

  • SAT Score Range: Approximately 1420-1570
  • Stanford, balancing humanities and sciences, values SAT scores around 1420-1570 for assessing candidates.

University of California, Berkeley:

  • SAT Score Range: 1330-1530
  • As a public Ivy, UC Berkeley looks for strong SAT scores, reflecting a student's ability to thrive in a rigorous academic environment.

Some U.S. universities now have test-optional policies, but a high SAT score remains a valuable asset, especially for international students, demonstrating their academic excellence. 


Canada's recognition of the SAT is growing, positioning it among the countries accepting SAT scores for evaluating international students. While not universally required, it offers Canadian universities a standard way to assess educational prowess, making it a key factor for universities accepting Scholastic Assessment Test scores in Canada.

Here is the list of Universities Accepting SAT Scores:

University of Toronto:

  • SAT Score Range: Typically 1330-1500.
  • As one of Canada's top universities, the University of Toronto uses SAT scores to assess the readiness of international applicants, especially in competitive programs.

McGill University:

  • SAT Score Range: Minimum 1290 for competitive programs.
  • McGill values SAT scores for a comprehensive evaluation of applicants, especially for students from non-Canadian education systems.

University of British Columbia (UBC):

  • SAT Score Range: Average scores for admitted students range between 1290 and 1350.
  • UBC considers SAT scores as part of a holistic admissions process, with higher scores often giving an edge to international applicants.

University of Alberta:

  • SAT Score Range: Generally, scores above 1200 are considered competitive.
  • The University of Alberta uses SAT scores to understand the academic potential of applicants, especially those from different education systems.

Simon Fraser University:

  • SAT Score Range: Competitive scores are usually above 1200.
  • Simon Fraser University takes into account SAT scores for admissions, valuing them as indicators of academic proficiency and readiness.

The SAT is increasingly used by Canadian institutions to ensure international students meet the required academic criteria, solidifying its place in universities accepting Scholastic Assessment Test scores.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the SAT complements the admissions process, especially for students from varied educational backgrounds. It's a supplementary yet impactful tool in the roster of top universities accepting SAT scores in the UK.

Here is the list of Universities Accepting SAT Scores:

University of Oxford:

  • SAT Score Range: No specific range, but high scores are favourable.
  • Oxford considers SAT scores alongside other qualifications, such as A-Levels or the IB, especially for applicants from countries where the SAT is prevalent.

University of Cambridge:

  • SAT Score Range: No fixed range, but competitive scores are advantageous.
  • Cambridge assesses SAT scores as part of a comprehensive applicant profile, particularly valuing high scores in subjects relevant to the chosen course.

Imperial College London:

  • SAT Score Range: Typically prefers scores above 1400.
  • Known for its scientific rigour, Imperial College looks for SAT scores typically above 1400, indicative of strong analytical prowess.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE):

  • SAT Score Range: Generally, scores above 1400 are considered competitive.
  • LSE values the SAT as one aspect of the admissions process, particularly for courses in economics and political science.

University College London (UCL):

  • SAT Score Range: Scores above 1350 are often deemed competitive.
  • UCL considers SAT scores, especially for programs where analytical skills are paramount.

While not all UK universities require SAT scores, those that do regard them as a significant part of their admissions criteria.


Australia's educational system is progressively incorporating the SAT, especially for international students. As part of countries accepting SAT scores, Australian universities are starting to use the SAT as a metric to assess the academic abilities of students from different educational systems.

Here is the list of Universities Accepting Scholastic Assessment Test Scores:

University of Melbourne:

  • SAT Score Range: Generally, scores above 1300 are favoured.
  • The University of Melbourne considers SAT scores as part of a holistic review, with a focus on academic preparedness and potential.

Australian National University (ANU):

  • SAT Score Range: Competitive scores are usually above 1250.
  • ANU uses SAT scores to assess international applicants, particularly valuing strong performances in relevant subject tests.

University of Sydney:

  • SAT Score Range: A score above 1200 is generally competitive.
  • The University of Sydney views SAT scores as a measure of academic readiness, especially for courses with a strong analytical focus.

University of Queensland:

  • SAT Score Range: Typically, scores above 1200 are considered competitive.
  • The University of Queensland evaluates SAT scores as part of its admissions criteria, especially for scholarships and select programs.

Monash University:

  • SAT Score Range: Scores around 1200 and above are often deemed competitive.
  • Monash University considers SAT scores for international applicants, using them to gauge academic proficiency and suitability for their programs.

The growing recognition of the SAT in Australian university admissions marks its importance among universities accepting SAT scores.

New Zealand

New Zealand is becoming more receptive to SAT scores, particularly for international students, joining the ranks of countries accepting SAT scores. It's an emerging tool in the admissions process of New Zealand's universities.

Here is the list of Universities Accepting SAT Scores:

University of Auckland:

  • SAT Score Range: Competitive scores generally above 1200.
  • As New Zealand's top university, the University of Auckland considers SAT scores as part of a comprehensive evaluation of international student applications, particularly in courses where analytical and critical thinking skills are essential.

University of Otago:

  • SAT Score Range: Typically, scores around 1150-1200 are seen as competitive.
  • The University of Otago uses SAT scores to assess the readiness of international applicants for the rigorous academic environment, especially in science and humanities programs.

Victoria University of Wellington:

  • SAT Score Range: Scores above 1100 are often considered competitive.
  • Victoria University values SAT scores as part of a holistic review process, looking for students who exhibit strong academic potential.

University of Canterbury:

  • SAT Score Range: Competitive applicants usually have scores above 1100.
  • The University of Canterbury regards SAT scores as one of several metrics to assess the academic qualifications of international students.

Massey University:

  • SAT Score Range: Generally, scores above 1100 are deemed competitive.
  • Massey University considers SAT scores as an additional indicator of academic ability, especially valuable for students from non-traditional educational backgrounds.

High SAT scores are often considered favourably in New Zealand for SAT scholarships and specialised program admissions.

In this insightful guide, we've navigated through the global tapestry of countries accepting SAT scores, uncovering the unique academic terrains of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Each of these nations offers distinct opportunities for higher education, with a variety of universities accepting SAT scores and welcoming international students. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you're now poised to make strategic choices in your journey to study abroad.

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