Courses after BSc Biotechnology


These are encouraging times to pursue other courses after BSc Biotechnology. For one, biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the biological sciences. According to the Northeastern University in the USA, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a significant rise in the demand for biotechnology professionals. It also notes that the supply of these professionals has equally been rising to meet the growing demand. For example, between 2017 and 2022, roughly 39,000 new entrants increased America's biotechnology labour force to 316,796. With these heartwarming statistics, selecting one of the various available courses after a BSc in biotechnology should not be difficult. Read on to find out the most suitable option for you.

MSc Courses after BSc Biotechnology

Some individuals are content with a career after a BSc in biotechnology without seeing the need for further studies. While it is possible to be successful with just a biotechnology BSc, going the extra mile to invest in an MSc degree after a BSc in biotechnology has its advantages. So before you frown at the cost of an MSc degree, think of the several employment opportunities it will provide for you, think of the specialized knowledge and skills you are bound to acquire, think of the PhD degree an MSc certificate will make you eligible for.If you are a rational thinker, you will realize that the benefits of going for an MSc course after a BSc in biotechnology far outweigh the costs. Moreover, choosing an MSc course after a BSc in biotechnology will not be a problem since there are many very exciting and rewarding MSc courses in tertiary institutions in every part of the world. 

Take a look at some of them below.

  • MSc in Biotechnology
  • MSc in Biotechnology & Management
  • MSc in Molecular Biotechnology
  • MSc in Industrial Biotechnology
  • MSc in Plant Sciences
  • MSc in Toxicology
  • MSc in Translational Medicine
  • MSc in Botany
  • MSc in Bioscience Entrepreneurship
  • MSc in Cell Biology
  • MSc in Microbiology
  • MSc in Applied Biology
  • MSc in Molecular Biology
  • MSc in Life Sciences
  • MSc in Animal Biotechnology
  • MSc in Biochemistry
  • MSC in Public Health
  • MSc in Digital Health
  • MSc in Bioinformatics
  • MSc in Biomedical Informatics
  • MSc in Molecular Medicines
  • MSc in Drug Discovery & Development
  • MSc in Bioengineering
  • MSc in Forensic Science
  • MSc in Molecular Biosciences
  • MSc in Nanotechnology
  • MSc in Biopharmaceutical Development
  • MSc in Pharmacology
  • MSc in Food Technology

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MBA after BSc Biotechnology

Just as its name suggests, the main purpose is to enable students to be proficient business administrators no matter their discipline. This means that one can take up an MBA course after BSc in biotechnology as long as such a course arouses your interest and is crucial for your career plans. There are many MBA courses available after a BSc in biotechnology. 

Here are a few of them:

  • MBA in Biotechnology
  • MBA in Biotechnology Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Innovation
  • MBA in Healthcare
  • MBA in Educational Leadership
  • MBA in Agriculture & Food Business
  • MBA in Artificial Intelligence
  • MBA in Data Science
  • MBA in Big Data Management
  • MBA in Information Technology (IT)
  • MBA in Cloud Computing
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Pharmacy
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • MBA in Environmental Management
  • MBA in Digital Business
  • MBA in Energy Management
  • MBA in Digital Marketing

Lab Technician Course after BSc Biotechnology

Biotechnology lab technician courses are valuable additions after BSc biotechnology because they can help in a number of roles. For example, a lab technician can act as a research assistant to other scientists during research in laboratory settings. He or she can also provide lab technician services in various institutions and organizations in both the public and private sectors. The following are some after BSc biotechnology lab technician courses that will help deepen your knowledge and brighten your job prospects. 

Below listed are some courses offered:

  • Biotechnology Technician Diploma
  • Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • BSc in Medical Lab Technology
  • MSc in Medical Lab Technology
  • PhD in Medical Lab Technology

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Exams after BSc Biotechnology

After BSc biotechnology in India, there will still be a need to write examinations if you intend to pursue further studies such as MSc biotechnology. Like all other exams, these after BSc biotechnology exams are meant to ensure that only students who measure up to the required standard are selected. 

Here are some of the exams and the institutions that conduct them.

  • Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admissions Test For MSc (IIT JAM)
  • IIT JAM Chennai Biotech entrance exam
  • IIT JAM Delhi Biotech entrance exam
  • AIIMS Biotechnology entrance exam
  • University of Delhi Biotechnology entrance exam
  • BHU MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  • University of Madras MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  • Osmania University Hyderabad MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  • JNTU MSc Biotech entrance exam
  • Alagappa University MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  • Jamia Hamdard University MTech Biotechnology entrance exam
  • Osmania University Hyderabad MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  • Himachal Pradesh University MSc Biotechnology entrance exam
  • Anna University Biotech entrance exam
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Graduate School Admissions exam 

TOP Universities in Abroad for Biotechnology Courses



Tuition Fees for First Year (USD)

The University of Liverpool



University of Toronto



Harvard University



Arizona State University



Coventry University



McGill University



Northeastern University



Teesside University



Texas A & M University



York University



University of Greenwich



Centennial College



Conestoga College



The University of Melbourne



University of Waterloo



University of Hertfordshire



McMaster University



New York University



University of Windsor



The University of Illinois



The University of Texas at Dallas



Columbia University



University of South Florida



University of Manchester



University of Southern California



Top Universities in India for Biotechnology Courses

Universities in India


Fees Structure (2022)

AIIMS Delhi - All India Institute of Medical Sciences

New Delhi

₹ 2,705

Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University

New Delhi 

₹ 24,000

SRM University Chennai

Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu

₹ 255,000

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)


₹ 49,600

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)

Vellore, Tamil Nadu

₹ 220,000

Lovely Professional University

Phagwara, Punjab

₹ 336,000

Jamia Hamdard University

New Delhi

₹ 210,000

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Pune, Maharashtra

₹ 294,435

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh, Punjab

₹ 258,000

University of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Telangana

₹ 37,320

Nirma University

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

₹ 348,500

Dr Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University

Pune, Maharashtra

₹ 170,000

Integral University

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 100,000

Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

₹ 174,000

Manipal University

Jaipur, Rajasthan

₹ 250,000

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Manipal, Karnataka

₹ 414,000

Ravenshaw University

Cuttack, Odisha

₹ 80,000

Annamalai University

Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu

₹ 48,060

MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

Bangalore, Karnataka

₹ 377,450

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Roorkee, Uttarakhand

₹ 29,000

Visva Bharati     University

Bolpur, West Bengal

₹ 13,060

Birla Institute of Technology

Ranchi, Jharkhand

₹ 341,000

Osmania University

Hyderabad, Telangana

₹ 71,120

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences

Malkapur, Maharashtra

₹ 124,000

NIMS University

Jaipur, Rajasthan

₹ 50,000

Scope after BSc Biotechnology

After a BSc in biotechnology, the employment scope is reasonably wide, especially if you equip yourself with a higher qualification such as an MSc, an MBA, or a Diploma. A very good example of the viability of biotechnology is the recent effort for a pandemic vaccine where many biotech companies such as Moderna and Pfizer have been looking to hire more workers to increase their productive capacity.

Below are some areas you can find meaningful employment after a BSc in biotechnology.

  • Teaching/Lecturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Writing
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Medicine
  • Drug & Pharmaceutical Research
  • Public Funded Laboratories
  • Chemicals
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Research & Development
  • Marine
  • Environment Control
  • Waste Management
  • Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles
  • Bio-Processing Industries

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Career after BSc Biotechnology

As noted above, biotechnology is a very fast-growing discipline. Growth usually implies increasing demand for products and services. So those wishing to have a successful career after a BSc in biotechnology have every reason to be optimistic, especially since it is expected that vacancies in the industry will grow at a rate faster than in many other industries. Therefore, you have a very bright chance of realizing your dream career after BSc in biotechnology,

If you opt for any of the following positions:

  • Biotechnology Research Scientist
  • Environmental Biotechnologist
  • Lab Technician
  • Medical Biotechnologist
  • Medical Biochemist
  • Medical Representative
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Agricultural Biotechnologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Bio-Informaticist
  • Bioinformatics Programmer
  • Biochemist
  • Microbiologist
  • Biological Forensic Analyst
  • Research Associate
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Bioprocess Engineer
  • Biotechnology Instructor/Teacher/Lecturer
  • Biosafety Regulator
  • Food Safety Officer
  • Geneticist/Human Geneticist
  • Quality Controller
  • Biostatistician
  • Enzymologist
  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Writer
  • Medical Writer
  • Medical Scientist
  • Fermentation Scientist
  • Lab Manager
  • Biomanufacturing Specialist
  • Immunologist
  • Research Technician
  • Plant Breeder
  • Production Technologist
  • Production Assistant
  • Plant Molecular Biologist

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Jobs after BSc Biotechnology and salary

Job Profile

Salary (Annual) in USD

Biomedical Engineer


Biotechnology Research Scientist


Biochemist & Biophysicist


Biomanufacturing Specialist




Medical Scientist


Product Management Director


Process Development Scientist


Research Technician

52,000 - 72,000 

Director of Science

100,000 - 150,000

Lab Manager

72,000 - 97,000

Research Scientist, Biochemistry

70,000 - 90,000

Associate, RNA Production

43,000 - 57,000

Bioinformatics Programmer

55,000 - 72,000

Scientist, Pharmaceutical Sciences 

57,000 - 76,000

Production Technologist

50,000 - 90,153

Program Area Leader-Healthcare & Life Sciences

80,000 - 100,000

Scientist, Analytical Development

65,000 - 87,000

Production Assistant, Cell Biology

34,000 - 49,000

Senior Biostatistician

74,000 - 100,000

Environmental Biotechnologist

43,000 - 57,000

Lead, Biotherapeutic Analytics

78,000 - 100,000

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Writer

49,000 - 64,000

Production Assistant, Protein Technology

40,000 - 50,000

Principal Biostatistician

83,000 - 120,000


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