Duolingo Accepting Universities in UK

Duolingo Accepting Universities in UK

What is Duolingo English Test?

In simple terms, the Duolingo English Test or DET is a modern and innovative English language proficiency tool created for today's international students, or we can say the international students of the next generation, generation Z, or millennials and institutions.

It provides an English proficiency score, video interview, and writing sample accessible, efficient, and secure testing experience. 

Benefits of Duolingo English test

Now, you must be questioning why should I take the Duolingo English Test (DET)?

Duolingo English Test has many benefits. First, you can take it at your convenience.It is less expensive, much more flexible, and the results are much faster.

Below we have written the benefits of taking the Duolingo English Test over others for your reference.

  1. Many universities accept the DET test results. We positively believe that this number will grow in the future.
  2. You can practice multiple mock tests before the actual test to be more prepared.
  3. The test fee is cost-effective as the cost is approximately 49 USD.
  4. The test duration is also concise. Compared to others, it takes from 45 to 60 minutes.
  5. The best part is that you get the test results within 48 hours, approximately two days, no questions asked.
  6. It is pretty easy and convenient to take the DET test.
  7. You will boost your confidence surely as they show your video-recorded answers on-screen during the last 10 minutes.

Duolingo Test Pattern

The Duolingo English Test or DET happens to be a 1-hour online test. The test evaluates your English language proficiency in all concepts that are speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, its questions are designed to determine your critical thinking and adaptability as an additional benefit.

Unlike other English language proficiency tests, they conduct the Duolingo English test in a single stretch. 

It follows the pattern listed below.

  1. The name of the test is Duolingo English Test. (DET)
  2. The mode of the test is online.
  3. There are two sections in the Duolingo English Test, namely the adaptive test and the video interview.
  4. The types of questions you get are objective plus descriptive.
  5. The duration of the test is 60 minutes.
  6. For the first 5 minutes, you will be explained the exam pattern of the Duolingo English Test.
  7. The following 45 minutes tests your reading (finding out actual English words from fake ones), writing (completing missing letters from a section of text), speaking (describing an image), and listening (typing the statement (s) which you hear) skills.
  8. In the end, you will get a topic to write on within 3 to 5 minutes.
  9. For the last 10 minutes, your video recording of the answers will be shown on screen.

Why Study in UK?

Now you must be questioning, why should I study in the United Kingdom? Of course, there are other countries too, such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, The United States of America, and other European countries, for studying overseas. However, the UK is still the most preferred and famous country for international students.

Here are the benefits of studying in England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland.

  1. The United Kingdom offers the best in the world quality education. Many countries like to follow their education system.
  2. You have multiple courses to choose from, ranging in various fields from humanities to engineering and computer science to social studies and many more.
  3. The United Kingdom is residence to some of the world's top-ranked universities. 84 UK universities were featured in the QS World University Rankings last year.
  4. The United Kingdom has an excellent and robust research infrastructure.
  5. You can also study in the United Kingdom without the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate.
  6. Studying abroad is an expensive affair. However, the UK offers many scholarships to international students to help them with finances, especially those who can't manage enough to study in the UK.
  7. You can start earning while studying to support your finances as the UK has excellent work while learning programs for international students.
  8. If you are enrolled in a full-time course in the UK, you can also get free medical treatment.
  9. Employment opportunities in the UK are higher compared to other countries. You will indeed find well-paid work after completing your degree and gaining international work experience.
  10. Many students from vast cultural backgrounds study in the UK, meaning learning the global culture.
  11. The duration of the courses in the UK is also shorter than in other countries, saving your accommodation and tuition costs.
  12. The universities offer excellent English support to help you nurture your global language skills.
  13. A single course combines many subjects and promotes close teacher-to-student interaction.
  14. You can also obtain a work permit after studying.
  15. It is pretty easy to get a Tier 4 General Student Visa to study higher education in the UK.
  16. International student societies help in each student's rough days by giving advice on personal problems and helping you blend in the country.
  17. The United Kingdom is an excellent place to live.
  18. Lastly, you will have a lot of fun as you explore the developed and significant cities of the UK. 

Duolingo Accepting Universities in UK

You won't believe how many universities accept the Duolingo English Test in the UK. The number is about 68. 

Here we have listed the top 10 among them.

  1. Anglia Ruskin University.
  2. Bangor University.
  3. University of Bristol
  4. Brunel University.
  5. The University of Birmingham.
  6. Queen's University Belfast.
  7. Middlesex University.
  8. The University of Hertfordshire.
  9. Leeds Beckett University.
  10. Plymouth University.

Quick Read: TOP Universities in UK for Indian Students

1. Anglia Ruskin University:

Founded by William John Beaumont in 1858, the Anglia Ruskin University was declared a University in 1992 and was renamed after John Ruskin in 2005. It is one of the post-1992 public universities originating from the School of Art.

2. Bangor University:

Bangor University is a public institution in Bangor, Wales. As one of the founding institutions of The Federation of Wales, it has earned quite an award in academic standards and student work experience. The institution was established in 1884, and since then, it has been making an excellent reputation.

3. University of Bristol:

This University on our list has earned the 62nd rank in the world in the Queens World University Rankings this year. One of the most successful and well-known universities in the United Kingdom, it proudly claims to be at the top of international research with innovations in Cot Death Prevention, Nanotechnology, and more.

4. Brunel University:

Fascinating enough, the University has got its name from a Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The University is divided into three colleges and three major research institutes. The unique thing about Brunel University is that it's a campus-centric university, meaning that the students are never 10 minutes away from the place.

5. University of Birmingham:

Birmingham is well-known for making local talents for businesses. Each year its student count totals over 34000, making it a reputable institution. Established in 1990, it has become a thriving university in West Midlands and the entire United Kingdom over the years.

6. Queen's University Belfast

The Queen's University Belfast is a member of the distinguished United Kingdom Russell Group and is fascinatingly one of the ten oldest campuses in the UK inaugurated in 1845. It is famous for planning, urban design, city development, and urban studies courses since students from the USA often choose it for these degrees.

7. Middlesex University:

Middlesex University is a progressive London University that proudly claims to put its students first. It provides expert teaching informed by inspiring research and a personalized approach. The University boasts of giving students the skills they require to survive in the ever-changing world. Overall, it is one of the best institutions in academics.

8. University of Hertfordshire:

The University of Hertfordshire is one of the top-ranking universities in creative digital courses as per the latest rookie rankings. The only part about it is that it is mainly based in Hatfield Hertfordshire locally. Another unique thing about the University is that its ancestor university was recognized as the UK's 25 technology universities.

9. Leeds Beckett University:

Students from over 144 countries are enrolled in Leeds Beckett University, giving us a fair idea of its excellent reputation. Leeds itself is a multicultural city, home to 60000 students, making Leeds Beckett a culturally diverse community.

10. Plymouth University:

Plymouth University, also known as the University of Plymouth, is one of the largest universities in the UK. It has over 23000 students, including 2000 international ones from over 100 nations. The University has a reputation in teaching marine, maritime teaching, research, and innovation.

Duolingo Accepting Universities in UK for Upcoming Intake 2022 

Here's a list of universities in the United Kingdom accepting the Duolingo English Test (DET) for the upcoming 2022 intake.

  1. The University of Leeds.
  2. Liverpool John Moores University.
  3. The University of Birmingham.
  4. The University of Bristol.
  5. The University of Westminster.
  6. Queen's University Belfast.
  7. The University of Lincoln.
  8. The Queen Mary University of London.
  9. Manchester Metropolitan University.


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