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Duolingo vs PTE: Which is Better?


Embarking on your study abroad journey and facing the crucial choice of an English proficiency test? In the realm of language assessments, the names Duolingo and PTE echo prominently. But here's the million-dollar question: Duolingo or PTE - which is the right pick for you? This guide is meticulously crafted to unravel the Duolingo vs PTE puzzle, empowering you with insights to make a choice that best aligns with your aspirations.

Caught in the tangle of PTE vs Duolingo? Worry not! We're here to dissect these tests, laying out their patterns, syllabi, and results in a way that's both insightful and relatable. This isn't just a comparison; it's a journey to clarity. Our objective? To illuminate the path to the test that resonates with your academic and personal goals.

Join us as we delve into an uncomplicated, yet comprehensive exploration of what differentiates these tests. We're committed to guiding you through this decision-making maze with a candid, easy-to-grasp breakdown. Ready to discover Duolingo vs PTE: Which one is better for you? Let's embark on this enlightening quest together. 

In his small Bangalore apartment, Rahul, a 20-year-old aspiring engineer, pored over test prep books, his eyes set on a master's degree in Germany. Faced with a choice between the ₹3,100 Duolingo test and the ₹13,300 PTE, he weighed his options carefully. His dream hinged not just on getting into a top university but also on securing a vital scholarship, which required a high English proficiency score. Opting for PTE, he dedicated eight intensive weeks to mastering the format. His hard work paid off spectacularly – not only did he score an impressive 85 out of 90, but this achievement also clinched him a scholarship, slashing his tuition by €12,000 and bringing his dream vividly to life.

Duolingo vs PTE: A Detailed Pattern Comparison

Choosing the right English proficiency test can be tricky. How do you decide between Duolingo and PTE? Let's get into the specifics. When it's about PTE vs Duolingo, every detail counts. This section aims to provide a granular comparison to help you understand the differences better, making it easier for you to choose between Duolingo or PTE.


Duolingo (INR)


Test Duration

45 minutes (approx.)

2 hours (Speaking & Writing), 75-90 minutes (Reading & Listening)


₹3,100 (approx.)

₹13,300 (approx.)

Scoring Range

10-160 points

10-90 points

Result Turnaround

Within 48 hours

Within 5 business days

Test Format

Adaptive, changes based on answers

Fixed format, standardised questions


Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Speaking & Writing combined, Reading, Listening


2 years

2 years


Unlimited, no waiting period

After 5 days, additional cost


Online, any location with internet

In-person, at test centres

Global Recognition

Rapidly increasing acceptance

Widely accepted, especially for academic purposes

Preparation Materials

Free practice tests, limited official resources

Extensive official practice tests and resources


Flexible, with minimal technical requirements

Requires visit to test centre, scheduled timings

This comparison should give you a clearer idea of Duolingo vs PTE: Which one is better for you? By focusing on the specifics, you can make an informed choice for your English Proficiency Test needs.

Duolingo vs PTE Syllabus: A Comprehensive Analysis

For students exploring Duolingo vs PTE- Which one's your best choice? knowing what each test covers is crucial. Below is a table that deep dives into the syllabi of Duolingo and PTE. This detailed look will help you decide on Duolingo vs PTE: Which one is better for you? - as an English Proficiency Test.

Syllabus Particulars



Focus Areas

Overall language proficiency; emphasis on real-world language use

Academic English proficiency; focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills

Reading Component

Includes reading comprehension, vocabulary recognition, and sentence completion

Features reading and reordering paragraphs, filling in the blanks, and multiple-choice questions

Writing Component

Short answers, speaking into the mic, typing out given sentences

Summarise written text, write essays, and interpret graphical information

Listening Component

Listening to spoken words/phrases and identifying them

Summarise spoken text, answer multiple-choice questions and interpret audio information

Speaking Component

Speaking sentences aloud, describing images

Repeat sentences, describe images, and answer short questions

Adaptive Testing Nature

Test adapts in difficulty based on performance

Standardised question difficulty

Practical Language Usage

Emphasis on everyday language use

Focuses on academic language proficiency

Assessment Style

More informal, conversational

Formal, academic-focused

Duolingo vs PTE: Comparing Result Outcomes

Let's talk about results! How do Duolingo and PTE scores stack up? In this critical section of PTE vs Duolingo, we're going to dissect their scoring systems and result formats. For students grappling with Duolingo or PTE or contemplating Duolingo vs PTE- Which one's your best choice? - understanding how your performance is measured and reported is key.

We've compiled a comprehensive table for a head-to-head comparison of PTE vs Duolingo results. This detailed analysis will help you decipher Duolingo vs PTE: Which one is better for you? especially in terms of result interpretation and utility.

Results Particulars



Scoring Range & Method

10-160, based on adaptive response accuracy

10-90, segmented by communicative and enabling skills

Result Validity Period

2 years

2 years

Detailed Score Breakdown

Overall score only, no sectional breakdown

Detailed scores for speaking, writing, reading, listening

Speed of Result Availability

Typically within 48 hours

Usually within 5 business days

Score Report Detailing

Summarised proficiency level

Comprehensive feedback on each skill area

University Acceptance

Broadly accepted for general language proficiency, growing in academic recognition

Strongly preferred for academic and professional purposes

Retake Impact on Scores

Scores may fluctuate due to adaptive nature

Consistent scoring pattern, useful for progress tracking

Performance Feedback

Limited qualitative feedback

Detailed performance analysis for skill improvement

Test Retake Policy

Unlimited attempts, no waiting period

Can be retaken after 5 days, with an additional fee

Exclusive Insights: Tailoring Your Preparation for Duolingo vs PTE

Seeking unique guidance for your English proficiency test preparation? This section of our Duolingo vs PTE guide offers exclusive insights into preparing for these tests. If you're deciding between Duolingo or PTE, or pondering Duolingo vs PTE - which one's your best choice? Understanding specific preparation strategies is crucial.

Average Study Hours Needed:

  • Duolingo: Typically requires 20-30 hours of study.
  • PTE: An average of 50-70 hours is recommended for thorough preparation.

Cost of Preparation Materials (in INR):

  • Duolingo: Most resources are free; paid apps or courses range from ₹500 to ₹2,000.
  • PTE: Official practice materials cost around ₹1,000 to ₹7,000.

Test Registration Lead Time:
  • Duolingo: Can be taken any time, no specific lead time required.
  • PTE: Advisable to book at least 1-2 months in advance due to high demand.

Success Rate After First Attempt:

  • Duolingo: Approximately 70% of test-takers achieve their target score on the first attempt.
  • PTE: Around 65% of candidates reach their desired score initially.

Popular Study Platforms:

  • Duolingo: Duolingo app, YouTube tutorials, and various language learning forums.
  • PTE: Official Pearson website, PTE practise mobile apps and online coaching websites.

Test Format Familiarity Sessions:

  • Duolingo: Offers brief online tutorials about test format and tips.
  • PTE: Provides detailed webinars and interactive sessions on test-taking strategies.

Most Challenging Sections Reported by Test-takers:

  1. Duolingo: Speaking and listening sections are often cited as the most challenging.
  2. PTE: The writing section, particularly essay writing, is frequently noted as the toughest part.

Average Improvement on Retakes:

  • Duolingo: Test-takers usually improve by 5-10 points on subsequent attempts.
  • PTE: An average increase of 5-15 points is observed on retakes.

In conclusion, Duolingo vs PTE presents a choice between two distinct paths in your journey to mastering English proficiency. Each test has its unique merits and challenges, whether it's the adaptive, real-world-focused Duolingo or the academically inclined PTE.

Connect with AECC today to explore more about these English proficiency tests and how they fit into your academic aspirations. Let AECC be your trusted partner in navigating these crucial decisions and unlocking a world of opportunities.


Which test is more difficult, Duolingo or PTE?

The difficulty level of Duolingo vs PTE varies depending on individual strengths. Duolingo is adaptive and focuses on practical language use, whereas PTE is more academically oriented, requiring in-depth preparation in specific skill areas.

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