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How to Become an Astronaut?


Becoming an astronaut requires patience and persistence. One has to pursue this craft for many years and gain the necessary experience as almost a decade is required to gain essential qualifications. While it does not have a definite field of education, you are to be passionate about your career of choice. Space agencies take only the very best in any field.

Neil Armstrong and his team opened up a myriad of opportunities to advance space technology and dared to travel to space. There are several ways you can use to become an astronaut; while it is in no way an easy job, it is not an impossible feat to achieve.

Listed below are ways that will help you become an Astronaut:

Internships: You can apply for internships in international space centres. This internship will help you earn invaluable hands-on experiences vital for this job and help you qualify and excel in this career path.
Research: Space stations offer a weekly newsletter which are great resources that can help keep you updated. You should sign up to follow up on opportunities you would like to explore.
Lifestyle: Being an astronaut calls for interested persons to practice a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is because the job is demanding. Astronauts usually exercise for two hours daily.

STEM Courses: To become an astronaut, you should be passionate and knowledgeable about math, science and technical courses. Enrolling in these courses early is one way that will place you at an advantage when you want to become an Astronaut.

What do astronauts do in space?

Astronauts are involved in piecing together safe spacecraft that can be used to explore the universe and live in space.

Ensure smooth running and maintenance on space stations.

  1. They have a dedicated 2-hour exercise schedule to keep up with the demanding nature of the job.
  2. Providing medical and emergency services to crew members.
  3. Conducting experiments.
  4. Piloting the spacecraft.
  5. Conduct spacewalks to repair the International space station.
  6. Launch satellites.
  7. Commanding the International space centre.

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What Education is Required to Become an Astronaut?

Becoming an astronaut is a very hard task. Many have made several attempts before qualifying to enter this field. It is, however, important to start yourself off on the right foot if you want to pursue this career and start with its education. This field emphasizes science, math and technical courses. 

Listed below are subjects that can help you establish a career in space travel.

  • Electrical engineering
  • Astrophysics
  • Biochemistry
  • Aeronautics
  • Geology

Education qualifications are mostly similar across different space stations. Astronauts face a demanding career, and for this, an unmatched education and skill set are required. 

What are the Requirements to become an astronaut?

Most people would love to go to space, but the rigorous process you have to take part in sifts in only the best. Here are the requirements needed to become an Astronaut:

Education: You must make the right decision for the bachelors' degree program you wish to pursue. This field relies heavily on and requires knowledge of STEM courses.

Vision: You should have great eyesight. Surgical correction can be done, but you have to wait for at least one year before starting training.

Height: One needs to be tall to have a shot at this career; the commanding pilot should be 158 cm minimum to a maximum of 190 cm. More room is given for mission specialists; they can be 149 cm minimum height and a maximum of 193

Health: You must pass a physical assessment program before being accepted into the space centre program. One's blood pressure should be at 140/90 while sitting. You will also have to participate in various underwater exercises to help your body acclimatize to pressure levels similar to what is experienced in space.

Mental Health: You should also be psychologically well and maintain long-distance relationships as Astronauts stay in space for about 6 months. That might be challenging if you always crave human interaction and love being around people.

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NASA Astronaut Requirements

Listed below are NASA requirements to attain to qualify to become an Astronaut.

  1. A Master's degree in a technical field (STEM) is mandatory for NASA Astronauts.
  2. Consideration is made for those 2 years into a doctoral program with a degree in medicine or who have completed a test pilot school program.
  3. Must be an American citizen.
  4. Must have an aggregate of 65%
  5. 3 years of professional experience or 1000 aircraft pilot hours
  6. Must pass NASA's physical assessment test.

ISRO Astronaut Requirements

One has to fulfil these requirements if he/she wishes to become an Astronaut in India:

  • Must be an Indian citizen.
  • Be physically fit and be certified to be medically fit too.
  • Be an experienced Indian Air Force pilot.
  • You should pass the joint entrance exam held by the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology.
  • Proficiency in English is a must.
  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a STEM course.

SpaceX Astronaut Requirements

Listed below are the requirements needed to help you qualify to join the SpaceX Astronaut team:

  1. Proven to be medically and physically fit.
  2. 100% visual accuracy in both eyes.
  3. Proven not to be a drug addict through clinical trials.
  4. Blood pressure should not be higher than 140/90 while sitting.
  5. Standard height of 157cm minimum and a maximum of 190cm.

TOP Universities in Abroad To Become An Astronaut

You must have at least a degree from a certified institution to become an Astronaut. The institutions listed below provide undergraduate and combined degree courses to help you achieve your dream of becoming an Astronaut and are rated highly globally.

  1. United States Military Academy
  2. Sorbonne Universite
  3. University of Washington
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Stanford University
  6. Leiden University
  7. Unites States Air force Academy
  8. University of Oxford
  9. University of Cambridge
  10. University of Washington

TOP Universities in India To Become An Astronaut

India has made huge investments in space research and training. It launched its first satellites into space early this year (February 2022). Organizations such as the Indian Space Research organizations employ Astronauts in India. 

TOP universities to study and become an Astronaut in India include:

  • Amity University
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science
  • Indian Institute of Science
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

Advantages of being an astronaut

The experience of travelling to space is incredible, and it also comes with a number of benefits, 


  • Becoming an Astronaut offers you one of the top-paying jobs in the world. This job is very lucrative.
  • You can earn global and societal recognition and respect.
  • It is an opportunity to interact with incredible, talented people and technology.
  • The opportunity to visit space and travel all around the world.

Alternative Job Opportunities for Astronauts 

Do you dream of a career in the skies among the stars? Being an Astronaut is one of them, but there are also great alternatives that may offer you the opportunity to travel in space, 


  1. Aerospace engineers.
  2. Biologists
  3. Chemists
  4. Robotics engineers
  5. Aeroplane pilots
  6. Physicists
  7. Medical scientists
  8. Bioengineers
  9. Material engineers
  10. Validation engineers

TOP 10 Famous Astronauts

Many Astronauts have dedicated their lives to advancing space science, and ranking them proves to be a challenging task. It is, however, true that some Astronauts are more well known than others. 

Listed below are the 10 top famous Astronauts:

  1. Yuri Gagarin
  2. Neil Armstrong
  3. Valentina Tereshkova
  4. Buzz Aldrin
  5. Alan Shepard
  6. Sally Ride
  7. John Glenn
  8. Chris Hadfield
  9. Charles Pete Conrad
  10. Alexei Neolov

There is at times less than a 1% chance of selection in this career. The selection process is very thorough, and the number of spaces is very limited, making it highly competitive. Though it may seem like a far-fetched dream for many, it has become a reality for those who are persistent and passionate about the jobs they do.

It is also important to keep in mind that many people support the mission from the earth, and space offers a variety of opportunities for all who wish to explore. 


We hope that this provided you with clarification and insights on becoming an astronaut and the requirements needed to qualify for this field; our experts at AECC are here to serve if you need any assistance in choosing the university to attend and the course to pursue. Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to support you in achieving your dreams. Best of luck!

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