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How to Convert Percentage to GPA?


Your admission to top universities and colleges abroad depends on your academic performance. Though India mostly follows the percentage system, you will find that most universities abroad go for the Grade Point Average or GPA system. This is one of the primary confusions faced by most international students who plan to study abroad. In this case, it is essential to gain a complete idea of how to convert percentage to GPA so that you can apply easily without making any mistakes. It should be noted that one minor error can lead to your application getting rejected. You can read the blog further to learn more about percentage to GPA conversion. 

What Is A Good GPA?

The minimum GPA accepted for admission varies depending on the university you choose. It can also vary according to the course and study program. However, in most cases, you may need a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, most universities do not accept those students with a GPA of 2.5 or lesser. It is advisable to score as much as you can so that your chances of getting admission to your preferred university for your favourite course and study program are better. Converting academic grades is not very difficult, and you just need to get the right assistance.

Why is GPA Important?

A GPA assesses your academic success and is thus an important component. Having a pretty high GPA score will make it easier for you to get selected for study abroad programs, scholarships, internships and jobs. Thus, it is always beneficial to have a high GPA score.

How to Convert Percentage to GPA?

The GPA calculation formula varies depending on the country you choose. The GPA scale and conversion system is more popular in the United States. In their grading system, you will be evaluated on a 4-point grading scale. However, there are other countries that follow a 10-point grading scale. They are explained below in detail.

Percentage to GPA Calculator: 4-Point Scale

The grade point average calculation formula on a 4-point scale is given below.

  • Divide your percentage by 100.
  • Multiply the value obtained by 4.
  • The result will be your GPA.

For example, if you scored 70%, your GPA can be calculated the following way.

70/100 = 0.7

0.7*4 = 2.8

Hence, your GPA is 2.8.

Percentage to GPA Calculator: 10-Point Scale

As per the 10-point scale grading system, the percentage to GPA conversion is very simple. You just have to divide your percentage by 9.5.

GPA = Percentage/9.5

For example, suppose your percentage is 85%. Then your GPA can be calculated the following way.

GPA = 85/9.5

GPA = 8.9

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GPA Out Of 10-Point Scale Explained

It will be helpful for you to get the corresponding grades of GPAs. As such, we have tabulated them below.










Needs Improvement



Why Is It Important to Convert Percentage to CGPA?

As mentioned previously, the academic grading system followed by different countries varies greatly. Here lies the importance of converting academic grades. The most common grading systems are given below.

  • Percentage
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)

It is essential to know in detail about all of these so that you can submit your application and get admission easily.

We hope that you have gathered a rough idea of how to convert percentage to GPA. If you have any further queries or doubts, you can contact AECC's counsellors. Our experts can give you individualised profile assistance and help you with all processes of studying abroad. Don't hesitate to contact us for free assistance.


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