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How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?


One of the very first requirements of every student who aspires to study abroad is a good academic record. Admission to most universities abroad majorly depends on academic merit, though there are other factors as well. You will also find scholarships and other financial aid awarded to students on the basis of merit. All these point to the importance of having a remarkable academic performance. Because the scoring system varies in different countries, SGPA and CGPA are the common points on which assessment is made by universities abroad. 

Do you know what a CGPA is? Do you know how to convert SGPA to CGPA? Although India still uses the percentage system, SGPA and CGPA are the common ranking methods used by universities abroad.

Here comes the importance of learning in detail about SGPA and CGPA, the difference between them, how to calculate them, and how to convert SGPA to CGPA. You can read the blog further and get all the details about the topic so that you are not stuck anywhere during your study abroad journey.

What is SGPA?

An SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average or Sessional Grade Point Average) is the weighted average of all the subjects' grade points earned by a student in a semester. It is calculated by taking the average of all the grade points obtained in a semester or an academic time period. It is calculated on a 10-point scale. As such, it is essential to have a high SGPA so that you stand a better chance of getting admission to study at top universities abroad.

What is CGPA?

A CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) measures your overall academic performance during your entire course tenure. It is the average score obtained by a student at the end of a study program. It is calculated by dividing the sum of all grade points obtained by the sum of credit points.

CGPA = (SGPA) / (No. of semesters)


CGPA = (Sum  of the (grade points * credit point) for each subject) / (sum of the credit points)

More often than not, CGPA is mistaken for GPA, which is the assessment of only one term. Most universities abroad ask for a good CGPA, and having a high one increases the chances of getting admission.

SGPA to CGPA Calculator

It is not very difficult to calculate your CGPA from your SGPA. If your university asks for your CGPA, you can calculate it the following way.

  1. Identify the SGPA for all the semesters.
  2. Add the SGPAs of all the semesters.
  3. Find the total number of semesters.
CGPA = (Sum of all the SGPA) / (Total number of semesters)

You can better understand this conversion formula with an example.

Suppose the SGPAs of a student in four semesters are 8, 7, 7.9, and 6.9. The CGPA will be calculated as

(8+7+7.9+6.9) / (4)

Thus, CGPA = 7.45

SGPA to Percentage Calculator

Your Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) can be represented as a percentage as well. For this, you have to multiply the obtained SGPA by 10 and subtract the answer by 7.5.

Percentage = (SGPA*10) - 7.5

This can be better understood with the help of the following example.

If your SGPA is 7.6, then your percentage can be calculated as follows.

Percentage = (7.6*10) - 7.5

Percentage = 68.5%

SGPA to CGPA to Percentage

Though SGPA or CGPA is the one followed in most university grading systems, you might be asked to give your grade points as a percentage for a few universities or for entrance tests. As such, we have given the conversion formula for the same here. We have already covered the conversion formula for SGPA to CGPA. The conversion formula for CGPA to percentage is given below.

Percentage = CGPA*9.5

The table below shows you the equivalent percentage values of CGPAs.


Equivalent Percentage (%)



























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Most universities abroad ask for your SGPA, CGPA or GPA to assess your `academic performance, and thus it is necessary to have an understanding of the differences between them. You can refer to the following points for better clarity.

  • GPA (Grade Point Average) is the average of grade points obtained in a semester. SGPA is the one calculated over a time period, like one semester. CGPA is the overall grade point obtained during an entire study program.
  • Most universities abroad prefer GPA as the basis of giving admission.
  • GPA calculation is mostly done on a 10-point scale, whereas a few universities also follow a 4-point scale.SGPA and CGPA are calculated on a 10-point scale.
  • As CGPA is based on GPA and SGPA, you should take care to score well in an entire semester to get a good percentage.

We hope that you will, by now, have gathered at least a rough idea of how to convert SGPA to CGPA. If you have further questions or queries, you can reach out to AECC's counsellors, who can help you out. From profile assessment to university application, all our services are offered for FREE. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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