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Master Of Agriculture in Australia for Indian Students


Australia is the third-ranked destination for education. Compared to other countries, Australia is the best at providing an integrative study structure that is both advanced and affordable. To be relevant, Australia is the leading destination for studying Master of Agriculture for Indian students because of its top-level contribution to agricultural imports and exports. The universities in this country have now started offering a wide range of specializations in the Agricultural Science discipline. Also, Australia is the modern-day classic destination for agriscience programs integrated with the field of practice and study at a cheaper cost. Many Indian students are now increasingly targeting Australia to study for a master's in agriculture.

Why Study Agriculture in Australia?

Studying agriculture in Australia has a vast scope and coverage as it is now implemented in many fields and realms such as science, business, research, and advanced technology for more sustainability. One of the best things about studying for a master's in agriculture in Australia is that one can apply and get into jobs straight away. Moreover, students who look to study for a master's degree in agriculture can offer a wide range of career options. Candidates with a degree in agriculture can become agronomists, agro-researchers, farm managers, agricultural journalists, and many more. Nowadays, students taking up their master's in Agricultural Studies are more likely to have permanent residency in Australia.

Prime reasons for studying agriculture in Australia:

  • Australia is the world's largest agricultural exporter.
  • In recent days, Australia has been the largest holder of the agriculture workforce in the government of Australia.
  • The availability of lots of agriculture-related scholarships in Australia.
  • There are widely recognized agriculture degrees, in-demand skills, and courses.

Top Universities to Study Agriculture in Australia

After the USA and UK, you know that Australia is the third prime location for international students, particularly those from India like you. The answer is easy because while looking through the universities in Australia, students find the country to have several globally recognized universities and several exceptional programs. Plus, countless top-ranked universities for agriculture are situated in Australia, which is why Australia is an excellent choice to study for agriculture-related master's degrees. 

But plenty of universities offer master's degrees in agriculture in Australia; which ones are the best? Here's the complete list of top universities to study agriculture in Australia:


QS Ranking

Courses Offered

Tuition Fees in AUD

University of Queensland


Master in Agribusiness


University of Melbourne


Master of Agriculture Science


University of New England


Master of Science in Agriculture


University of Adelaide


Master of Food Science and Agribusiness


Curtin University


Master of Research (Agriculture)


University of Western Australia


Master of Agriculture Economics


University of New South Whales


Master Of Global Food and Agricultural Business


University of Sydney


Master of Agriculture and Environment


La Trobe University


Master of Science in Agriculture


University of Tasmania


Master of Agriculture Science


Eligibility Criteria to Study Master of Agriculture in Australia

Australia is known for its simple eligibility criteria for studying at universities for agriculture science. International students pursuing a Master's degree in agriculture in Australia must meet the following requirements:
  • Fifteen years of education with a solid academic background or an undergraduate degree certificate from a recognized university or college.
  • An advantageous GMAT score of 600 is considered good eligibility.
  • A candidate needs a minimum band score of 6.5 on English language proficiency tests like IELTS.

Admission Process to Master of Agriculture in Australia 

International students need to meet the following admission procedure and requirements to enter any Australian university to study for a master's in agriculture.

Pre-Application Steps

Here are a few of the pre-application steps to follow prior to applying for a master's in agriculture in Australia:

  • Research and Shortlist
  • Finalize the specialization.
  • Check for entry requirements.

Step-to-Step Application Process

The application process for a Master's in Agriculture in Australia is listed below in detail:

  • Registration
  • Apply online
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Submit the required documents.

Post-Application Steps

After a successful application to any Australian university, here are a few other steps to follow to complete the admission process:

Want to know the application process? Click here

Documents Required for Master of Agriculture in Australia

At any reputed educational institution, the following documents will be demanded from international students who are looking to study in Australian universities:

Cost of Studying Master of Agriculture in Australia

Australia is the top choice for pursuing agriculture-related courses. It is the land of leading universities and is currently the most preferred study abroad destination for international students due to its affordable university fees. The financial viability of Australia's master's programs has massive popularity among many international students. Depending on the university and the chosen program, the cost of studying for a Master of Agriculture in Australia ranges somewhere between 255,000 AUD and 500,000 AUD. 

But in most cases, it is the best decision to pursue a master's in Australia. It always offers a high return on investment, with an incredible average annual salary package.

The cost-wise Benefits of Studying in Australia

There are certain advantages to studying in Australia as far as cost is concerned.

  • Foreign students can work up to 40 hours per week, reducing their financial burden.
  • Cheap transport facilities run by the government for international students

Master Of Agriculture in Australia with Scholarships

Students in Australia can apply for various scholarships as many international students flock here to Australia as it is easy to obtain a scholarship to study in Australia. 

Here are just a few of the commonly offered scholarships in relation to agriculture in Australia:

University/ Institution


Award/year in AUD

Technical and further education (TAFE) institution

Australian Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship

10,000 AUD

AgriFutures Australia is a Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) 

AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship

5000 AUD

John Dillon Memorial Fellowship and John Allwright Fellowship 

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) 

12,000 AUD

Student Visa Process to Study Master of Agriculture in Australia

Like in every other country, the candidate must want to apply for a student visa first to study for a Master of Agriculture in Australia. First, the student must fill out a student visa application form and present it for a formal interview before the actual visa confirmation. 

Moreover, international applicants must obtain one of the following documents:

  • A Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) confirming the acceptance of the course listed on CRIC (Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses)
  • A Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

There is also a set of step-by-step guides to follow to apply for an Australian student visa as an international student:

  • Apply for the application form
  • Have the documents ready
  • Apply for the visa
  • Post application
  • Visa decision

The documents required for an international student visa in Australia are as follows:

  • A neatly filled application form
  • Passport in original and copy
  • Letter of acceptance (LOA)
  • Financial evidence for study affordability
  • English proficiency test results
  • Criminal record verification results

Jobs and salary After the Master's in Agriculture in Australia

Completing a Master's degree in Agriculture in Australia has great scope and a high range of salary for candidates who have successfully completed their MS in Agriculture Science and other related courses. According to the Australian Department of Agriculture, any agro-related master's degree can make up to $85,450 annually. Agriculture is the third-best sector with high-paying job roles compared to other sectors. Regardless of the location and job roles in the agricultural field, it still pays ample salary packages compared to other areas.

Job role Salary
Corporate Sales Manager $64,580
Food Scientist $71,450
Research Scientist $85,210
Agronomy Sales Manager $59,640
Farm Manager $57,630
Biochemist $77,025
Agricultural Economist $60,850
Environmental Engineer $68,850
Bioinformatics Scientist $81,710
Agricultural Operations Manager $70,560

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FAQs About Master of Agriculture in Australia

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