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Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia


 Pursuing a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia offers a unique blend of innovative education and a doorway to exciting career opportunities.Tailored for ambitious students, including those from India, this 1.5 to 2-year course is your pathway to mastering advanced chemical engineering principles and launching a successful career in dynamic sectors worldwide. Australia's esteemed education system and globally recognized universities offer a nurturing ground for aspiring engineers ready to make a global impact. Let's understand why Australia is a top choice for this program, the top universities offering it, and the bright career prospects awaiting graduates.

Why Study Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia

Opting for a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia is a strategic move for students aiming for excellence in their careers, especially for Indian students seeking international exposure. Here's why Australia is unmatched in offering this advanced degree:

  • World-Class Education: Immerse yourself in an education system known for its high-quality standards and pioneering research in chemical engineering.
  • Global Recognition: Earn a degree that opens doors worldwide, enhancing your employability across continents.
  • Innovative Research Opportunities: Access cutting-edge laboratories and research centres, where innovation meets practical application.
  • Diverse Specialisations: Tailor your education with specialisations that align with your career goals, from pharmaceuticals to environmental engineering.
  • Strong Industry Links: Benefit from universities' robust connections with leading industries, offering unparalleled professional networking opportunities.
  • Multicultural Learning Environment: Thrive in a diverse academic community that promotes global perspectives and cultural exchange.
  • Lucrative Career Prospects: Graduates are highly sought after in sectors like pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and biotechnology, promising rewarding career paths.
  • Supportive Environment for International Students: Enjoy comprehensive support services tailored for international students, including those from India, making your educational journey smooth and fulfilling.

Top Universities in Australia for Chemical Engineering Courses

Australia is home to several prestigious universities offering top-notch Masters in Chemical Engineering programs. Below is a detailed table listing the top 10 universities, their QS Ranking for 2024, available courses, duration, and the estimated cost of study in INR, providing a comprehensive overview for prospective students, including those from India, considering this rewarding educational path.


QS Ranking 2024



Fees in INR

University of Melbourne


MEng in Chemical Engineering

2 Years

90-95 Lakh

Monash University


Master of Chemical Engineering

2 Years

85-90 Lakh

University of Queensland


MEng in Chemical Engineering

1.5-2 Years

80-85 Lakh

University of Sydney


Master of Professional Engineering (Chemical & Biomolecular)

3 Years

95-100 Lakh

University of New South Wales (UNSW)


Master of Engineering Science in Chemical Engineering

2 Years

85-90 Lakh

Australian National University (ANU)


Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

2 Years

90-95 Lakh

University of Adelaide


Master of Chemical Engineering

2 Years

75-80 Lakh

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


Master of Process Engineering

1.5 Years

70-75 Lakh

Curtin University


Master of Chemical Engineering

2 Years

65-70 Lakh

RMIT University


Master of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

2 Years

70-75 Lakh

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia

To enrol in a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia, applicants, especially from India, need to meet these precise criteria:

  • Academic Qualifications: A Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering or related fields with a minimum GPA of 4.5/7.0 (or equivalent).
  • English Language Proficiency: Mandatory scores are IELTS: 6.5 or TOEFL iBT: 79. Some universities may also accept PTE or CAE scores.
  • GRE Scores: Not universally required, but some institutions may ask for GRE scores. Check specific university requirements.
  • Professional Experience: Valued but not compulsory, relevant industry experience can strengthen your application.

These criteria are essential for securing admission to a Masters in Chemical Engineering program in Australia, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for the academic rigour and have the necessary background to succeed.

Documents Required

Securing admission into a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia necessitates the preparation and submission of several key documents:

  1. Academic Transcripts: From all tertiary education institutions attended.
  2. Degree Certificate: Confirming completion of a bachelor's degree.
  3. English Proficiency Test Scores: IELTS or TOEFL certificates.
  4. Statement of Purpose (SOP): Outlining your motivation and goals for pursuing the degree.
  5. Letters of Recommendation (LORs): Two to three, preferably from academic or professional referees.
  6. Resume/CV: Detailing educational background, work experience, and skills.
  7. GRE Scores: If required by the institution.

Cost of Studying Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia

Understanding the Cost to Study at Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia is crucial for effective planning and budgeting:

  • Tuition Fees: On average, international students can expect to pay between 90,000 AUD to 150,000 AUD for the entire program, depending on the university and specific course structure.
  • Living Expenses: Estimated living costs range from 20,000 AUD to 30,000 AUD per year, covering accommodation, food, transportation, and other personal expenses.
  • Health Insurance (OSHC): International students must also budget for health insurance, approximately 500 AUD to 1,000 AUD annually.
  • Visa Costs: The student visa (subclass 500) fee, an essential part of your study preparations, stands at around 630 AUD.

Scholarships to Study Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia for Indian Students

For Indian students eyeing a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia, a range of scholarships are available to ease the financial strain of studying abroad. These scholarships not only cover tuition fees but often extend to living expenses, health insurance, and travel allowances, making your dream of studying in Australia more attainable.

Highlighted Scholarships:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships
    • Coverage: Comprehensive, covering full tuition, living expenses, OSHC, and return airfare.
    • Eligibility: Indian citizens with a commitment to contribute to India post-study.
  • Endeavour Leadership Program
    • Coverage: Includes tuition, a monthly stipend, travel allowances, and health insurance.
    • Eligibility: Targets high achievers from India for study, research, or professional development in Australia.
  • Monash University International Merit Scholarships
    • Coverage: Up to AUD 50,000 (~27 lakh INR) towards tuition.
    • Eligibility: Based on academic excellence. Requires a Monash University offer.
  • University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships
    • Coverage: Full fee offset, living allowance, and relocation grant for Masters by Research or doctoral degrees.
    • Eligibility: Automatic consideration for Indian students applying for graduate research degrees.
  • University of Queensland India Global Leaders Scholarship
    • Coverage: Partial tuition fee scholarships up to AUD 20,000 (~11 lakh INR).
    • Eligibility: Academically outstanding Indian students starting their studies.
  • UNSW India Scholarship
    • Coverage: AUD 10,000 (~5.5 lakh INR) for one year.
    • Eligibility: Indian students beginning full-time study in any undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program.
  • Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students
    • Coverage: A 25% tuition fee reduction.
    • Eligibility: Indian citizens with an offer of admission from the University of Adelaide as a full-fee-paying student.
  • RMIT University Science Engineering & Health Scholarships for Indian Students
    • Coverage: A 20% reduction in tuition fees.
    • Eligibility: Postgraduate applicants in science, engineering, and health disciplines.
  • Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship - Engineering
    • Coverage: A scholarship worth up to AUD 10,000 (~5.5 lakh INR).
    • Eligibility: Indian students who have applied for an engineering coursework program and meet academic and English requirements.
  • Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarships
    • Coverage: Stipend and tuition fee coverage for up to two years.
    • Eligibility: Indian students with exceptional research potential undertaking a master's by research degree.

By targeting these scholarships, Indian students can significantly reduce the Cost to Study at Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia, making it an achievable goal. Each scholarship has its own set of requirements and benefits, offering a range of options to suit different needs and aspirations.

Career Opportunities for Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia

Graduates of Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia are highly sought after, with opportunities spanning various industries. The table below outlines potential job roles and their corresponding salaries in INR, providing a glimpse into the lucrative career paths available.

Job Role

Salary in INR


Chemical Engineer

40 - 50 Lakhs

Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing

Process Engineer

42 - 52 Lakhs

Oil & Gas, Chemicals

Environmental Engineer

38 - 48 Lakhs

Environmental Services

Quality Assurance Engineer

36 - 46 Lakhs

Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals

Production Manager

45 - 55 Lakhs


Research Scientist

48 - 58 Lakhs

R&D, Pharmaceuticals

Safety Engineer

40 - 50 Lakhs

Chemical, Oil & Gas

Project Manager

50 - 60 Lakhs

Engineering Services

Operations Manager

52 - 62 Lakhs

Manufacturing, Chemicals


47 - 57 Lakhs

Consulting Services


In conclusion, pursuing a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia offers unparalleled opportunities for academic and professional growth. With top-ranking universities, comprehensive scholarships for Indian students, and a vibrant career landscape, Australia stands out as a premier destination for aspiring chemical engineers. Whether you're looking to innovate in environmental engineering, contribute to the pharmaceutical industry, or lead in manufacturing, a Master's degree from an Australian university can set you on the path to success. Ready to take the next step in your engineering career? Contact AECC today to explore your options, find scholarships, and apply to your dream program. Let's make your engineering aspirations a reality!

Discover Masters in Chemical Engineering in Australia with AECC. Start your journey to success today!


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