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A Complete Guide to Study at La Trobe University in Australia

Established in 1964, La Trobe University is a public research university in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is among the top-ranking universities, striving for excellence and improving education quality for over 40 years. With over 36,000 students from more than 110 different countries, La Trobe is an internationally diverse university recognised as one of the top research universities and ranked among the best 1.3 per cent of all universities in the world.

You can read the blog completely if you wish to study at La Trobe University and want to know more about the courses available, tuition fees, visa requirements etc.

La Trobe University Highlights

Number of Campuses: 7

Popular Courses: Finance, Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Biosciences

Acceptance Rate: 67%

International Students: 7000

Average Fees: 31,400 AUD

Application Prerequisites: Online application, academic transcripts, GMAT/GRE scorecard, portfolio, English proficiency test scores


Recruiting Companies: Nike, Deloitte, Accenture, Saint Gobain

Notable Alumni: Pamela Snow, Pia Miranda, Tanya Serry

La Trobe University Overview

La Trobe University is a top-ranking global institution popularly known for its multicultural and socially inclusive environment. It is home to over 38,000 students from various countries who want to make a better future for themselves.

The Lab Trobe University has its main campus in the vibrant city of Australia - Melbourne, and other regional campuses in three of Australia's beautiful locations, Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney. La Trobe stands at the forefront of impactful research and focuses heavily on innovation and product development in partnership with different industries, organisations, the private sector, and government institutions.

La Trobe has two colleges:

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce and

College of Science, Health, and Engineering.

These colleges have different schools associated with them that offer various Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD level courses.

So, if you are looking to study in Australia from a prestigious college and are impatient to create a bright future for yourself, La Trobe University welcomes you!! 

La Trobe University Ranking

The La Trobe University has constantly appeared in several world rankings. It will be useful for you to know about them. As such, we have tabulated them below.


Ranking Body



QS World University Rankings by Top Universities





World University Rankings by Times Higher Education



Global Universities - US News & World Report



La Trobe University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for La Trobe University is 67%.

A university's acceptance rate determines the likelihood of admission. So, it is easier to get into a university with a high acceptance rate, while it is difficult to get into a university with a low acceptance rate.

Again, the acceptance rate is highly competitive, so you should have good academic scores and outperform the university requirements to get admission.

As per the reports, the average acceptance rate at La Trobe University is around 67%.

This rate is decent in comparison to other top-ranking universities. So, if you want admission to La Trobe University, you should be able to get in, provided you have decent academic scores and score well in other assessment exams.

La Trobe University Application Deadlines

Typically, there is no specific application deadline at La Trobe University.

The students have to keep checking the university website for admission and ideally apply at least 2-3 months before the commencement of the programs.

Here are the tentative dates for academic sessions and application deadlines:




October end


May end


Sep end

Deadlines vary depending on the course and program, so it is a must for the students to check the website for the exact information.

La Trobe University Undergraduate Courses

Here are the top UG course at La Trobe University and their annual fees. You can make a note of them so that it will be helpful in the future.


Average Tuition Fees/year (in AUD)

Bachelor of Arts

AU$ 31,400 

Bachelor of Media and Communication

AU$ 33,600

Bachelor of Accounting

AU$ 36,200

Bachelor of Commerce

AU$ 39,000 

Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Criminology

AU$ 37,200 

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)

AU$ 36,400

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial)

AU$ 36,400

Bachelor of Health Sciences

AU$ 36,000

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

AU$ 39,800

Bachelor of Biomedicine

AU$ 38,600 

La Trobe University Postgraduate Courses

It will be helpful to know the major postgraduate programs offered at the university. Here are the top PG course at La Trobe University and their annual fees.


Average Tuition Fees/year (in AUD)

Master of International Relations

AU$ 35,800

Master of International Development

AU$ 35,800 

Master of International Business

AU$ 39,400 

Master of Financial Analysis

AU$ 39,600

Master of Business Analytics

AU$ 36,400

Master of Nursing

AU$ 33,600

Master of Public Health

AU$ 38,800 

Master of Internet of Things

AU$ 38,400

Master of Artificial Intelligence

AU$ 37,800

Master of Biotechnology Management

AU$ 39,000

La Trobe University MBA courses

It is ranked Tier 1 and 18th in the world in CEO Magazine's 2022 Global Online MBA Rankings.

La Trobe offers an 18-month full-time MBA program in a range of specialisations, and you can choose one as per your requirements:

The different specialisations include

  • Governance
  • International Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Applied Digital Health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Research

The fee for an MBA at La Trobe University is AU$ 42,800 per year.

La Trobe University Engineering Courses

Here are the top Engineering courses at La Trobe University and their annual fees. You can take a look at them and make decisions based on them.


Average Tuition Fees/Year (in AUD)

Bachelor of Information Technology

AU$ 36,200 

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial)

AU$ 36,400

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)

AU$ 36,400

Master of Engineering Management

AU$ 39,600

Master of Engineering

AU$ 37,200 

Master of Construction and Engineering Management

AU$ 38,000

Master of Information Technology

AU$ 37,200

La Trobe University Medical Courses

If you wish to pursue Engineering courses at La Trobe University, here are the top medical courses and their annual fees.


Average Tuition Fees/Year (in AUD)

Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours)

AU$ 74,600 

Bachelor of Health Sciences

AU$ 36,000 

Bachelor of Nursing

AU$ 39,600

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

AU$ 50,200

Bachelor of Psychological Science

AU$ 39,600

Master of Digital Health

AU$ 36,600 

Master of Public Health

AU$ 38,800

Eligibility Criteria to Study at the La Trobe University

The eligibility criteria for admission to La Trobe University vary according to the course and degree.

For a UG degree, you would require the 12th certificate from a recognised board of education, such as CBSE/ICSE, with a minimum of 65%.

For a Master's degree, you must have a Bachelor's degree with 60-65% at least.

Apart from this, you need to prove your proof of proficiency in the English language.

English Proficiency Test Scores

International applicants need to prove their proficiency in English. Here is the list of tests and their passing scores. You can take any of these tests and submit the score along with your application.









La Trobe University Admission Process 2023

The admission process for La Trobe University is straightforward. You need to apply for admission on the university's official website.

The applicants must start applying in advance as the applications for some courses may close early. So, it is always better to start early and complete the application in advance.

The applications are currently open for the 2023-24 batch. So students can start applying for the courses at the university's official website.

Also, keep checking the website to keep yourself updated with any changes in application deadlines. 

How to Apply for the La Trobe University

La Trobe University offers a fully online admission process. So you need to apply through the official website of the university.

It is advised to apply in advance (3-6 months before the deadline) so that you have enough time to apply for the visa application.

Before applying for admission, you need to keep in mind the following

  • Check the eligibility criteria and
  • Keep all the documents ready such as personal statements, English language test scores, academic transcripts, updated CV, and references.

Once everything is ready, you can fill out the application form and submit it for further evaluation by the admissions team.

La Trobe University responds within two weeks after receiving all the relevant documents. 

Cost of Studying at the La Trobe University

It is essential to know about the tuition fees at La Trobe University for different courses so that you can decide on your course of study. The same is given below.



Average Tuition Fees/Year (in AUD)

Master of International Relations

2 years

AU$ 35,800

Master of Business Administration

1.5 years

AU$ 42,800

Bachelor of Business

3 years

AU$ 36,400

Master of Engineering

2 years

AU$ 37,200 

Doctor of Philosophy

4 years

AU$ 34,400 - AU$ 40,000

La Trobe University Scholarships

La Trobe University offers different scholarships to support students and help them pursue the course without any financial burden. A few such scholarships are given below.


Open To

Destination Australia Scholarships - International Students

Future Undergraduates, Future Postgraduate coursework, International Student

La Trobe International Scholarship

Future Undergraduates, Future Postgraduate coursework, International Student

Early Bird Acceptance Grant - International Students

Future Undergraduates, Future Postgraduate coursework, International Student

La Trobe University Excellence Scholarship

Future Undergraduates, Future Postgraduate coursework, International Student

Jobs & Salary after Studying at the La Trobe University

You will find yourself employed in a dignified position after your studies from La Trobe University. Here is the job profile and the average salary of students after graduating from there.

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (in AUD)

Compliance, AML, KYC & Monitoring

AU$ 1,49,000 

Financial Services

AU$ 86,000

Marketing, Product & Communications

AU$ 79,000

Sales & Business Development

AU$ 64,000 

Public Sector & Not For Profit

AU$ 58,000

Finance Control & Strategy

AU$ 53,000

Suggest Read:

Visa Requirements for Indian Students

To study at a foreign university as an international student, you need a student visa.

The Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs offers an Australian study visa.

A few eligibility requirements must be met before applying for a visa.

  • Be accepted to study full-time at an Australian educational institution.
  • Have a passport that is at least six months old.
  • Have health insurance that has been valid for your entire course duration.

La Trobe University is one of the best universities you can choose to study in Australia. It is home to many international students, so you find it easier to communicate with them. You can contact AECC counsellors for any help you need.

If you need assistance on any matter related to studying at La Trobe University or any other university in top destinations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Dubai and Germany, you can contact AECC. Our expert counsellors will guide you on everything from university applications to student visas.

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