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BSc Psychology Syllabus


The BSc Psychology syllabus is structured in such a way as to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of psychology and mental health. Courses are evenly divided into six semesters of study. The BSc Psychology syllabus aims to train students in a variety of human behaviour and respond to motivations and help them understand the depth of the client's emotions. By the end of the course, students will understand how to diagnose mental health problems and provide effective psychological solutions. The curriculum also develops learners' learning boundaries and allows them to do research in a wide range of disciplines.

What is BSc Psychology

  • This course is a three-year undergraduate science course presented by UGC.
  • The main goal of Psychology is to understand human behaviour and capture all the information about a person's brain and emotions.
  • As a result of the depression epidemic, graduate jobs have skyrocketed. They are also allowed to work as therapists and psychiatrists in childcare centres, hospitals, and Industrial bodies.

Types of BSc Psychology Courses

Full-time BSc Psychology

Full-time BSc Psychology path calls for the scholars to wait the 3 instructional years of full-time class.

Part-Time BSc Psychology

This BSc Psychology path calls for the applicant to attend the 4 educational yrs, part-time class.

Distance BSc Psychology

This BSc Psychology course requires the students to attend the classes without the students' actual appearance.

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Semester Wise BSc Psychology Syllabus

The BSc Psychology has 6 semesters covered in three years. The educational program is non-existent as it fluctuates from one college to another. The design of the suggested UGC schedule is as per the following:

Semester 1 & 2



Language (English)

Experimental Psychological Studies

Introduction to Social Work

Psychology of Individual Differences

Introduction to Psychology

Social Psychology (SP)

Biological Basis of Behavior

Child Development Study

Local Language (Choice)

General Psychology 

Biological Psychology

Language - II

Semester 3 & 4



Language - III


Environmental Studies

Statistics in Psychology

Soft Skills

Social Psychology-II

Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood

Consumer Behavior

Behavioral Sciences

Experimental Psychological Studies-II

Research Methodologies

Developmental Psychology

Human Development

Core Elective-I

Semester 5& 6



Computer Assisted Testing

Human Resource Development

Counselling Psychology

Community Psychology

Organisational Behaviour

Core Elective - III

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology-II

Psychological Research


Core Elective-II


BSc psychology Subjects- Year wise

The BSc Psychology syllabus is intended to not just foster a center comprehension of the area explicit points yet additionally to upgrade your relational and relational abilities. Profoundly and elective subjects, you will likewise need to finish a task/paperwork toward the finish of your course. Enrolled are a portion of the subjects educated in the BSc Psychology course:

Semester 1

  • Statistical Methods for Psychological Research
  • Emotions
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Stress & Well-being
  • Nervous System
  • Intelligence and Creativity Attention and Perception
  • Motivation

Semester II

  • Psychology of Individual Differences Learning
  • Endocrine System Nature and Methods of Physiological Psychology
  • Memory
  • Biopsychology
  • Cognition

Semester III

  • Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Analysis
  • Hypothesis
  • Psychological Research
  • Social Psychology Problem and Variables
  • Observation, Interview Methods
  • Application of Measure of Central Tendencies and Variability
  • Non-parametric and Parametric Statistics
  • Development of Psychological Thought
  • Experimental and Non-experimental Research

Semester IV

  • Counselling Psychology
  • Personality analysis
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Social Perception
  • Social change and community participation
  • Psychological Approaches to the Environment
  • Social Ecology and Community Psychology

Semester V

  • Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Stages of Life Span Development
  • Inter-group Conflict
  • Understanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorders
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Development Psychology
  • Parameters of Assessment, Psychological Scaling; Methods of Scaling
  • Assessment of Psychopathological Behaviour
  • Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Self and Personality

Semester VI

  • Psychopathology
  • Abnormal psychology -2
  • Community psychology
  • Core elective -3
  • Human resources and development
  • Project
  • BSc Psychology Subjects
  • BSc Psychology Subjects

The BSc Psychology syllabus is designed to expand into a centre knowledge of the domain-particular subjects; however, additionally to decorate your interpersonal and verbal exchange skills. Apart from the centre and non-compulsory topics, you'll additionally have to finish a project/dissertation painting at the cease of your course. Enlisted are a number of the topics in the BSc Psychology course:

Core Subjects

Elective Modules

Introduction to Neuroscience

Criminal Psychology

Organisational Behaviour

Media Psychology

Human Development

Cognitive Sciences

Understanding Human Behaviour

Clinical Psychology 

Research Methods

Educational Psychology

Computational Models

Industrial Psychology

Basics of Developmental Psychology

Top Universities to Study BSc Psychology in India

  • Kirori Mal College, New Delhi
  • Kishinchand Chellaram College of Arts, Commerce, and Science, Mumbai
  • Queen Mary's College, Chennai
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Presidency College, Chennai
  • Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • St.Xaviers College Kolkata

Top Universities to Study BSc Psychology Abroad

Name of University 


QS ranking

Stanford University



University of Oxford

United Kingdom


University of Cambridge

United Kingdom


University of California 

United Kingdom


University of California



UCL London

United Kingdom


Yale University



University of Amsterdam



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge



The University of Melbourne



The University of New South Wales 



The University of Sydney



The University of Queensland



University of Toronto



University of British Columbia



McGill University



BSc Psychology Salary & Jobs Abroad

The standard pay scale depends on the corporation you're operating for and your task profile. Sometimes a content material author earns greater than an academic counsellor. The pay scale relies upon diverse factors. Here are a number of the famous task profiles with their earnings shape after BSc Psychology: -

Job Profile

Average Estimated Salaries per annum





Marketing Executive

6500$ – 7000$

Social Worker

2500$ – 5000$

Human Resources Manager


Psychology Instructor


Personal Trainer

5000$ - 8000$

Scope After BSc Psychology Abroad

Psychology Tutor

They engage a sizable material, comprehension, and memorisation. Working with psychology teaches lets you discover careers in law, business, counselling, education, social services, and others.

Psychology Educator

Psychology teachers instruct students on concepts of human behaviours and why people act the way they do. Through observational analysis, the clinical approach and cognitive theories, they explain special mental conditions, cures and treatments.

Human Resources 

Along with a human resources degree, a degree in psychology is one of the most preferred majors for companies looking to hire human resources interns.

Psychology Assistant

Assistant psychologists undertake a variety of roles in supporting people with mental health problems in working life. Typically, you may offer scientific assistance below the direct supervision of a certified psychologist who might generally maintain scientific obligation for sufferers and carrier users.

Industrial Psychologist

Industrial and organisational (I/O) psychologists focus on the behaviour of employees in the workplace. They apply psychological principles and research methods to improve the overall work environment, including performance, communication, professional satisfaction and safety

Child Psychologist

Psychologists see children and families for assessments, advice and supportive therapy. Some of the reasons why your child or your family may be referred to our service might be: Thinking and learning difficulties. Parenting Support.

Junior Psychiatric Expert

The responsibilities of a psychiatrist include treating sudden mental illness, helping with managing a long-term mental health condition, giving advice about lifestyle changes, admitting patients to a hospital, if required, etc.

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FAQs About BSc psychology syllabus

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