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BSc Zoology

BSc Zoology

"A race is what zoologists term a variety or subdivision of a species". BSc. Zoology or Bachelor of Science in Zoology is an undergraduate Zoology course. The fervor to traverse and explore the field of science and study of the animal kingdom as well as its evolution, classification, habitats, distribution, embryology, physiology, and genetics can be persuaded through this course of zoology. The facets of diversity, the existence of life, the extinct species will be tackled in this course. The entire fauna are about the study of individual animals and their morphology down to the molecular level as well as their conservation and care. It also emphasizes the environmental effects of animal behavior along with the interaction between animals and humans, plants, and the non-living environment.

The duration of the course is three years. It entails advanced study and research in the field of biological oceanography, competitive physiology, ecology, developmental and cell biology, vertebrates, invertebrates, parasitology, etc. It enrolls subfields of physiology biomechanics and systematic revolution such as biochemical genetics, biological control, and other special areas of research. The course comprises the study of subfields like ichthyology, entomology, herpetology, ornithology, etc. The students are slotted with regular practical sessions and theory-based papers. The universities conduct regular outdoor tours to give hands-on- experience about the animal species. 

BSc Zoology Course Details

Name of the course Bachelor of Science in Zoology
Duration of the course 3 years
Zoology coursesBSc, MSc, Ph.D. in Zoology
Qualification for BSc, MSc, PhDBSc – Candidates must have passed in 12 with science stream (PCM)

MSc – Candidates must have passed BSc/BSc (Hons) in Zoology
Candidates passed in allied medical sciences/biosciences/Lifesciences are also eligible

Ph.D. – Candidates must have scored at least 55 percent in MSc
Career prospects and JobsAnimal care specialist, conservationist, wildlife biologist, zoo curator, wildlife educator, zoology faculty, zoology researcher, lab technicians, Ecologist, Nature Conservation Officer, Environmental Manager, etc.
Top recruitersGovernment departments, environmental agencies, universities, colleges, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and ecological fields.
Average salary offeredUp to Rs. 8 LPA, depending on the experience
Required skills1. Motivation, creativity, determination, and perseverance.

2. Willingness for flexible and irregular working hours.

3. Ability to work well as part of a team.

4. Self-discipline, time management, communication, and interpersonal skills.

The graduates of BSc. Zoology have scope in colleges and universities, pharmaceutical companies, medical laboratories, agricultural firms, zoo curator, ecologist, etc. Some of the popular specializations preferred by the students are Ethology, Biogeography, Physiology. With the above listed career scopes, candidates can also proceed to work in the field of research and development in a forest department. As well as get associated with the conversation groups who look for knowledgeable experts, particularly in this field. Moreover, if you have an intense passion for the discovery of different animal species you can also work with geographic channels.

BSc Zoology Subjects (Year Wise)

BSc 1st Year Subjects

PAPER - I Lower Non-Chordata (Protozoa – Helminths)
PAPER-IIHigher Non-Chordata (Annelida – Echinodermata)
PAPER - IIICell Biology and Genetics
PRACTICALSPractical Syllabus based on theory papers

BSc 2nd Year Subjects

PAPER – I Chordata
PAPER-IIAnimal distribution, Evolution and Developmental Biology
PAPER - IIIPhysiology and Biochemistry
PRACTICALSPractical Syllabus based on theory papers

BSc 3rd Year Subjects

PAPER – I Applied and Economic Zoology
PAPER-IIBiotechnology, Immunology, Biological Tools & Techniques, and Biostatistics
PAPER-IIIEcology, Microbiology, Animal Behavior, Pollution and Toxicology
PRACTICALSPractical Syllabus based on theory papers

BSc. Zoology in total has six semesters which includes common and mandatory subjects like biochemistry, physiology, Immunology, Cell, and Molecular Biology, Embryology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology.

Although there are minor differences in the syllabus of some colleges and institutes across the world.

BSc Zoology Syllabus (Year Wise)

BSc 1st Year Zoology syllabus

  • Ecology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry and Cellular basis of life
  • Evolution and Genetics
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Wildlife Forensics
  • Microbial Diversity
  • Biosphere
  • Development and Management of British Habitats 

BSc 2nd Year Zoology syllabus

  • Biology of Vertebrates
  • Invertebrates
  • Vertebrate Organisms
  • Entomology
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Organismal and Population Biology
  • Research Methods
  • Zoo Science
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Ethology 

BSc 3rd Year Zoology syllabus

  • Marine Ecology
  • Conservation of Ecology
  • Biodiversity
  • Oncology and Immunology
  • Behavioural Physiology
  • Community and Population Ecology
  • Parasitology
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Anthropogenic Threats to Biosphere
  • Welfare and Behaviour of Domesticated Animals

BSc Zoology: List of TOP Universities in Abroad

1. Massey University Hamilton, New Zealand BSc. Zoology
3 years
2. The University of OtagoChristchurch, New ZealandBSc. Zoology3 years$69646.70
3. The University of QueenslandBrisbane, AustraliaBSc. Zoology (Extended major)3 - 3.5 years$86650.16
4. The University of Central Florida- ShorelightMiami, United StatesBSc. Zoology and Pre-Veterinarian Scienc3 – 3.5 years$78677.31
5. The University of Western AustraliaPerth, AustraliaBSc. Zoology3 years$78145.71
6. La Trobe UniversityMelbourne, AustraliaBachelor of Biological Sciences- Zoology3 Years$73663.54
7. Bangor UniversityBangor, United KingdomBSc. (Hons) Zoology3 years$63129.62
8. University of Tasmania (UTAS)Hobart, AustraliaBSc. Zoology3 years$68503.19
9. Deakin UniversityMelbourne, AustraliaBSc. Zoology and Animal Science3 years$72104.52

BSc Zoology: Eligibility Criteria for Abroad

In order to pursue BSc. Zoology from universities abroad, the candidates must: -

  • Have a 10+2 qualification with minimum passing marks
  • Have certified copies of academic transcripts along with other necessary documents
  • Have qualified in exams such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and have the LORs and SOP

IELTS stands for International English language testing system entrance exam. Candidates must qualify IELTS ACADEMIC TEST to pursue higher education or professional registration in abroad. The exam is conducted serval times in different locations every year in India. Candidates can visit the official website to book a test and choose the location after paying the registration fee. You should hold a non-expired valid passport and should be of a minimum of 16 years of age. The syllabus for this exam usually includes writing, listening, speaking, and reading. TOEFL and PTE have similar syllabus and registration processes.

BSc Zoology: Admission Process

  • Decide a university or college after complete research and comparison.
  • Register and apply through application forms available on the college website and submit the required documents.
  • After the selection process accept the offer letter.
  • Check if you are eligible for any scholarship and arrange to fund.
  • After the above steps are done, candidates should apply for visa.
  • At the end, prepare for your journey and stay. 

TOP 10 Colleges in India for BSc Zoology

  1. Madras Christian College, Chennai
  2. Miranda House, University of Delhi
  3. Lovely Professional University, Punjab
  4. Aligarh Muslim University
  5. Banaras Hindu University
  6. Jawaharlal Nehru University
  7. Ramjas College, University of Delhi
  8. Joseph's College, Kerala
  9. MG Science Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad
  10. Gargi College, University of Delhi 

Jobs after BSc Zoology

Job Profile Salary Offered
Lab Technician INR 3LPA
TeacherINR 3.3LPA
ResearcherINR 3.5 LPA
Project ScientistINR 5.6LPA
Junior Research FellowINR 3.7LPA
Senior Project AssociateINR 5LPA
Medical CodingINR 3LPA
Jr. Research OfficerINR 3.4LPA
Eco ToxicologistINR 4LPA


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