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DMLT Course


DMLT is a subfield of Paramedical Science that deals with diagnosis and treatment using laboratory equipment. The course is precisely created for students to obtain knowledge and technical abilities in disciplines like Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Haematology. The training also teaches students how to operate complex lab equipment, conduct correct medical laboratory tests, and eventually work as Laboratory Technicians.

The full form of DMLT is Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Medical Laboratory Technology is used to perform all tests required to diagnose diseases. You can also gain experience using CT scanners, MRI machines, X-ray machines etc. The career prospects for jobs after DMLT is higher abroad. As such, several Indian students opt to pursue this course abroad so that they can find a well-paid job easily.

Do you know what this course helps you learn about? Do you know the possibilities of a DMLT? If your answer is "No" to these questions, you can read the blog further and learn more about DMLT. It will help you get more information about DMLT courses.

DMLT Course Details

It will be helpful for you to get a glimpse of the DMLT course details. The DMLT course duration is subject to change depending on the country and university you choose to study at. As such, we have provided the same below.

Course level



2 years


Grade 12 with at least 50%

Full form

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Admission process

Merit or entrance-based

Average course fee

INR 10,00,000 - INR 27,00,000

Average salary

INR 2,00,000 - INR 4,00,000

Top recruiting fields

Colleges and Universities, Private and Public hospitals, Military, Medical Content Writing, Pathology Labs etc.

What is DMLT Course?

DMLT is a branch of Paramedicine that deals with diagnosing and treating various diseases. This two-year program helps you get detailed knowledge in fields like Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry and Blood-Bank. You will also be taught how to use machines and equipment like CT scan, MRI and X-Ray machines.

Why Pursue DMLT Course?

There are several courses to choose from in the field of Medicine. In such a scenario, what makes a DMLT course different from the others, or why should you choose it? The answer to this question can be obtained from here.

Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists play a huge role in the healthcare system.
It is a growing field where more students have begun to choose a DMLT course.
The job market is ever-expanding, and job opportunities are also on the rise.
You can choose this course if you find MMBS or other courses a bit challenging but wish to pursue a course in the field of Medicine.

DMLT Entrance Exams to Study Abroad

You have to take a few exams to study abroad, which may vary from university to university. For instance, most universities abroad ask for an English proficiency test score, but there are others that do not ask for one. Additionally, some universities do not accept a few tests. The standard tests are given below.

  1. IELTS: The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the prominent English tests accepted by most universities abroad. The score requirement varies according to the university and country you choose.
  2. TOEFL: The Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) can be taken in both internet-based and paper-based formats. It is also accepted by most universities.
  3. Duolingo: Only a few universities accept the Duolingo test, and you should check with your university before taking up the test.

Top Universities Abroad That Offer DMLT Courses

You will find several universities in top study destinations like the USA, the UKAustralia,Canada etc., offering DMLT courses. The following table shows some of the popular universities for you to consider.


Name of University

QS Ranking 2023

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)


University of Bradford


INR 61,79,164

Newcastle University


INR 75,57,549

Bangor University


INR 55,28,542

Nottingham Trent University


INR 15,86,896


University of Wisconsin-Parkside

INR 11,39,657

Long Island University Post

INR 26,49,411

University of Kansas


INR 19,98,772

National University, USA

INR 11,79,691

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

INR 10,87,588


University of New Brunswick


INR 10,42,297

University of Regina


INR 10,80,798

Sheridan College

INR 10,96,436

Fanshawe College

INR 9,80,732


Griffith University


INR 74,45,841

University of Southern Queensland


INR 58,01,362

TAFE Queensland

INR 3,89,003

RMIT University


INR 10,27,682

Syllabus of DMLT Courses (Year-Wise)

The syllabus of a DMLT course is subject to change from one university to another. As such, it is not easy to provide the year-wise syllabus of the course. However, we have gathered the syllabus included by most universities below. There can be changes in them. It is essential to consult with your university.

Year 1
  • Basic Hematology
  • Basics in Laboratory Equipment and Chemistry
  • Blood Banking & Immune Hematology
  • Clinical Pathology (body fluids) and Parasitological

Year 2
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology

DMLT Subjects

A DMLT course covers a wide range of subjects, which are given below. There can be slight variations in them depending on the university you choose. As such, you should keep that in mind before applying.

Semester 1
  • Human Anatomy
  • Basics of Clinical Biochemistry
  • English Communications
  • Fundamentals of MLT
  • Basic Human Science
  • Professional Activities

Semester 2
  • Human Physiology
  • Fundamental Biochemistry
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Basic Pathology
  • Microbial Instrumentation
  • Community Development

Semester 3
  • Human Physiology II
  • Metabolic and Technical Biochemistry
  • Community Development Activities II
  • Clinical Hematology
  • Technical Microbiology

Semester 4
  • Histopathological Techniques
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Pathology Lab

DMLT Specialisations

DMLT is one of the several courses that offer several specialisations. This gives you the opportunity to take a course that best suits your interests. The major specialisations available in a DMLT course are given below.

  1. Microbiology
  2. Clinical Biochemistry
  3. Molecular Biology and Applied Genetics
  4. Haematology
  5. Radiology
  6. Coagulation
  7. Biomedical Techniques
  8. Ultrasonography
  9. Clinical Chemistry
  10. Biostatistics
  11. Clinical Pathology
  12. Immunology and Immunological Techniques
  13. Electron Microscopy
  14. Parasitology
  15. Cytotechnology
  16. Bacteriology

DMLT Courses Abroad: Eligibility Criteria

You must follow a few eligibility criteria to get admission to a DMLT course abroad. They may vary slightly depending on the university you choose. However, a few requirements stay the same for almost all universities. They are listed below.

  • The applicant must have finished the 12th grade from a recognised board (Some colleges also give admission after completion of the 10th class with a minimum of 50 per cent in boards).
  • The applicant should have a Science background.
  • A minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Science disciplines) are necessary.

DMLT Courses Abroad: Application Process 2023

You should follow a few steps to apply for a DMLT course abroad. The processes to be followed are given below for your reference.

  1. Finalise your specialisation and university.
  2. Check the application deadline and requirements.
  3. Submit the application form as soon as the application is open so that there is enough time to rectify any mistakes.
  4. You will get the acceptance letter through email after a few weeks.
  5. Start applying for health insurance and a student visa as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.


College/ University Name

Total Fees

University of Wisconsin Parkside

INR 11,39,657

Long Island University Post

INR 26,49,411

University of Kansas

INR 19,98,772

National University, USA

INR 11,79,691

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

INR 10,87,588

DMLT in Canada

College/ University Name

Total Fees

University of New Brunswick

INR 10,42,297

University of Regina

INR 10,80, 798

Sheridan College

INR 10,96,436

Fanshawe College

INR 9,80,732

DMLT in Australia

College/ University Name

Total Fees

Griffith University

INR 74,45,841

The University of Southern Queensland

INR 58,01,362

The University of Southern Queensland

INR 38,66,388

TAFE Queensland

INR 3,89,003

RMIT University

INR 10,27,682

TOP Colleges in India for DMLT Courses

Some of the finest colleges in India that offer a DMLT programme are listed below. The tuition varies for each college, but the typical fee is between 10,000 and 1 lakh rupees.



University of Mumbai

INR 60,000- 90,000

ITM- Institute of Health Sciences

INR 60,000

Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic (PVP)

INR 34,550

Delhi Institute of Technology and Paramedical Sciences

INR 80,000

Delhi Paramedical And Management Institute (DPMI)

INR 1,60,000

Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute

INR 90,000

Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and Management

INR 2,49,000

Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research

INR 30,000

JIS University

INR 2,47,000

DMLT Course in India - Eligibility Criteria

The following are the qualifying requirements for DMLT admissions in India for the 2023 academic year:

  • Students who want to apply for the DMLT course must have at least 45 percent over average in chemistry, biology, and physics in class 12th.
  • In India, there is no set age restriction for the DMLT course.
  • Students who are in the process of completing their secondary school can also apply for the programme.

DMLT Course in India - Admission Process 2023

If you're wondering how to get into the DMLT programme, we've put up a step-by-step guide to help you understand the significance of all the rules.

  • The first thing you should do is go to the official website of the institute to which you want to apply. As a result, only you will be able to obtain an online form.
  • The link to the home page will be available on the website's homepage.
  • Following that, you must fill out all of the required information that they have requested.
  • Once you have finished filling out the paperwork, you must submit all scanned photocopies of all the papers requested.
  • If you want to use the offline approach, you must go to the institute and request the form.

DMLT Course Fees

The course fee to pursue a DMLT course abroad depends on the university and country. It is difficult to provide a precise amount, but a rough estimate is given below.

The tuition fee per year may range from INR 10,00,000 to INR 28,00,000, depending on your university.
The application fee ranges from INR 4138 to INR 8277.
The English proficiency test fee ranges from INR 3000 to INR 15,000.

Courses After DMLT

After completing your Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, you can pursue higher education in the same discipline. Studying abroad will open wider opportunities for you for studies and jobs. The courses to choose after your DMLT are given below.

  1. BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology
  2. BSc in Medical Imaging Technology
  3. BSc in Clinical Laboratory Technology
  4. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology (BMLT)
  5. Certificate Course in Anaesthesia Technician
  6. Certificate Course in Dark Room Assistant
  7. Certificate Course in Training of Laboratory Assistants
  8. Certificate Course in Medical Record Technology
  9. Certificate Course in Blood Bank Technician
  10. Certificate Course in Radiography and Imaging Technique
  11. Certificate Course in Cath Lab Technician
  12. Certificate Course in Clinical Diagnostic Techniques

Jobs and Salary After DMLT Courses

The remuneration for DMLT Diploma graduates are determined by the student's talents and competency. Salary varies according to company and position. Students can pursue some of the highest-paying careers, with annual wages ranging from 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. The remuneration rises in line with expertise and advancement in the area. Working with seasoned personnel in some of the top places may win you a lot of goodwill, respect, and monetary rewards. The job roles and average salaries after a DMLT course abroad are below. It is to be noted that the salary given below is a rough estimate in India. If you study and work abroad, the prospects for a higher salary are high.

Job Role

Average Monthly Salary (in INR)

Laboratory Analyst

INR 17,337

Research Assistant

INR 22,792

Research Technician

INR 21,956

Medical Technologist

INR 17,407

Healthcare Assistant

INR 30,000

Medical Coder

INR 18,000

Laboratory Technologist

INR 17,000

Career Opportunities After DMLT Courses

Graduates in this field can work in a variety of professional settings, such as laboratories, clinics, research institutes, blood banks, pharmaceutical labs, school labs, and so on. One can also apply for Postgraduate studies in disciplines related to the subjects covered in the Diploma. You can work with some of the top companies like Ranbaxy, Fortis Hospitals and Labs, Max Health Care etc.

For additional information on the courses available to international students in a number of locations, Contact aecc. Don't worry; we're here to help you choose a study location and provide course information. We represent renowned colleges and educational institutions all around the world and provide comprehensive counselling and application management services to students interested in studying abroad.


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