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How To Become A Pilot After 12th


What should I do if I want to be a pilot after 12th? If you want to be a pilot after finishing high school, you can enrol in a pilot training course or take the NDA exam to receive Air Force pilot training. The most important requirement for becoming a pilot after 12th grade is a 10+2 in Science; however, there are other pilot training colleges that accept commerce students as well.

Students who want to become pilots in India must be at least 17 years old and provide fitness and medical certificate. This blog will provide you with all of the information you need to become a pilot after finishing high school, including fees for pilot training courses, requirements, eligibility, top pilot training schools in India and abroad, and pilot salary prospects in India.

Entrance Exam For Pilot After 12th - India & Abroad

The NDA Exam is India's pilot entry exam following the completion of the 12th grade. You can join the IAF's flying branch after passing the NDA exam. It is a general ability and math-based exam with the following primary subjects: English, Geography, History, General Knowledge, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Current Events.

Types Of Pilots After 12th

There are several types of pilots depending on the streams and subjects that candidates are interested in.

  • Airline Transport Pilots - Airline transport pilots are pilots who operate commercial jets for private airlines and transport customers.
  • Private Pilots - Those who can afford a private jet like to have private pilots who can take them wherever they need to go at any time.
  • Sport Pilots - Sport Pilots must fly below 10,000 feet and generally keep below a set range.
  • Flight Instructors - They work for a training institution and are responsible for teaching aspiring pilots how to fly.
  • Air Force Pilots — They are experts in flying armed planes and serve for the defence ministry, having been trained by the country's air force.

Eligibility Criteria For Pilot After 12th Abroad

To enrol in any of the Aviation courses, you must meet the eligibility requirements of the institute or academy. Following the completion of the 12th grade, the following requirements must be met in order to become a pilot:

  • To start training, you must be at least 17 years old and have a minimum 10+2 score of 50%, which may vary depending on the Institute's requirements.
  • You must have completed intermediate MPC topics [math, physics, and chemistry] as well as intermediate English.
  • If you are not a science student, you can take the required topics as a private candidate through the state board or at the National Institute of Open Schooling.
  • You will require a medical certificate from the appropriate authorities.

Admission Process For Pilot After 12th Abroad

All that is required is a passing grade in math and science in XII. There are no rules addressing the required percentage, according to the DGCA. Here's what you'll need if you want to apply for the pilot training after the 12th.

  • It is necessary to pass the DGCA's class 2 medical. Airline pilots must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline, whereas commercial pilots must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Certain flight schools have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as part of 2-4 year colleges/universities that offer the appropriate aviation or aeronautics degree (FAA).
  • Enroll at a flight school. In order to obtain a pilot's licence, you must complete a certain number of flying training hours. The type of pilot programme sought determines the number of training hours required. A commercial pilot's licence, for example, necessitates 250 hours of flight time, whereas an airline pilot's licence necessitates 1,500 hours of flight time. Formal education will provide you with a basic education; however, you can hire a private tutor or even join the military to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience.
  • At least 200 hours of flight time is required. The first step is to accumulate the necessary number of flight hours, which is followed by a written evaluation demonstrating your flying abilities and passing the physical examination. The key is to be confident and well-prepared. The following is a list of the primary pilot licences issued by each country's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA):
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP)
  • Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL)
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Land (CMEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFL)
  • Clear the exams.

As a condition of employment, several airline firms require pilots to take aptitude and psychological examinations. After being assigned, pilots must complete additional weeks of training and flight time to acquire the feel of being a co-pilot. Securing a prior experience with a minor airline firm is usually useful in the long term if you later wish to join a major airline.

  • Get the CPL certificate.

The advancement from pilot to captain is entirely determined by seniority and experience. Additional FAA written and practical tests will be required to obtain additional flying ratings. You can continue to learn and research the changes in the industry. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations (IFALPA) both provide educational seminars and webcasts to help pilots advance and master their craft.

Top Abroad Universities for Pilot Courses

These are some of the world's most prestigious institutions, universities, and academies that offer fundamental and technical training for a career as a professional pilot:

  • Purdue University
  • University of North Dakota
  • Ohio State University
  • San Jose State University
  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Academy College
  • Hallmark University
  • Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
  • Rio Salado College
  • Aeroism Flight Academy
  • Flight Safety Academy
  • Singapore Flying College
  • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

Salary & Career Opportunities in Pilot Courses in Abroad

Annual income ranges from $5 to $8 million. Working with the Indian Air Force is a source of respect and prestige for any pilot. To be a commercial pilot in another country, you must have 750 hours of flight time and a basic licence. Salary packages in other countries are double those in India.

As a result, pilot courses in a wide range of sectors! Are you interested in this area but wondering where to pursue it? Then don't be concerned! Contact our specialists at AECC, who will not only assist you in picking a university but will also assist you in locating a suitable scholarship and completing applications!

FAQs About How To Become A Pilot After 12th

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