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How to Calculate SGPA?


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Your marks, percentages and GPAs are all determinants of your academic performance. It is essential to have a pretty high academic score so that you can get admission to your preferred study abroad destination at your favourite university for your dream course and study program. As such, you should learn in detail about the scoring system, which includes SGPA, since most universities abroad look for your SGPA and GPA scores. It will also help in your academic progress tracking.

Do you know how to calculate SGPA? If not, you are at the right place. We have compiled all information related to SGPA calculation here. 

What is SGPA?

Before proceeding to learn about SGPA calculation, let us first understand what SGPA is. SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average, which is calculated at the end of the semester, session or term to evaluate the scores obtained or credits taken. It is the weighted average of all the grade points you earned in all the courses during a semester. Many universities ask for your SGPA during admission. It will also help you in your academic progress tracking.

How to Calculate SGPA?

SGPA calculation is really simple, and we have given the steps you can follow below so that you can do it on your own without making any mistakes. Additionally, there are several SGPA calculator tools available online.

The SGPA calculation formula is given below.

SGPA = Points secured in the semester/Credits secured in the semester

The steps you can follow for SGPA calculation are given below.

  1. Write down the credit points for each semester.
  2. Multiply this credit point by the grade you achieved in that subject.
  3. Add all the scores.
  4. Divide the total score by the sum of all credit points.
  5. The value you get after all these is your SGPA.

We have provided an example below for your easy reference.

Step 1: Suppose you scored 2,3, and 3 credits and 8,7.8 and 9 grades in three subjects.

Step 2: (2*8)+(3*7.8)+(3*9).

Step 3: 16+23.4+27.

Step 4: 64.4/(2+3+3).

Step 5: 64.4/8 = 8.3.

Your SGPA is 8.3

Differences Between SGPA and CGPA

The definitions of SGPA and CGPA itself indicate that they are totally different from each other. We have provided a table below that shows the major differences between SGPA and CGPA. This CGPA comparison will help you understand them better.




Calculation formula

CGPA = Total grade point obtained/No. of subjects

SGPA = Points secured in the semester/Credits secured in the semester

Time Span

Your performance in 1 semester can be obtained

Your overall performance in a course can be obtained


Accepted worldwide

Accepted worldwide

How to Calculate SGPA From Marks?

You can follow the formula given below for SGPA calculation from marks. It is quite easy to calculate, and you can also seek help from online sources. There are several SGPA calculation tools available online.

  1. Add the marks you secured in all subjects.
  2. Divide the total score you got by the sum of all marks.
  3. The value you obtain is your SGPA.

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Terms and Their Uses to Calculate SGPA

There are several ways for SGPA calculation, and you will find a few related terms as well. If you do not know what these mean, you might get confused and may not be able to obtain a correct answer either. These terms and their meanings are explained below.

  1. Credit Points: Credits are essentially the determinants of your study load. You will be given credits based on the number of hours you completed for a particular course subject. Most international universities and colleges expect you to complete a minimum credit hours.
  2. Grade Point: Your grade points show how well you have performed in your class. You will be given credit points for each subject.
  3. Semester: Your entire academic program will be divided into semesters. Generally, there will be two semesters per academic year.

We hope that you would have gathered at least a surface idea about SGPA and the related facts. If you have any further doubts about how to calculate SGPA, you can reach out to AECC. Because there will be many sources of information online, you may get confused about which information is authentic. It will be a better idea to contact AECC's counsellors, who can give you expert assistance for FREE.


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