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Integrated Course


Would you like to study for less time and money while keeping the same quality as an international student? The solution to modern education is Integrated Studies. After class 12, students can take an integrated course, which combines two courses into one.  Integrated courses can be two bachelor's level courses or undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These courses combine two courses into a single degree.

What is Integrated Course?

An integrated course covers two or more subjects. It is taught unified by one teacher or team, with the subjects unable to be divided into discrete sections for attendance purposes.

Best Integrated Courses after 10th in Abroad

  1. B.A. + LLB
  2. BBA + MBA
  3. B.Tech + M.Tech
  4. BSc + BEd
  5. BCom + LLB
  6. BCom + ACCA
  7. BSc + LLB

Best Integrated Courses after 12th in Abroad

  1. BBA + MBA: The BBA + MBA degree combines undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that allow students to broaden their knowledge horizons. Students in the integrated program do not have to repeat subjects, and they learn more in-depth about subjects within five years.
  2. BCom + LLB: Both B.A. and LLB are bachelor's degree programs. Students who choose an integrated B.A. + LLB program will save time. One can only pursue LLB after completing a graduation degree, and LLB after completing a graduation degree takes three years, whereas students in an integrated program can save one year. The B.A. + LLB program lasts five years.
  3. B. Tech + M. Tech: This is a combined bachelor's and master's level study. Students who desire to specialise in a particular field might enrol in the integrated course. The course lasts five years, whereas students who pursue both courses separately will have to spend six years.
  4. B.Sc. + M.Sc: is a combined bachelor's and master's degree program. It saves students a year. The course lasts for five years.
  5. BSc + BEd: is one of the most well-liked integrated courses. A BEd is a teacher-training program; after completing this course, students will be able to teach at the secondary level. The duration is four years.

Integrated Courses after 12th Science in Abroad

  1. BSc + MSc Biotechnology
  2. BSc + MSc Economics
  3. BSc + MSc Mathematics
  4. BSc + LLB
  5. BSc + MSc Computer Science

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Integrated Courses after 12th Commerce in Abroad

  1. BBA + MBA
  2. BCom + LLB
  3. BCom + CIMA
  4. BCom + CMA
  5. BCom + ACCA

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Integrated Courses after 12th Arts in Abroad

  1. B.A. + LLB
  2. BBA + MBA
  3. B. tech + M. tech
  4. BSc + BEd
  5. BSc + MSc
  6. BSc + LLB
  7. BCom + MBA
  8. BA + MA
  9. BCom + LLB
  10. BCom + ACCA

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Integrated Law Courses after 12th in Abroad

  1. BCOM + LLB
  2. BBA + LLB
  3. BSc * LLB
  4. BA + LLB

In conclusion, integrated Courses are not just convenient for studying two courses, it widens knowledge and encourages versatility. We hope to answer all of your questions and dispel any misconceptions about Integrated courses.


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