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Integrated Course


Have you ever wondered how to fast-track your education and career simultaneously? Welcome to the world of Integrated Courses, a revolutionary approach to learning that combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In this blog post, we'll unveil how these courses can dramatically shorten your academic journey while enriching your professional prospects. Get ready to discover a path that not only saves time but also opens up a multitude of opportunities. By the end of this blog, you'll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether an integrated course is the right choice for your future.

Integrated Course Highlights



Course name

Integrated Course


5 to 6 Years

Admission Process

Online applications, followed by entrance exams (if applicable)


Completion of 12th with minimum 45% percentage

Fee Structure

INR 15,000 - INR 1,30,000

What are Integrated Courses?

Integrated courses represent an innovative educational model, merging undergraduate and postgraduate studies into a single, cohesive programme. But what exactly makes these courses stand out?

  • Time Efficiency: By combining two levels of education, these courses significantly reduce the time to complete your higher studies.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Less time in education means lower overall tuition fees, making it a financially savvy option.
  • Depth of Knowledge: Integrated courses provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter, as you dive deeper into your chosen field without the interruption of a separate admission process for postgraduate studies.
  • Career Readiness: These courses are tailored to make you industry-ready, equipping you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Flexibility: Catering to a wide range of interests, integrated courses are available in various streams, including science, commerce, and arts.

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List of Integrated Courses After 12th

As you step into the world of higher education, choosing the right course can set the tone for your future career. Integrated courses offer a unique opportunity to blend undergraduate and postgraduate studies, providing a comprehensive learning experience. Here's a curated list of integrated courses available for different streams:

Integrated Courses after 12th Science

  • BSc + MSc Biotechnology
  • BSc + MSc Economics
  • BSc + MSc Mathematics
  • BSc + LLB
  • BSc + MSc Computer Science

Integrated Courses after 12th Commerce

  • BBA + MBA
  • BCom + LLB
  • BCom + CIMA
  • BCom + CMA
  • BCom + ACCA

Integrated Courses after 12th Arts

  • B.A. + LLB
  • BBA + MBA
  • B. tech + M. tech
  • BSc + BEd
  • BSc + MSc
  • BSc + LLB
  • BCom + MBA
  • BA + MA
  • BCom + LLB
  • BCom + ACCA

Integrated Law Courses

  • BCOM + LLB
  • BBA + LLB
  • BSc * LLB
  • BA + LLB

In conclusion, integrated courses present a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to higher education. Tailored for ambitious students, these programmes merge undergraduate and postgraduate studies, offering a streamlined path to academic and professional excellence. Whether your interest lies in science, commerce, arts, or law, integrated courses after the 12th provide a platform to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills. They are not just about acquiring qualifications; they are about shaping a well-rounded, industry-ready professional. As you consider your next educational step, remember that an integrated course could be the key to unlocking a world of opportunities. It's a decision that could redefine your future, setting you on a course to success in an ever-evolving world.

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