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Jobs After BSc Agriculture


Agriculture is one of the vastly profitable areas, both in the Indian economy and in others. As an outcome, many students are eager to seek a degree in this field. You can explore lucrative opportunities in the private and governmental divisions after obtaining any major Agriculture courses. However, many students lack access to information about jobs after BSc Agriculture abroad.

Won't it be a good idea to look for jobs after BSc in Agriculture abroad? Do you know that the Agriculture job market abroad is pretty wide?

It is always a good option to study BSc Agriculture abroad and it is not always costly to study abroad. You will find top Agriculture universities abroad, which offer scholarships for BSc Agriculture students. As you read the blog further, you will get detailed information on the top jobs after BSc Agriculture abroad, their average salaries, and everything else.

BSc Agriculture Job Sectors

After you complete your BSc in Agriculture abroad, you will find job openings in several sectors. Agriculture is the backbone of any country, and you can work in a variety of public and private institutions, research centres, and agriculture firms. Contrary to the popular belief that the course has a better scope only in the public sector, you will find career opportunities in several sectors, a few of which are tabulated below for your convenience.

Food Technology Companies


Agriculture Fields

Central & State Government Departments

Schools & Colleges

Machinery Industries

Government Research Institutes

State Agricultural Universities

Seed Manufacturing Companies


Fertilizer Manufacturing Firms

Food Processing Units

BSc Agriculture Jobs & Salary

As mentioned previously, the Agriculture job market abroad is wide, and you are sure to find a job that suits your interests and tastes. Most of these jobs are highly paid as well. We have tabulated the top job roles and their average salaries below for your ease of reference.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salaries (in INR)

Agriculture Officer

INR 23,00,000 - INR 59,00,000

Agricultural Research Scientist

INR 32,00,000 - INR 58,00,000

Agriculture Technician

INR 19,00,000 - INR 20,00,000

Marketing Executive

INR 26,00,000 - INR 48,00,000

Plant Breeder

INR 38,00,000  - INR 63,00,000

Plantation Manager

INR 30,00,000 - INR 54,00,000

Seed Technologist

INR 23,00,000 - INR 47,00,000

Scope of BSc Agriculture Abroad

After completing your BSc in Agriculture, you have several alternatives for furthering your research career or seeking employment with famous MNCs. After you study BSc Agriculture abroad, you will find a good Agriculture job market abroad.

Agriculture is considered a country's spine. Pursuing this degree will provide you with various opportunities to perform research and employ cutting-edge technology to achieve successful development and improved agricultural yield. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture can work in private, government, and public institutions and agriculture businesses. Hence, when you choose Agriculture as a career, you will have a bright future ahead!

BSc Agriculture Top Research Institutes & Companies Abroad

BSc Agriculture is a popular course and is offered by several top-ranking universities worldwide. After you study abroad, you will find that there are several leading companies and MNCs that offer job opportunities. A few top-ranked universities in some of the top study-abroad destinations are tabulated below.




University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of California, Berkeley

Cornell University


University of Cambridge

Imperial College London

University of Oxford


University of British Columbia

University of Alberta

McGill University


University of Sydney

University of Melbourne

University of Queensland

You may also find it beneficial to get a list of the top companies you can apply for and consider after you complete your BSc Agriculture abroad. You can check for openings at the companies tabulated below when you look for jobs after BSc Agriculture abroad.




Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

John Deere


Agriculture is one of the booming fields where you find jobs in several industries and trades. Several students study abroad with a long-term view to work and settle in the country. A good Agriculture job market abroad ensures that you have a better standard of living with decent pay. As such, it is a good idea to study BSc Agriculture abroad.

If you have any further questions or doubts about the jobs after BSc Agriculture, you can contact AECC. Our trained counsellors can help you apply for the best course based on your interests and skills. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!

FAQs About Jobs After BSc Agriculture

How does the Agriculture job market abroad differ from that in India?

Yes, the Agriculture job market abroad is wider than in India and you will also have the opportunity to work at MNCs as well.

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