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Agriculture is one of the vastly profitable areas of the Indian economy. As an outcome, many students are eager to seek a degree in this field. You can explore lucrative opportunities in the private and governmental divisions after obtaining any major Agriculture courses. However, many scholars are insecure about the employment accessible after attaining a BSc in Agriculture. For others who are bewildered by similar crises, this article highlights various careers available after obtaining a BSc in Agriculture, both in the public and commercial sectors.

Job Opportunities After BSc Agriculture

Following is a record of some of the most widespread job fields that can be followed after completing this course:

  • Government Research Institutes
  • State Agricultural Universities (SAUs)
  • Seed Manufacturing Companies
  • Food Technology Companies
  • Banks
  • Agriculture Fields
  • MNCs
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Firms
  • Food Processing Units
  • Central & State Government Departments
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Machinery Industries

Bank Jobs After BSc Agriculture Salary

The banking and insurance enterprises provide lucrative high-paying employment to BSc Agriculture graduates. After receiving a BSc in Agriculture, the following are the most widespread bank jobs:

  • Specialist officer (Agricultural Field Officer)
  • Junior Agricultural Associate
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Field Officer
  • Agricultural Officer
  • Probationary Officer

Competitive Exams After BSc Agriculture

National Exams

As we all know, upholding the applicable competitive tests is expected to be considered for jobs granted by the Indian government. There are separate exams for each function, whether you want to work for the federal government or the state government. The central government conducts tests that you must pass to attain jobs following the BSc Agriculture that are listed below:

UPSC- IFS (Indian Forest Services)

It is one of the most significant tests for prestigious government careers in India. It is available to graduates with a degree in agriculture or allied subjects. You will be assigned as a Deputy Forest Inspector, Assistant Inspector, Officer, and if you pass the UPSC exams.

IBPS Specialist Officer

Graduates in agriculture can apply for several job profiles at the Staff Selection Commission. Those who pass the State Forest Exam are awarded coveted posts in the Government of India's prestigious ministries and divisions. Scientific Assistant, Agriculture Officer, Foreman, Laboratory Assistant, and other positions are offered primarily through this test.

Food Corporation of India (FCI)

  • Following BSc Agriculture, the renowned FCI provides a slew of top places.
  • You can apply for technical or non-technical roles by taking the FCI online exam.
  • Technical Managers, Technical Officers, Assistant Officers, and other similar positions are frequently advertised.

International exams

As we all know, passing the relevant competitive tests is expected to be considered when applying abroad. Whether you wish to work for the UK or the US, each country has separate exams.


Whether you're considering graduate schools, such as business or law, or just looking into your possibilities, You're making an essential step toward your future. It's a good idea to show colleges your best work, and the GRE General Test allows you to do just that!


The GMAT is the first and only standardized exam designed to enter graduate business and management programmes. It is the gold standard for forecasting academic achievement in today's graduate management programmes, and colleges and universities rely on it.

Govt Jobs After BSc Agriculture Salary

The demand for professionals in the agricultural industry has risen dramatically. With a BSc in Agriculture, you'll learn the fundamentals of farming methods, new and modern technology in the field, water resource management, soil texture, poultry management, and other topics.

After obtaining a BSc in Agriculture, you will be required to pass a series of competitive exams to work for the government (detailed in the previous section). However, most of the occupations you will meet during your campus placement will be in the private sector.

Following are some of the essential government and business sector positions available after obtaining a BSc in Agriculture:

Average Salary Per Annum

Job Profile

Highest Salary Per Annum

4.2 Lakhs

Agriculture Analyst

6 Lakhs

9 Lakhs

Agricultural Officer

14 Lakhs

3.5 Lakhs

Marketing Executive

6 Lakhs

2 Lakhs



7 Lakhs

ICAR Scientist

15 Lakhs

4.2 Lakhs

Project Associate

6 Lakhs

4.80 Lakhs

Agriculture Sales Officer

10 Lakhs

4 Lakhs

Animal Breeder

12 Lakhs

3 Lakhs

Research Assistant

3.5 Lakhs

7.7 Lakhs

Plant Breeder

14 Lakhs

3.5 Lakhs

Agriculture Technician

4 Lakhs

3 Lakhs

Seed Technologist

5 Lakhs

Entrance Exams to Study BSc Agriculture Abroad

Bachelor of Science Agriculture (BSc Agriculture) is a four-year degree programme that focuses on agricultural education. One of the critical subjects of the study is the many methods for stably increasing production.

To pursue BSc in Agriculture from a distance, students must complete 15 years of education. To be admitted to international colleges, they must pass language exams like the IELTS or TOEFL.

Application Process to Study BSc Agriculture

B.Sc Agriculture admissions are handled in one of two ways: either on qualifying exam scores or on a qualifying examination administered by a specific institution or institute that provides the degree. Details about the application procedure, course information and the number of seats available can be found on the institute's official website. The application forms are available for pick-up at the college office or can be downloaded from the relevant website.

Top Universities to Study BSc Agriculture in Abroad

The following are the QS rankings for the best BSc Agriculture institutions in the entire globe, along with the college name, country name, and fees:

QS Agriculture and Forestry Rankings 2021

College Name


Fees (USD)


University of California, Devis

United States of America



Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences








Wageningen University and Research




University of California, Berkeley 

United States



ETH Zurich




University of Reading

United Kingdom



University of Wisconsin-Madison

United States



Cornell University

United States



China Agricultural University



Jobs & Salary After Bsc Agriculture Abroad

Below are some of the agricultural occupations and the countries they are associated with. For different professions, different countries have varying pay rates. The following are some of these occupations:


United States

United Kingdom


Agricultural Research Scientist



€ 46,000

Plantation Manager



€ 47,000

Marketing Executive



€ 39,875

Agriculture Officer



€ 54,800

Agriculture Technician



€ 52,600

Seed Technologist



€ 40,500

Plant Breeder



€ 44,850

Scope Of Bsc Agriculture Abroad

After completing your BSc in Agriculture, you have several alternatives for furthering your research career or seeking employment with famous MNCs. Following a BSc in Agriculture, the following are some of the most popular jobs globally: Engineer with a focus on agriculture. In charge of business development as an executive.

Agriculture is considered the country's spine. Attaining this degree will provide you with various opportunities to perform research and employ cutting-edge technology to achieve successful development and improved agricultural yield. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture can work in private, government, and public institutions and agriculture businesses. Hence, when you choose Agriculture as a career, you will have a bright future ahead!

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FAQs About Jobs After BSc Agriculture

What is the average tuition fee to study BSc Agriculture Abroad?

The average tuition fee to study BSc Agriculture abroad is $32,587.

Are Agricultural jobs in demand Abroad?

Yes. Agricultural jobs are much in demand abroad as European countries like France, Spain, Ireland and Germany are the top recruiters of Agricultural graduates.

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