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Mass Communication Courses

Mass Communication Courses

Mass Communication is a dynamic and exciting field, attracting a growing number of Indian students who are keen to explore global media landscapes through Mass Communication courses. Studying Mass Communication abroad offers a unique opportunity to gain international exposure and develop a global perspective in this ever-evolving sector.

Why Study Mass Communication Abroad?

Studying abroad provides access to cutting-edge technologies, diverse cultural perspectives, and a chance to network internationally. It opens doors to understanding global media practices, which is invaluable in a field that's increasingly interconnected.

Mass Communication Courses: Subjects & Syllabus

Mass Communication courses cover various topics and include all significant media components. Numerous Mass Communication courses are available to meet the needs and interests of candidates interested in a career in the media. Candidates can choose from various Mass Communication courses to find the curriculum that best matches them and their long-term objectives. The table below covers some of the most popular Mass Communication courses. These mass communication programmes are available at India's leading mass communication institutes. Mass communication courses are available at the undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and doctoral levels.

Subjects in Mass Communication Courses

1. Introduction to Mass Communication

  • Overview of mass media forms: print, broadcast, digital
  • Historical development of mass media
  • Role and impact of mass media in society

2. Media Ethics and Law

  • Principles of media ethics
  • Legal frameworks governing media
  • Freedom of speech vs. censorship

3. Journalism

  • News writing and reporting
  • Investigative journalism
  • Multimedia journalism

4. Broadcasting

  • Radio and television production
  • Broadcast journalism
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding

5. Digital Media

  • Digital content creation
  • Social media strategies
  • Online journalism and blogging

6. Public Relations and Advertising

  • PR strategies and campaign planning
  • Branding and advertising techniques
  • Corporate communication

7. Media Research Methods

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Audience analysis
  • Media Analytics

8. Film Studies

  • Film history and theory
  • Film criticism and analysis
  • Basics of filmmaking and direction

9. Communication Theories

  • Key theories in communication
  • Media effects and audience reception
  • Communication models

10. Media Management

  • Media business and economics
  • Leadership and management in media organizations
  • Media entrepreneurship

11. Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Communication across cultures
  • Global media systems
  • Intercultural communication skills

Syllabus for Mass Communication Courses

Year 1:

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Basic Principles of Journalism
  • Introduction to Media Ethics and Law
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media
  • Elective: Introduction to Film Studies or Introduction to Public Relations

Year 2:

  • Advanced Journalism Techniques
  • Broadcasting Techniques and Practices
  • Media Research Methods
  • Digital Media and Society
  • Elective: Advertising Principles or Cross-Cultural Communication

Year 3:

  • Media Management and Economics
  • Advanced Film Studies and Criticism
  • Communication Theories and Models
  • Public Relations Campaigns and Strategies
  • Elective: Advanced Broadcasting or Media Entrepreneurship

Year 4 (For Bachelor's Programs):

  • Capstone Project/Thesis
  • Internship in Media Organization
  • Advanced Media Research Projects
  • Elective: Global Media Systems or Advanced Digital Media Strategies
  • Seminar Series: Current Issues in Mass Communication

List of Popular Mass Communication Courses

Here's a list of various Mass Communication courses that students can pursue. These courses range from undergraduate to postgraduate levels and cover different specializations within the field:

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List of Undergraduate Mass Communication Courses

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
  3. Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production
  8. Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Production
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Broadcasting

List of Postgraduate Mass Communication Courses

  1. Master of Arts in Mass Communication
  2. Master of Arts in Journalism
  3. Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism
  4. Master of Arts in Media Studies
  5. Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
  6. Master of Arts in Digital Media
  7. Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production
  8. Master of Science in Multimedia Production
  9. Master of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communications
  10. Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications

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List of Diploma and Certificate Mass Communication Courses

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication
  2. Diploma in Media Studies
  3. Diploma in Digital Media and Communications
  4. Certificate in Journalism
  5. Certificate in Broadcast Production
  6. Certificate in Social Media and Online Marketing
  7. Certificate in Film and Video Editing
  8. Certificate in Radio Production
  9. Certificate in Advertising and Public Relations
  10. Certificate in Graphic Design and Multimedia

List of Specialized Mass Communication Courses

  1. Sports Journalism
  2. Fashion Communication
  3. Health Communication
  4. Political Communication
  5. International Communication
  6. Environmental Communication
  7. Crisis Communication
  8. Media Management
  9. Documentary Filmmaking
  10. Animation and Visual Effects

List of Online and Distance Learning Mass Communication Courses

  1. Online Bachelor's in Mass Communication
  2. Online Master's in Digital Media
  3. Distance Learning Diploma in Media Studies
  4. Online Certificate in Content Marketing
  5. Distance Learning Certificate in News Reporting

Top Universities to Study Mass Communication Courses Abroad

Here's a table featuring top universities for studying mass communication courses abroad. 

Top Universities


QS Rank

Courses Offered

Fees in INR (Approx.)

Stanford University



BA in Communication, MA in Journalism, PhD in Communication

40-50 Lakhs/year

University of Oxford



BA in Information, Communication, and the Language Sciences

30-40 Lakhs/year

University of Melbourne



Master of Journalism, Master of Global Media Communication

20-30 Lakhs/year

University of Toronto



Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Culture, Information & Technology

20-25 Lakhs/year

American University in Dubai



BA in Communication and Information Studies, MA in Leadership and Innovation

15-20 Lakhs/year

Trinity College Dublin



BA in Film Studies and English Literature, M.Phil. in Digital Humanities

15-20 Lakhs/year

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich



MA in Media, Communication, and Society

0-5 Lakhs/year

University of Auckland

New Zealand


Bachelor of Communication, Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media

15-20 Lakhs/year

In conclusion, Mass Communication courses offer a diverse and enriching path for students keen on exploring global media landscapes. With a range of subjects and specializations, these courses prepare students for an exciting career in media. For more information on pursuing Mass Communication abroad,  contact AECC.

FAQs About Mass Communication Courses

Which subject is important for mass communication?

In Mass Communication, subjects like Journalism, Media Ethics and Law, and Digital Media are crucial, as they provide foundational knowledge and skills essential for a successful career in the media industry.

How many years does it take to study mass communication?

Studying mass communication typically takes three to four years for an undergraduate degree. Postgraduate courses usually last one to two years, depending on the program and country.

What are the job roles I can get after studying mass communication?

Job Roles after Mass Communication

  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Public Relations Account Executive
  • Digital Marketer
  • Event Manager
  • Journalist
  • Sound Engineer
  • Blogger

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