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SOP for Scholarships

Writing a Statement of Purpose needs extra effort, especially when it is an SOP for a scholarship. An SOP for a scholarship is not similar to the Statement of Purpose you write for admission to your university. In a Scholarship SOP, you need to consider different factors as a scholarship SOP is basically a means to persuade the admission department that you deserve it, which requires a lot of effort as you are basically writing an explanation of your motivation for applying for the scholarship.
Do you know what the types of SOP for scholarships are? Won't it be helpful for you to get a few tips on how to write a good SOP for a scholarship?

You can read the blog further and get details on everything you need to know about writing an SOP for scholarships. We have even included a sample SOP for your reference. 

What is SOP for Scholarship?

An SOP for the scholarship is an essay written by students to persuade the admission department that explains to them why they deserve a scholarship. It serves as a means to put forward all the facets of your life that have moulded you into the way you are.

In short, an SOP covers your complete life journey - what you did, why you did it, how you did it, your goals, and the means to achieve them. It is an important document that can make or break your chances of admission to your dream university, which is why it needs extra effort.

Types of SOP Scholarship

Many students may not be aware of this, but there are scholarships available for almost every student and course.

Here is the list of types of SOP scholarships:

  1. Academic Scholarships: These are the most renowned scholarships, as these are offered only to students having a GPA of 4.0 with zero exceptions. To be eligible for this scholarship, you should have a brilliant profile and fulfil all the prerequisites. These scholarships are presented as national awards.
  2. Unusual Scholarships: These are unusual, weird, and different types of scholarships that many students think of as unreal, but you will lose out on a lot of college money if you think so. The most important thing about this scholarship is that very few people know about it, so it is very easy to get these scholarships as competition is less. An example of this scholarship is the Michael Jackson Scholarship, which honours the late musical performer and offers up to USD 4000 in tuition aid if you major in Communication, Performing Arts, or English.
  3. Women Scholarships: These scholarships aim to encourage women who are going through financial, social, or career difficulties and are unable to study well. It is a medium to help these women continue their academics without any financial burden. Also, these scholarships are provided across all fields of study.
  4. Athletic Scholarships: As the name suggests, these scholarships are awarded to students having excellent physical and athletic abilities and can use these abilities to excel in the future.
  5. Average Performance Scholarships: As in the name, these scholarships are offered to students who are average performers in academics but excel in other different disciplines or extracurricular activities.
  6. Scholarship for Minorities: These scholarships are specifically for students who belong to the minority section of society. The type of minority scholarships may differ depending on the ethnic, cultural, or religious beliefs of the candidates.
  7. Community Service Scholarships: These scholarships are exclusively for students who enjoy volunteering in their communities. If you are someone who relishes and loves volunteering in your community, there are high chances you would be eligible for a community service scholarship.
  8. Creative Scholarships: If you are a creative student, this scholarship can be your chance to study at a top university. Be it painters, dancers, or musicians, universities have a space for all creative performers.

Importance of SOP for Scholarship

An SOP or Statement of Purpose is an official document that depicts your chances of getting a specific scholarship. It helps the admission committee know you as a deserving candidate.

A well-written SOP should help the admission department with all the information that helps them evaluate your outlook on life, determination, subject knowledge, and vision. A perfectly crafted SOP for scholarship demonstrates a comprehensive picture of your personality in front of the admission department. You have to present yourself with your mission and the reasons why you are the best candidate among other applicants at this point. In short, an SOP represents how effectively you can communicate your vision and goals using your writing skills.

SOP for Scholarship: Format

A conventional Statement Of Purpose is 800-1000 words long and written in multiple paragraphs of about 100-150 words each.

The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. So, begin by mentioning the information about yourself and the degree you want to pursue. Write it as an autobiography and how you decided to pursue this particular course from the specific university.
Now comes the body of the SOP, which is divided into multiple paragraphs. In these multiple paragraphs, mention yourself, your academic qualifications, your awards and honours, your reason for choosing the course, your long-term goals, and your conclusion at the end.
Begin the first paragraph by giving a brief description of yourself. If you want to provide a narrative about how you became interested in a specific degree program, do so. Make sure to express your gratitude to the scholarship committee for providing you with the opportunity to receive a source of financing for your degree. Also, keep standard font to include throughout the SOP and keep it as straightforward as possible, utilising colourful language and visuals.

Sample SOP For Scholarship

As mentioned previously, we have given a sample SOP for the scholarship below for your reference. The same is given below.

I have maintained a good academic record throughout my schooling and Undergraduate level. I scored 95% in my grade 12 and was also the second rank holder in my university for my Bachelor's.
I did my Bachelor's in English Language and Literature from the University of Iowa. The course helped me learn in detail about Linguistics, Literature, Literary Theories, Phonetics and much more. I don't usually limit my studies to the classroom but participate in literary fests, seminars and competitions.
I have participated in a few literary competitions and have won prizes as well. I also had the opportunity to present papers at a couple of international conferences. I am sure that my Master's in English Language and Literature at Western New England University will further improve my skills and interest in the language. I have a good creative ability and am sure that it will positively impact myself and my university.
I hope to get the opportunity to study at your prestigious university and better myself and my skills thus. I look forward to a positive response from your side and a fruitful association with those at Western New England University.
Thank You

Do's and Don'ts for SOP for Scholarship

As we promised earlier, this blog has a complete list of everything you need to know about SOP for scholarships. There are a few things you need to keep note of while you write the SOP. The table below will help you get a better idea.



Write as per the target audience

Write a general SOP

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Write about your achievements but do not exaggerate

Hyper-personalise the content 

Write about your problems

Try to think out of the box and have a grand opening of the SOP

Mention any false information

Maintain a professional and positive tone

Exceed the word limit

Edit and revise it thoroughly 

Criticise other programs/universities

Tips to Write an SOP for a Scholarship

It will be helpful for you to get a few tips on how to write an impressive SOP for a scholarship. As such, we have combined a list of points you can make a note of while writing an SOP.

Follow the mentioned tips and tricks and make your SOP for scholarship stand out.

  1. Hook the reader: Every day, the admission committee reads several essays, so to differentiate yourself from the crowd, start your SOP with a grand opening that hooks the reader and grabs their attention.
  2. Mention your passion and interests and state facts to back up your information: Talk about your interests and how you got into them, and talk about your life experiences. Provide logic to every statement, do not just put random information.
  3. Never ignore the word limit: A general SOP is 800 to 1000 words long; any longer than this will resemble a thesis. So, follow the word limit.
  4. Prove that you deserve the scholarship: This is your chance to prove yourself and flaunt your achievements. Mention reasons stating that you are deserving of this scholarship.

There is no set format or specific guidelines to follow as everyone writes their SOP uniquely.
However, you must follow all the prerequisites and write a clean draft without grammatical errors. Make sure to revise it once you have finished writing the draft, and if possible, ask two or three reliable people to review it.

For any questions or suggestions, you can get in touch with our AECC experts and get your queries resolved FREE OF COST. We have experts to guide you throughout the entire process of studying abroad.

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