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Career Options in Commerce Without Maths


Is Career Options in Commerce without Maths your current search terminology on Google? Being a high school student who studied Commerce without Maths, you may feel your study options are limited.

But worry no more!

Today commerce students (who didn't choose Maths) have unlimited options as many fields have emerged. If you are one among them, stick to the end of this blog, as we provide you with first-hand information on your multiple career choices.

We know numerous questions are running through your mind, such as:-

  • "Me being a Commerce student (without Maths) in my high school, do I have many options to study higher education courses?
  • If so, which abroad universities provide my courses if I am aspiring to study abroad?
  • What will be my fresher salary package?
  • How will my career growth?"

And many more!

Well, we believe that all your queries and concerns will be answered through this blog. We can assure you the times of being bestowed with minimal options as a Commerce Without Maths student have now changed.

Career Options for Students Studied 12th Commerce Without Maths

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the many Gen Z students' much-valued and most-chosen courses. This course appeals to students like you because the work involved revolves around Social Media and the Internet. Similar to Coding, Digital Marketing has front-end and back-end marketing:

Digital Marketing may sound off-topic to you, as it is nothing related to Commerce. But you must have encountered the term " E-Commerce", which is nothing but selling goods online; that is what Digital Marketing is all about - Branding and Selling a product online. This is one of the exciting fields and the scope of the field is immense.

The average salary for a global fresher in Digital Marketing is around $20,000 per year; with experience, it can come to about $50,000 per year.

International Universities providing Digital Marketing Courses

University Country QS Ranking 2024 Tuition Fees
La Trobe University Australia 316 $37, 288
Charles Strut University Australia 801 $29,927
University of Melbourne Australia 33 $34,816
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia 190 $40,991
Westcliff University USA 401-600 $14,700
University of Bridgeport USA 331-440 $35,760
Marconi International University USA 1443 $7000
University of Northampton UK 1001-1200 Eur 12,000
Falmouth University UK 101-150 Eur 20,000
The University of Canada West Canada 171-221 $36,540

Bachelors in Commerce

The next in the line of Career Options in Commerce without Maths is a Bachelor in Commerce (BCom). There are two types of BCom - BCom General and BCom (Honors).

Studying either BCom General or BCom (Honors) will allow you to pursue further master courses like MBA or MCom through which you can become an Entrepreneur or even pursue your CA goal. Once you graduate, you have the advantage of getting employed in any of the several commerce-related fields.

International Universities that provide BCom Courses

University Country QS Ranking 2024 Tuition Fees
California Institute of Technology USA 6 $ 56,364
Harvard University USA 5 $ 51,143
University of Oxford UK 4 Eur 27,840
Columbia University USA 22 $ 25,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  USA 1 $ 55,510
London School of Economics UK 56 Eur 9,250
University of Sydney Australia 38 $ 12,086
University of Western Australia Australia 90 $ 26,407
University of Auckland New Zealand 87 $ 7,105
University of Otago New Zealand 217 $ 5,917

Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

The subsequent popular choice for Commerce without Maths Career Options is BBA. While BCom prepares you to become a qualified Finance professional, BBA prepares you for Managerial or Management roles. As this course can be pursued without studying Maths, all you have to focus on is devouring the critical concepts of BBA, like Principles of Management, Business Economics, Management Accounting, Statistics, Marketing Management, etc.

BBA is of three types - General, Technical and Professional.

  • General - is the study of Entrepreneurship.
  • Technical - is the study of subjects like Management Information Systems, Operations and Supply Chain.
The third and the last category - is Professional. The Professional specialisation exposes students to domains like Marketing, Finance, Advertising and Accounting. Pursuing "Professional" can be of great value to your degree.

The annual average salary for BBA graduates globally starts from $25,000 to more than $50,000 per year.

International Universities providing BBA Courses

University Country QS Ranking 2024 Tuition Fees
Harvard University USA 5 $49,2220
University of Greenwich UK 801 Eur 14,016
Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada 698 $11, 357
University of York USA 456 $23, 434
Coventry University UK 651-700 $15, 679
University of Regina Canada 1001-1200 $16, 709
Thompson Rivers University Canada 51 $2,915
Simon Fraser University Canada 328 $23, 070
University of Texas at Arlington USA 1201-1400 $27, 190
The University of Illinois at Chicago USA 10 $25,433

Bachelor's in Management Studies (BMS)

The last in the list of commerce without maths career options is Bachelor in Management Studies. Similar to BBA, BMS prepares you for managerial roles. But in BMS, you will learn the theoretical, logical and analytical aspects of Management. BMS additionally exposes you to the Management principles in Finance and Economics.

You can pursue your BMS course in four ways - Full-time, Part-time, One Year and Online.

The annual average salary for a BMS graduate globally ranges from $20,000 to $70,000 per annum.

International Universities providing BMS Courses

University Country QS Ranking 2024 Tuition Fees
Michigan State University USA 159 $38,588
Auckland University of Technology New Zealand 486 $35, 249
RMIT University Australia 190 $37,288
Northumbria University United Kingdom 651-700 $20,842
Maryville University USA 234 $25,400
Robert Gordon University UK 801 $14,739
University of Alberta Canada 110 $20, 395
University of Toronto Canada 34 $35,000

These are the top courses similar to the commerce study you studied in your high school. These courses provide much value and marketability to your degree and by gaining the right skills and knowledge, you can land a job as soon as you graduate.

Do You Know? There are many other non-commerce courses, such as Arts, Coding, Law, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Foreign Trade, Animation, etc., which you can study based on your interests.

These courses equally provide you with the career advancement you are aspiring for. However the main challenge you will face is that you will be completely exposed to a new study and study environment, which might be challenging to adapt to in the initial stage. But once you put your heart and mind into it, you can successfully ace these courses.

AECC, your quintessential study-abroad consultant in the country, is your one-stop solution for all your study-abroad queries and concerns. We take utmost responsibility in providing you with the right assistance and guidance through our expert in-house counsellors. You can reach us through any of our social media handles or by visiting our offices nearest you.


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