Medical Courses in Canada After 12th

Medical Courses in Canada After 12th

Due to its excellence of education, Canada draws many international students. Compared to other countries such as the US and UK, the tuition fee in Canada is much lower. Besides, many universities in Canada offer scholarships to international students that help them cut down on their expenses. Further, the country provides excellent research opportunities to those who wish to do so, and its laws permit students to stay and work for up to three years after graduation. The country also helps students to gain international work exposure.

Canada has excellent medical colleges; hence it's a preferred destination for those wishing to do their medical degrees outside India. These institutes not only have bachelor's degrees but also offer diploma courses and master's programmes.

To get admission for medical courses in Canada, the student should pass the 10+2 exam with science subjects from a recognised board. Apart from this, international students should have a valid score of IELTS/TOEFL to prove their fluency in English. Additionally, to get admission to most medical colleges in Canada, international students must pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and a personal interview conducted by these universities. Along with the application, students should submit an SOP (Statement of Purpose) and LORs (Letters of Recommendation). If you avail an education loan to support your tuition fee, you need to submit all documents related to it to the university.

Medical Diploma Courses after 12th in Canada

Medical diploma courses have a shorter duration than degree courses. Most of these diploma courses have a 1–2-year course duration. These courses focus on particular fields of medical science and will make you employable. 

A few popular medical diploma courses you can do after class 12th are:

  • Diploma in Health Information Management
  • Diploma in Development Services Worker
  • Diploma in Acupuncture
  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Diploma in Dispensing Optician
  • Diploma in Auxiliary Nursing Science
  • Kinesiology Diploma
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control Diploma Program
  • Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Diploma Program
  • Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation Technology
  • Diploma in Pharmacy Technician
  • Diploma in Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant
  • Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene
  • Diploma in Paramedic
  • Diploma in Biotechnology-Health (BIOT)
  • Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care
  • Cardiology Technologist
  • Chemical Addictions Worker Diploma
  • Medical Office Administrator Diploma Programme
  • Diploma of Phytotherapy
  • Diploma of Holistic Nutrition

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Courses in Canada after 12th Medical Without Maths

Though Maths is mandatory to secure admission in many courses that fall under the Medical Science faculty in Canada, there are many options for the students who didn't opt for Maths in class 12th. A few medical courses that you can pursue in Canada without studying Maths but have subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Class 12 are:

Short Medical Courses in Canada

Short-term medical courses allow students to gain knowledge in related fields and pursue a career in the healthcare sector. Usually, the duration of these courses is a few months; however, a few of them take a year or a little bit more time to complete. 

A few short courses in Medicine & Health in Canada are:

  • Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Program
  • Hospital Unit Co-Ordinator Program
  • Dental Assistant Program
  • Animal Care Aid Certificate Program
  • Massage Therapy Diploma Program
  • Certificate in Gerontology
  • Human Psychology Program

MBBS in Canada after 12th

For those who passed class 12, Canada offers a medical program called the Doctor of Medicine (MD). It holds the same value as India's MBBS. More than 60 colleges and universities in Canada offer Doctor of Medicine courses. Pursuing MD in Canada has many advantages, such as high teaching quality, best infrastructure, experienced faculty, worldwide recognition, etc. The duration of MD ranges between 3-5 years, and it varies with students' backgrounds and the university. In most universities, the first year is called the preparatory year, and it's for those students who apply without a science degree. For these students, the course duration will be 5 years. If you already have a bachelor's degree in Science or Biology, you can enroll for the 4-year programme. After completing MD in Canada, students can apply for Medical Residency there. Or else, they can come back to India and directly start their medical practice.

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Top Medical Colleges in Canada

Name of the University

QS World University Ranking 2022

THE World University Ranking 

Popular Programmes

University of Toronto, Toronto



Bachelor of Science, Master of Science/Applied Science & Doctorate Degrees MBBS/MD

McGill University, Montreal



Bachelor of Science, Master of Science/Applied Science & Doctorate Degrees, BSc Nursing

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver 



Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition/Health Master of Science/Applied Science & Doctorate Degrees

McMaster University, Hamilton



BSc Life Sciences, Master of Science & Doctorate Degrees

University of Calgary, Calgary



Bachelor of Science, Master of Science & Doctorate Degrees

University of Alberta, Edmonton



Bachelor of Science, Master of Science & Doctorate Degrees, BDS

University of Ottawa, Ottawa



Bachelor of Health Science, Master of Science & Doctorate Degrees

Queen’s University, Kingston


251 - 300

Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PG Medical Education, & Doctoral Programmes

Dalhousie University, Halifax


251 - 300

Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, & Doctoral Programmes

University of Manitoba, Manitoba

601 - 650

351 – 400

Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Midwifery, Doctor of Medicine, PhD Programs, BDS, & Postgraduate Medical Programmes

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC


251 – 300

Bachelor of Science in a large number of subjects.

BSc Nursing in Canada

BSC Nursing has a course duration of 4 years in Canada. Those students who have completed at least two years at a university are eligible to apply in accelerated BSc Nursing Programmes. But during those two years, the students must have studied human anatomy and physiology. Though for regular BSc Nursing, class 12th is the basic eligibility, certain universities like the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia accept only transfer students in their BSc Nursing.

After BSc Nursing, students can become registered nurses in Canada. To become registered nurses, students should pass Canadian Registered Nurse Examination conducted by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). It's the common examination to become a registered nurse in all provinces of Canada, except in Quebec.

Top universities for BSc Nursing in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • McMaster University
  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia

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BDS in Canada After 12th

Canada is home to several prestigious dental schools. Admission and application requirements for these dental schools differ from one institution to another. Hence, it's essential to contact the respective dental school admissions office to check their admission requirements. To get admission in most Canadian dental schools, the candidates should produce a valid Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) score, conducted by Canadian Dental Association (CDA).

Usually, the course duration of BDS is 4 years in Canada, and the popular BDS programmes are:

  • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • Doctor of Dental Hygiene
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine

TOP Universities for BDS in Canada

  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • Western University
  • Dalhousie University

BHMS in Canada

Homeopathic treatment is in demand across Canada, and students who passed 12th Science can pursue homeopathic programmes in Canada. Different institutes offer different programmes, and their names vary from one college to another. 

However, major subjects included in the undergraduate level of homeopathic programmes are:

  • Principle of homeopathic
  • Human Anatomy
  • Philosophy
  • Immunology
  • Pathology
  • Organon of Medicine
  • Embryology

TOP Universities for BHMS in Canada

  • Ontario Colleges of Homeopathic Medicine
  • The School of Homeopathy
  • Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy
  • Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicines
  • The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy

Courses in Canada after 12th Non Medical

Canada is not just a favourite destination for medical science studies. There are many excellent universities in Canada that offer non-medical courses as well. That means the students who studied in Commerce and Humanities can also pursue their higher studies in Canada.

A few best non-medical bachelor/diploma courses available in Canadian universities are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Organisation Management
  • Professional Certificate in Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Management in Hospitality Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Diploma in Asia Pacific Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence Analytics
  • BSc in Accounting & Finance
  • BSc in Money, Banking, & Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • BSc Management
  • BSc Building Surveying
  • BSc International Business
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film


Canada has advantages in terms of medical sciences education and lifestyle. Don't worry if you're perplexed! We at AECC Global are ready to give you the most required professional advice and assistance in selecting the right destination, university, and programs that are most suited to you and your career objectives. Reach us on 7305318577 today and get yourself registered with us!

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