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BSc Nursing in Canada for Indian Students


Being one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, Canada has been a dream destination for several international students. As Canada has always been considered one of the vital educational hubs of the world, lakhs of students from across the globe migrate here to study even in this competitive time. For Indian students aspiring to become nurses, BSc Nursing in Canada is a great option. The curriculum satisfies the requirements of most MNC hospitals across Canada.

"Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription."

— Val Saintsbury

Going to pursue BSc Nursing in Canada from India? This blog post contains all the relevant information that Indian students preparing for nursing and related courses need to know about studying in Canada.

Highlights about BSc Nursing in Canada

Course Name 

Bachelor Of Science Nursing in Canada 


2-4 years 


12-grade with a minimum of 65% (English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects) 

English Test 

IELTS - 6.0, TOEFL - 80 

Application Fees 

$95 CAD 

Average Fees 

52,000 CAD to 169,000 CAD (INR 30,22,538- 98,23,251) 



Why Study BSc Nursing in Canada?

In 2022, total healthcare spending will account for 11.6 percent of Canada's gross domestic product. With the government's increased emphasis on this industry, there are more opportunities for medical graduates in Canada.

  • In Canada, full-time nurse positions are predicted to increase by 3.4 percent, from 64,000 in 2019 to 142,000 in 2035.
  • Within two years of graduation, 80 percent of Registered Nursing (RN) graduates can earn a nursing licence in Canada.
  • From 2014 to 2018, the number of internationally educated nurses climbed by 7.8 percent, accounting for 8.5 percent of the overall nursing population in Canada.
  • From 2008 to 2017, the number of Registered Nurses (RNs) climbed by 12,283, the number of Licensed Nurses (LNs) increased by 6,685, and the number of Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) increased by 294.
  • Some of the greatest hospitals and clinics in the country employ nurses. The average annual wage for a nurse is CA$81,152.

Advantages of Studying Nursing in Canada

  1. Nursing Degree that is globally recognised.
  2. In-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology
  3. Students receive both theoretical and practical education.
  4. Job flexibility is quite excellent.
  5. Indian Students can work anywhere globally with the complete information earned at the Canadian college.
  6. B. Sc. in Canada is one of the most well-known and popular courses in the world.
  7. Students also participate in an industrial internship, allowing them to understand the sector better.
  8. Obtaining admission and a student visa is a very straightforward process.

Eligibility for BSc Nursing in Canada

Several schools and universities in Canada offer bachelor's degrees in nursing. There are several specialities and degree kinds to choose from. The qualifying conditions vary depending on the subject and the university. Here are some of the minimal fundamental criteria that overseas students must meet to apply for any course. The following is a list of them:

  • Students would need to complete 12th-grade levels with a minimum grade point average of 65 percent.
  • Certain institutions require English, Mathematics, and some scientific courses at the 12th-grade level.
  • Completing a required CASPer test stands for Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics.
  • Language proficiency examinations, such as the IELTS, demand a minimum overall point of 6.5, but the TOEFL exam requires a minimum of 80.

Documents Required for BSc Nursing in Canada

After determining your eligibility for a BSc nursing programme in Canada, you must submit the following documents:

Application Process in Canada for BSc Nursing Course

  • Visit the university's official website.
  • Examine the course content as well as the qualifying conditions.
  • Click on the appropriate university's application form.
  • First, you must establish an account with your cell phone number or email address.
  • You will get an email or SMS with login information and verification on your registered contact number.
  • Enter your personal information using the login information given (name, gender, date of birth).
  • Enter your academic credentials and upload any supporting documentation.
  • Choose your course and pay the application cost.
  • The application cost varies by university and can be paid with a debit/credit card or online banking.
  • Submit your application form; you may also follow its progress using your account.
  • Some colleges will ask chosen students to participate in a virtual interview.

Top 10 Universities in Canada for BSc Nursing

BSc Nursing in Canada – Ranking the top universities for studying nursing in Canada and the most popular Canadian universities for nursing. Here is the list of top universities in Canada for nursing.


QS World Ranking 22 

Course Duration 

Annual tuition Fees (in INR) 

University of Toronto 


2 years 

34.41 lakhs 

McGill University 


4 years 

14.01 lakhs 

University of British Columbia (UBC) 


2 years 

23.88 lakhs 

University of Alberta 


4 years 

15.25 lakhs 

McMaster University 


4 years 

19.26 lakhs 

Western University 


4 years 

23.40 lakhs 

University of Ottawa 


4 years 

26.26 lakhs 

University of Calgary 


4 years 

12.53 lakhs 

Queen's University at Kingston 


4 years 

27.38 lakhs 

Dalhousie University 


3 years 

12.67 lakhs 

BSc Nursing Tuition Fees in Canada

The average tuition fees for BSc Nursing in Canada range from 52,000 CAD to 169,000 CAD.

Here is the list of colleges tuition fees for BSc nursing in Canada.


Average Fees Per Year

Seneca College 

CAD 21,407 

Humber College 

CAD 20,485 

McGill University 

CAD 1,69,568 

University of Alberta 

CAD 7,106  

University of British Columbia 

CAD 41,234 

Cost to Study BSc Nursing in Canada for Indian Students

Here is the basic kind of expenses for Indian students who wish to study BSc nursing in Canada.

Type of Expense 

Cost (in INR) 

Application Fee 

2,500- 14,500 


5,000- 7,000 


11,468- 17,919 

Visa Application Fee 


Air Travel 

43,000- 91,376 

BSc Nursing in Canada Courses & Subjects

Human anatomy, physiology, and other relevant courses are taught to students pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing. There are two types of BSc Nursing programmes in Canada: primary or regular stream and accelerated stream.

Primary Stream: This programme is for students with no prior nursing education and lasts four years.

Accelerated Stream: Students who have previously completed two years at a university can apply for the accelerated BSc Nursing programme. Human anatomy and physiology are required disciplines to be studied over those two years.

The following are some of the courses covered in the BSc Nursing programme:

  • Nursing theory
  • Nursing practice
  • Nurse as a professional person
  • Professional issues
  • Path physiology
  • Human anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • General education

Scholarships to Study BSc Nursing in Canada

The following are scholarships in Canada for BSc in Nursing offered by various universities to help students with their expenses.




Award Value (in INR) 

Dean’s Global Award of Excellence 

University of Toronto 

Enrolment in BScN program 

11.90 lakhs+ per year 

The Class of 1966 Nursing Scholarship 

McMaster University 

Academic Performance 

0.59 lakhs 

The Steve Baxter Memorial Scholarship 

McMaster University 

Leadership qualities 

0.59 lakhs 

The Lori Scott Nursing Scholarship 

McMaster University 

Completed Level 1 in Nursing 

2.97 lakhs 

F.A. Davis Nursing Undergraduate Scholarship 

McGill University 

Enrolment in Nursing program 

0.89 lakhs 

Canadian Nurses Foundation Awards 

University of British Columbia 

Enrolment in BScN 

0.89 lakhs 

Susan Nelles Scholarship 

Queen's University 

4th year student of BScN 


BN Nursing Scholarship 

University of Calgary 

Academic Performance 

0.89 lakhs 

School of Nursing Scholarship 

University of Ottawa 

Enrolment in School of Nursing 

0.89 lakhs 

BSc Nursing Jobs & Salary in Canada

The nurse practitioner in Canada is self-regulated. Provincial and territorial governments set the conditions for licensure.

  • You must pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Test to get the licence, except Quebec, which has its examination. The CNA administers the test three times each year and allows students to retake it as many times as possible.
  • You must apply for nursing employment in Canada once you have obtained your licence.

Here is a summary of several key nursing job positions and their average income ranges:

Job Role 

 Average Annual Salary (in CAD)  

 Critical Care Nurse supervisor   

40,320- 96,000 

Psychiatric Nurse 

44,160- 88,320 

Nurse Practitioner- Adult care 

42,240 - 1,15,000 

Nursing Professor 

38,400 - 1,45,920 

Nurse- Midwife 

42,240 - 1,15,000 

Nurse Team Leader 

40,320- 96,000 

Family Nurse Practitioner 

42,240 - 1,15,000 

Clinical Informatics Specialist 

44,160- 88,320 

Clinical Research Manager 

38,4000 - 1,01,760 

Mental Health Nurse 

44,160- 88,320 

Licensed practical nurse 

38,4000 - 63,360 

Career Opportunities after BSc Nursing in Canada

Nursing is not only a noble profession, but it is also personally and financially rewarding. Not only does the industry provide employment stability, but it also provides more career choices than any other healthcare vocation. Nursing seems to be another career that is continually in demand. Nursing jobs are not only required in hospitals but also in the community.

BSc Nursing position is.

  • Case Manager
  • Staff Nurse
  • Director/CEO
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Manager/Administrator
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nurse Anaesthetist
  • Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

This is about the BSc Nursing in Canada for Indian Students. We hope this information assists you in making the best option for your career. Please get in touch with our experts and counsellors at AECC if you have any questions.

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