Australia has proven its uniqueness and has driven us into all the interesting bits of it; Adelaide has been named Australia’s most liveable city.



  • Researchers evaluated and rated stability in 140 cities worldwide.
  • Four Australian cities were in the top ten worldwide, Sydney is also highly successful
  • The performance is due to the coronavirus reaction in Australia
  • Despite a smaller score for health care, Melbourne was among the largest risers.

Adelaide, Australia (94.0) - Ranked 3rd

Perth, Australia (93.3) - Ranked 6th

Melbourne, Australia (92.5) - Ranked 9th

Brisbane, Australia (92.4) - Ranked 10th

Perth was sixth over Melbourne, Brisbane 10th overall and Sydney 11th overall. Despite some of Australia's most lenient limitations, Sydney fell behind four local capital cities from the third to the eleventh.

A large number of European and Canadian communities have fought the second wave of COVID-19, limiting athletic and cultural activities and shutting schools and businesses. The assessment gave Adelaide flawless results for its health care and education, as well as extremely stable infrastructure ratings in the city of churches. The formerly top placer of Melbourne, despite its health score of 83.3 out of 100, was among the largest climbers with 16 places up in the world.

Here are some of the current updates on what is happening in Australia,


  • Professor Paul Kelly, the Chief Medical Officer, said that after another Australian was dead from a blood clot with an AstraZeneca vaccination, clotting occurrences remain very uncommon.
  • As health officials examine how four new locall COVID-19 cases have been infected, Melburnians must continue to wear masks outside.
  • Some of the NSW was whitened with snow, while Sydney was shaking on the coolest day in 37 years, while Victoria was being pummelling by severe winds and floods.

Finally, there's exciting news for all the Indian students:

In a few weeks, universities will redeem international students with 250 students on charter planes each month in designated rooms.

The long-awaited rescue plan for the $14 billion foreign training business was unveiled by NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet on Thursday, with final approval likely in days.

Once you arrive in Sydney, perhaps in the vicinity of the city, students from a number of nations will quarantine in intended student accommodation, as established by the institutions.

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