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Cost of Living in Canada


Canada is regarded as one of the most popular destinations for students seeking to further their education. In comparison to other popular countries, studying and living in Canada is more affordable. Furthermore, the scenic grounds, vibrant city atmosphere, and close-knit campus community provide students with an ideal environment for overall development. In this blog, we will discuss the cost of studying in Canada and the cost of living in Canada for Indian students and provide a breakdown of the major expenses.

Cost of Living in Canada for Students

When studying abroad, the cost of living in Canada accounts for a significant portion of their expenses. Knowing how much it will cost to move to Canada and how much it will cost to live in Canada can help students plan more effectively. Finding out the cost of studying in Canada is simple for international students who have decided to take the plunge.

International students' monthly cost of living in Canada averages around 2,500 CAD (1.5 lakhs). A detailed explanation of living expenses in Canada, across some of the best student cities in Canada, and how expensive Canada is in comparison to other top countries in the world is provided.

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Cost of Living in Canada for Family

In Canada, the average cost of living is

  • The monthly cost for a single person, excluding rent, is $1,245.
  • The monthly cost for a single student, excluding rent, is $880.
  • The monthly cost for a two-person family, excluding rent, is nearly $2,500.

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four are 3,388$ (4,262C$) without rent. Without rent, a single person's monthly costs are estimated to be 941$ (1,184C$).

Accommodation Cost in Canada for International Students

As an international student, you will have no trouble finding on-campus housing at Canadian universities. The majority of first-year students prefer to live on campus. However, you should consider whether on-campus housing meets your needs, as most students are required to share their rooms with a common dining area, a laundry room, and recreational facilities.

The most important factor to consider before going for on-campus housing is the rent that you will have to pay for on-campus housing.

The average cost of living in Canada for on-campus housing ranges between CA$ 8,000 and CA$ 10,000 per year.

The rent for off-campus housing may be prohibitively expensive. However, sharing accommodations will be less expensive. To live in Canada, you will need at least CA$ 400 per month.

Types of House

Average Amount in CAD

On-Campus accommodation 

INR 482997.12 to INR 603746.40 per year

Shared Apartment Off-campus

INR  24149.86 to INR  42262.25 per month

Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre

INR 80419.02 per month

Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre

INR 67800.72 per month.

Cost of Food in Canada

Food is never an issue in Canada. Every town has a variety of cuisines, including Indian, American, Continental, Italian, and Chinese. However, the food cost must be considered an expense in Canada.

In Canada, the average monthly cost for food and other expenses may range between CAD 200 and CAD 600. For example, a restaurant breakfast, lunch, or dinner may cost between CAD$ 10 and CAD$ 15 per person.

Food Items

Average Amount in CAD/ INR

Meal for 1 

CA$ 18 / INR 1086.74

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 L)

CA$ 2.30 / INR 138.86

Water (0.33 L)

CA$ 1.85 / INR 111.69

Milk (1 L)

CA$ 2.47 / INR 149.13

Bread (500g)

CA$ 2.94 / INR 177.50

Rice (White, 1 kg)

CA$ 3.71 / INR  223.99

Eggs (1 dozen)

CA$ 3.54 / INR  213.73

Banana (1 kg)

CA$ 1.72 / INR  103.84

Onion (1 kg)

CA$ 2.66 / INR  160.60

Cost of Public Transport in Canada

Canada's public transportation system is well-connected, efficient, and secure. Public transportation can help Indian and international students save money on their monthly expenses in Canada. Aside from that, depending on where you live, cycling or walking to college is a good idea. Buses, trains, subways, and light-rail trains are all standard modes of public transportation in Canada. By showing your student I-Card, you can get student discounts on these public transportation options. This is an excellent way to reduce your monthly living costs in Canada.

The following is an estimate of transportation costs to plan monthly costs in Canada for international students:


Average Cost Per Month


100 CAD - 150 CAD / INR 6037 -  INR 9056 


65 CAD - 99 CAD (Monthly Pass) / INR 3924 - INR 5977

Taxis (1 km)

40 CAD - 50 CAD / INR 2414 - INR 3018 

University Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students

Bachelor's degrees have grown in popularity in recent years. Co-op bachelor's degrees are available at universities in Canada. It allows students to spend four months at the institute and the following four months working with an organisation.



BSc (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

McGill University

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies

University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Carleton University

BSc Chemistry

University of Northern British Columbia

A master's degree in Canada is not limited to lectures and tutorials. It also includes field trips and group projects. To make an informed decision, students should consider placement and ranking.


Popular Course 

University of Toronto

Masters of Medium Studies 

Westford University College

Masters of International Business

University of British Columbia

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering 

McGill University

Masters of Management in Analytics

Health Insurance in Canada

Health insurance is another important component of international students' living costs in Canada. Certain provinces provide free or low-cost provincial health insurance to international students. In these cases, international students are usually required to apply to their respective provinces. Private health insurance must be purchased where provincial health insurance is unavailable.

The following are some popular private medical insurance plans and their costs:

Name of the Plan

Approximate Costs - CAD/INR


225 CAD for 3 months / INR 13,584 

BC MSP Program

74 CAD for 1 month / INR 4467

AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan

176.42 CAD for 8 months / INR 10651.29

According to the Canada Insurance Plan, the average annual premium for obtaining health insurance ranges between $500 and $700. Manulife Financial, Alliance Global, Sun Life, Green Shield, and other well-known insurance companies cater to international students. Insurance costs are an unavoidable part of the cost of studying in Canada.

Best Affordable Cities to Live in Canada

The exchange rate is one of the most important aspects of finance to consider. To better understand your spending, convert your home currency to Canadian dollars on a regular basis. Most money exchange services and banks mark up the rate to increase their exchange profit. 

To determine the living expenses in Canada for international students, keep in mind the most affordable and most expensive cities.

List of Most Expensive Cities:


Average Living Cost Per Month (INR)


Rs. 71,888 except rent


Rs. 67,310 except rent


Rs. 66,277 except rent


Rs. 65,357 except rent


Rs. 62,148 except rent

Many people want to relocate to Canada because it is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live in. Most people want to live in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, but because of their density, they are the most expensive places to live.

If you are considering moving to Canada, here are some of the most affordable cities.

List of Most Affordable Cities:


Average Living Cost Per Month (INR)


Rs. 61,852 except rent

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Rs. 57,124 except rent


Rs. 58,206 except rent


Rs. 55,157 except rent


Rs. 51,099 except rent

Canada is one of the most affordable options for international students when it comes to studying abroad. When compared to other well-known foreign study locations such as Australia and the United States, the overall cost of living in Canada for international students is slightly lower, with tuition fees being the largest contributor. Contact our counsellors at AECC Global today for more information on living and studying in Canada as an international student.

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