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Cost of Living in Dubai for International Students

Dubai, known for its opulence and modern infrastructure, presents a unique living experience for international students. While the cost of living is relatively high compared to other student destinations, Dubai offers a range of lifestyle options to suit various budgets.

Cost of Living in Dubai 2024

  • On-Campus vs Off-Campus Options: Students can choose from on-campus residences provided by universities or explore off-campus housing like studio apartments and serviced apartments.
  • Monthly Rent Range: The average rent varies from AED 2,500 to 14,000, influenced by location and amenities.
  • University-Associated Housing: Many universities offer convenient housing options near campus, with choices ranging from single to shared rooms.

On-Campus Accommodation

  • Accommodation Types: Options include single rooms, twin sharing in three-bedroom apartments, or studio rooms with shared kitchen and living spaces.
  • Duration-Based Rates: Accommodation rates are flexible, available for periods ranging from 15 days to 12 months.
  • Facilities: These accommodations typically include amenities like gyms, high-speed internet, and round-the-clock security, ensuring a comfortable and secure living environment for students.

Cost of On-campus Accommodation in Dubai

University Accommodation Costs


Cost (AED)

Cost (INR)

University of Birmingham of Dubai

AED 3,900

INR 88,485

Heriot-Watt University Dubai

AED 4,800

INR 1,08,921

Middlesex University Dubai

AED 4,600

INR 1,04,366

Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai

AED 3,500

INR 79,405

University of Dubai

AED 3,300

INR 74,884

Off-Campus Accommodation in Dubai

Annual Rent Costs


Annual Cost (AED)

Annual Cost (INR)

Dubai Academic City

AED 40,000 - 50,000

INR 9,07,904 - 1,34,784

Dubai Silicon Oasis

AED 45,000 - 65,000

INR 10,21,185 - 14,75,052

Dubai International City

AED 33,000 - 44,000

INR 7,48,836 - 9,98,449

Jumeirah Village Circle

AED 23,000 - 43,000

INR 5,21,940 - 9,75,801

Cost of Meals in Dubai

Average Meal Costs


Cost (AED)

Cost (INR)


AED 9 - 125

INR 204 - 2,837


AED 7 - 40

INR 150 - 907

Tresind Indian food

AED 125

INR 2,836

StarBucks (Coffee)

AED 13 - 32

INR 295 - 726

Cost of Groceries in Dubai

Grocery Item Costs

Food Item

Cost (AED)

Cost (INR)



INR 181

Chicken 1kg

AED 18

INR 408

Potatoes 1kg


INR 90

Tomato 1kg


INR 204

Rice 1kg

AED 20

INR 453

Dal 1kg

AED 13

INR 294

Eggs (12)

AED 15

INR 340

Transportation Costs in Dubai

Transportation Expenses

Mode of Transport

Cost (AED)

Cost (INR)

Sharing Taxi

AED 25 + 1.97/km

INR 567 + 44/km

Public Bus

AED 3 - 8

INR 68 - 181


AED 3 - 17

INR 68 - 385

Private Car (Monthly Rental)

AED 1290

INR 29,266

Dubai Trams

AED 3 - 8

INR 68 - 181

Medical Costs in Dubai

Annual Medical Expenses


Annual Cost (AED)

Annual Cost (INR)


AED 3,000

INR 68,097


AED 15,000

INR 3,40,488

Clothing Costs in Dubai

Clothing Expenses


Cost (AED)

Cost (INR)

Jeans (Levis)

AED 261

INR 5,922

Tops (H&M)

AED 80 - 200

INR 1,815 - 4,538


AED 300 - 1000

INR 6,807 - 22,690

Utility Costs in Dubai

Monthly Utility Expenses


Cost (AED)

Cost (INR)

Electricity (per kWh)

AED 0.29

INR 6.58


AED 215

INR 4,878


AED 100

INR 2,269

Mobile Plan

AED 125 - 200

INR 2,836 - 4,538


AED 299 - 700

INR 6,784 - 15,883

Total Monthly Cost for a Single Student (Approximate)

  • Accommodation: AED 2,500 - 14,000
  • Meals: AED 2,000
  • Groceries: AED 160 - 4,800
  • Transportation: Varies based on mode
  • Utilities: AED 2000

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Living in Dubai for International Students

  • Start a Savings Plan: Allocate at least 10% of any income (from part-time or full-time jobs) into a savings account for emergency funds.
  • Budget Monthly Expenses: Create and adhere to a monthly budget, focusing on essential expenses to manage the overall cost of living.
  • Buy Groceries in Bulk: Purchase daily groceries in bulk to save money and time. Look for supermarket offers and compare prices for the best deals.
  • Use Food Apps for Discounts: Utilise apps like Uber Eats, Talabat, and Noon Food to buy food at discounted prices.
  • Shop at Thrift Stores: Buy clothes from thrift stores and secondhand shops to stay fashionable while saving money.
  • Opt for Medical Insurance: Get comprehensive medical insurance to cover health needs and avoid high medical bills.
  • Avoid Credit Cards: Steer clear of credit cards due to high-interest rates in Dubai, which can lead to increased debt.
  • Choose Affordable Housing: Opt for budget-friendly apartments or consider shared housing to reduce accommodation costs.
  • Minimise Utility Bills: Limit the use of high-voltage electronics and prefer fans over air conditioners to cut down on electricity bills.
  • Use Public Transportation: Utilise Dubai's efficient public transport system and get a pre-filled card for metro use to save on travel expenses.


Are there affordable housing options available for students in Dubai?

This question is crucial as accommodation is a significant part of living expenses. It explores options like university dorms, shared apartments, or budget-friendly neighborhoods.

What are the transportation costs for students in Dubai?

Understanding the public transportation system, its costs, and any available student discounts is vital for budgeting and daily commuting.

Are there any additional expenses I should consider as an international student in Dubai?

This question aims to cover other costs like health insurance, mobile and internet plans, entertainment, and any school-related expenses outside tuition fees. It helps in creating a comprehensive budget.

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