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Cost of Living in Dubai for Indian Students


Dubai is a preferred destination among international students, especially Indians. The highly sophisticated country is home to thousands of Indian nationals, making it easier for students to adjust. However, it is essential to learn in detail about the likely costs that will come your way if you study in Dubai.

Do you know the monthly rent in Dubai? Do you know how much it costs to live in Dubai? Do you wish to know in detail about the cost of each and everything in Dubai? If yes, you should read further. This blog contains detailed information on everything you need to know about the cost of living in Dubai.

What is the Cost of Living in Dubai?

If we are discussing the cost of living in Dubai for students, PRs and families, we need to discuss the costs involved, such as housing, clothing, utilities, etc. Although living in Dubai is contrary to what people think, it is relatively affordable. In this blog, we will discuss the various costs involved to give you an idea of the amount it costs to live in Dubai.

Cost of Living in Dubai for Indian Family

A family of four Indian members costs around 12,778 AED (2,86,270 INR). This amount includes meals, housing, transportation, clothing, etc.

Cost of Living in Dubai for Indian Students

On-campus accommodation will cost students around 14,000-27,000 AED (2,81,400-5,42,700 INR). However, if you go for private accommodation, you will pay more, around 70,000-1,00,000 AED (14,07,000-20,10,000 INR), but to reduce these costs, you can opt for a shared apartment.

Cost of Living in Dubai for Single Person

For a single person living in Dubai, we can expect a cost between 3000 and 5000 AED per month. Breaking it down, people who live alone prefer living in studios, which can cost 2583-4166 AED, while groceries can be as low as 400 AED. Utilities cost around 750-1000 AED.

Average Cost of House in Dubai and its Rent

Comparing the costs below, the monthly house rent outside the city centre is cheaper than the rent in the city centre. Nonetheless, we recommend keeping a budget of around 20,000 AED per month for living in Dubai.

Type of House 

Average Cost (in AED and INR)

1 bedroom apartment in city centre

6224 AED (1,39,438 INR)

1 bedroom apartment outside city centre

3675 AED (82,332 INR)

3 bedroom apartment in city centre

11,249 AED (2,52,015 INR)

3 bedroom apartment outside city centre

6935 AED (1,55,367 INR)

Cost of Groceries in Dubai

Daily groceries such as eggs and milk are also essential, especially when you plan to stay in Dubai for a long time. Fortunately, these costs are also very affordable.

Type of Grocery

Average Cost in AED and INR

Milk (1 L)

6 AED (134 INR)

Loaf of white bread

5 AED (112 INR)

White rice (1 kg)

7 AED (156 INR)

Eggs (dozen, regular)

11 AED (246 INR)

Cheese (200 g)

8 AED (179 INR)

Chicken breast (1 kg)

28 AED (627 INR)

Apples (1 kg)

8 AED (179 INR)

Bananas (1 kg)

7 AED (156 INR)

Oranges (1 kg)

6 AED (134 INR)

Tomatoes (1kg)

6 AED (134 INR)

Potatoes (1 kg)

4 AED (89 INR)

Onions (1 kg)

3 AED (67 INR)

Lettuce (1 head)

7 AED (156 INR)

Jam (370 g)

13 AED (291 INR)

Cost of Utilities in Dubai

Daily comforts are the necessities of human beings. These include electricity, cooling, etc. Unfortunately, in Dubai, these utilities amount to a slightly high price.

Type of Utility 

Average Cost in AED and INR

Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage

597 AED (13,374 INR) per month


358 AED (8020 INR) per month

Cost of Clothes in Dubai

Even if you wish to buy decent clothing in Dubai, it will be slightly expensive. We recommend keeping a budget of around 200 and 400 AED for your short stay. If you are staying longer or buying more clothing items, a budget of about 1000 AED is ideal.

Types of Clothes

Average Cost in AED and INR

1 pair of jeans

242 AED (5421 INR)

1 summer dress in a chain store

206 AED (4615 INR)

1 pair of Nike running shoes

311 AED (6967 INR)

1 pair of men's leather business shoes

320 AED (7169 INR)

Medical Expenses in Dubai

The public medical expenses in Dubai for locals are free, but expats must pay for medicine and healthcare. Fortunately, these expenses become cheaper with health cards and the essential benefits plan.

Type of Expense 


Average Amount (in INR & AED)

Health Card

Expatriate fees up to 10 years

120 AED (2688 INR)

Expatriate fees from 18+ years

320 AED(7169 INR)

Nationals fees up to 10 years

25 AED (560 INR)

Nationals fees from 18+ years

120 AED (2688 INR)

The essential benefit Plan


650 - 725 AED(14,562 - 16,242 INR) 

Dependants (between 0 and 65 years)

650 AED (14,562 INR)

Non-working married females (between 18 and 45 years)

1600 AED (35,845 INR)

Elderly parents

2500 AED (56,008 INR)

General domestic help 

650 AED (14,562 INR)

Cost of Food in Dubai

A great news for Indians living in Dubai is they can easily find Indian food. So, even if the local variety is not suitable for them, they will find something good to eat. Below we have broken down the cost of Indian food in Dubai.

Food Items

Average Cost (in AED and INR)


15 AED (336 INR)


26 - 55 AED (576 - 1219 INR)


11 - 15 AED (244 - 336 INR)


11 - 21 AED (244 - 466 INR)

Masala Dose

5 AED (111 INR)


92.5 AED (2050.7 INR) per kg


2.5 AED (55.42 INR)


1.5 AED (33.25 INR)

Dubai Public Transport Cost

Contrary to what you might think, public transportation in Dubai is relatively affordable. Below we have mentioned the types of Dubai public transport and their costs for your reference.

Type of Transportation 

Average Cost (in AED and INR)

Taxi (per 1 km)

2 AED (44 INR)

Bus (single ticket)

5 AED (112 INR)

Bus (monthly pass)

300 AED (6721 INR)

Petrol (1 L)

2 AED (44 INR)

fDubai is one of the most preferred destinations by Indians. You will surely find a number of Indian nationals in the country. If you are planning to study in Dubai, it is essential that you know about the cost of living in detail. You can contact aecc to get more information about the courses and admission procedures for studying in Dubai.

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