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Cost Of Studying In Germany


Are you planning to study in Europe? Then Germany can be one of the best choices for you. Higher education in this subcontinent is cheaper than in other European countries and most study abroad destinations.

Average Tuition Fees in Germany

380000 overseas students have chosen Germany as their higher education destination & the national government established a rule abolishing all the tuition fees from its public universities. However, you need to pay a semester contribution fee, which is around 300 Euros for each semester. However, students enrolled in private German universities pay about 30000 Euros in tuition fees and other charges. While general arts and science courses may still be affordable, MBA and engineering courses are relatively costlier.

Cost of Studying in Germany: Public Universities

A great thing about studying in a Deutsch or German public university is that you don't have to pay tuition fees. However, in some situations, you may be charged a small semester fee ranging from around 250 to 350 Euros. Below we have given the top German public institutions this fee.

University Name

Amount in Euro & INR

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

24157 (300)

The Technical University of Munich

20775 (258)

Humboldt University Berlin

Between 55159 (685) and 80524 (1000)

The Technical University of Berlin

24801 (308)

The Free University of Berlin

25122.96 (311.99)

RWTH Aachen University

88174 (1095)

Cost of Studying in Germany: Private Universities

While public universities in Germany are affordable for international students, on the other hand, private universities are not that affordable. The cost can be between 25000 and 40000 Euros, with MBAs and engineering programs being the costliest.

University Name

Amount in Euro & INR

The University of Applied Sciences Europe

112734 (1400)

GISMA Business School

1610497 (20000)

SRH Hochschule Berlin

805248 (10000)

The Code University of Applied Sciences

789143 (9800)

Munich Business School

1932597 (24000)

EBC Hochschule

805248 (10000)

Bard College Berlin

2391589 (29700)

Cost of Studying in Germany for Undergraduate Degree

The German National government introduced a law to make all undergraduate degrees free of tuition fees at its public universities. However, the state of Baden-Württemberg reintroduced tuition fees for non-EU students. They must now pay 3000 Euros (242184 INR) yearly, while second-degree pursuers pay 1300 Euros (104946 INR). Other states may soon reapply tuition fees at public universities.

Cost of Studying in Germany for Post Graduate Degree

The STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management streams make up 50% of all the students applying for MS or Masters in Germany. We have listed below some of the most well-known MS courses that the Deutsch universities have to offer.

Post Graduate Degree

Amount in INR & Euro

MS in Electrical Engineering

Up to 257000 (3191)

MS in Computer Science

Up to 249000 (3092)

MS in Automotive Engineering

Up to 498000 (6184)

MS in Chemical Engineering

Up to 249000 (3092)

MS in Robotics

Up to 66000 (819)

MS in Finance

Up to 1811810 (22500)

MS in Data Science

Up to 1432441 (17788)

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Up to 1368923 (17000)

MS in Biotechnology

Up to 241574 (3000)

Cost of Living in Germany

Germany has received the 15th highest rank in terms of cost of living. That makes it one of the most reasonable nations for international students. The average cost of living in the Deutsch subcontinent is around 850 Euros (74000 INR) monthly, which translates to 10236 Euros (890000 INR) yearly.

German Student Visa Cost

The German or Deutsch Student Visa is long-term (over 90 days). It is also called the D Visa. The application cost for this visa for adults is 75 EUR (6521 INR), which they must pay at the end of the visa appointment.


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