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Courses in Dubai for Indian Students


Dubai has emerged as a global educational hub, attracting students from various parts of the world, including India. The city's diverse culture, world-class infrastructure, and a plethora of educational institutions make it an appealing destination for Indian students seeking quality education abroad.  

Do you know which are the best study fields in Dubai? Are you aware of the top Dubai Higher education courses?

If you wish to learn more about the best courses in Dubai, you can read the blog further and get all the details, including the high-demand courses in Dubai, top Dubai course offerings, Dubai University degree programs, study options in Dubai etc. This blog aims to explore the top courses in Dubai for Indian students.

Best Courses to Study in Dubai in The Year 2024

After finishing a course in Dubai, there are many different kinds of jobs one can explore and pursue. Let us have a look at some of the top courses in Dubai.

  1. Technology: You could work in new tech companies, help companies with their digital changes, or work in IT.
  2. Finance and Business: There are jobs in banks, helping businesses with advice, or even starting your own business.
  3. Engineering: Students can find various jobs, depending on their field of education and expertise.
  4. Healthcare and Wellness: You can work in hospitals, help with new health technology, or even in places promoting fitness.
  5. Hospitality and Tourism: You could work in hotels, help people with travel plans, or manage events.
  6. Construction and Real Estate: Jobs involve making buildings, managing construction, and planning how cities should look.
  7. Arts and Media: Jobs might be in making videos, art, or design work.
  8. Renewable Energy and Sustainability: You could help protect the environment or work on new ways to get energy without hurting the planet.
  9. Education and Research: Jobs could be teaching or working on new ways to teach using technology.
  10. Retail and E-commerce: You might work in shops or sell things online.
  11. Legal and Compliance: Jobs might involve legal stuff or make sure companies follow rules.
  12. Remote Work: There are opportunities to work from home or online in various fields.

Numerous job opportunities are available in Dubai across diverse sectors. Explore job platforms, corporate websites, or networks within your industry to discover the perfect career fit for you!

Study Program

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in AED)

Top Dubai Universities

Job Prospects

Average Annual Salary (in AED)



Heriot-Watt University Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai

High demand in tech firms, cybersecurity, IT consultancy

AED 100,000 - AED 300,000

Finance and Business

AED 60,000 - AED 120,000

University of Dubai, SP Jain School of Global Management

Opportunities in banking, finance, consultancy

AED 120,000 - AED 400,000


AED 70,000 - AED 150,000

American University in Dubai, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai

Positions in construction, manufacturing, design

AED 150,000 - AED 500,000

Healthcare and Wellness

AED 80,000 - AED 160,000

Dubai Medical College, Gulf Medical University

Wide-ranging in healthcare, nursing, medical research

AED 180,000 - AED 600,000

Hospitality and Tourism

AED 50,000 - AED 100,000

Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, MODUL University Dubai

Careers in hotels, tourism, event management

AED 80,000 - AED 250,000

Construction and Real Estate

AED 60,000 - AED 130,000

Canadian University Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Opportunities in real estate, project management

AED 120,000 - AED 350,000

Arts and Media

AED 40,000 - AED 90,000

SAE Institute Dubai, American University in Dubai

Roles in advertising, media production, creative arts

AED 70,000 - AED 200,000

Renewable Energy and Sustainability

AED 70,000 - AED 140,000

Murdoch University Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Growing field in environmental consultancy, green tech

AED 100,000 - AED 300,000

Education and Research

AED 50,000 - AED 100,000

Zayed University, University of Wollongong in Dubai

Teaching, academic research, educational leadership

AED 90,000 - AED 220,000

Retail and E-commerce

AED 60,000 - AED 120,000

University of Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai

Retail management, e-commerce, marketing

AED 100,000 - AED 250,000

Legal and Compliance

AED 70,000 - AED 130,000

British University in Dubai, University of Dubai

Legal counsel, compliance officers, corporate law

AED 130,000 - AED 350,000

Post-Course Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai offers a multitude of post-course opportunities across various fields and industries. Let us look at a brief overview of potential opportunities open for students post their course completion

  • Technology and Innovation

1. Tech Startups: Dubai has a thriving tech startup ecosystem. Students can explore opportunities in emerging fields such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Smart Technologies, etc.

2. Digital Transformation Roles: Various companies are seeking skilled students who have immense knowledge of digital transformation that can help streamline operations and bring new innovations.

3. IT Services: Companies require skilled individuals in various tech fields including Software Development, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics.

  • Finance and Business

1. Financial Services: Dubai is a major financial hub, and is well known for offering various roles in Banking, Investment, and Fintech.

2. Consulting and Advisory: Students post their graduation can also bag opportunities in business consulting, strategy, and advisory services.

3. Entrepreneurship: Dubai also encourages and widely promotes entrepreneurship. Dubai is a perfect place for students who wish to launch their own business venture

  • Healthcare and Wellness

1. Healthcare Industry: With a growing emphasis on healthcare, roles in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, and health tech are in high demand.

2. Wellness and Fitness: Opportunities in gyms, wellness centres, and fitness training have been rising as a majority of people are leading poor lifestyle habits and choices.

  • Hospitality and Tourism

1. Hospitality Management: Dubai is renowned for its luxury hospitality. Students who wish to do a job in the hospitality field can explore roles in hotels, resorts, spas, and event management.

2. Tourism and Travel Agencies: There are several opportunities in travel agencies, tour operations, and destination management.

  • Construction and Real Estate

1. Real Estate Development: Roles in property development, construction management, and real estate consultancy.

2. Civil Engineering: Opportunities in infrastructure projects, urban planning, and architectural design.

  • Arts and Media

1. Media Production: Explore opportunities in film, television, advertising, and digital media production.

2. Creative Arts: Opportunities in galleries, art curation, and design agencies.

  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability

1. Environmental Consultancy: Roles in sustainable practices, green initiatives, and environmental consulting.

2. Renewable Energy Development: Opportunities in solar, wind, and other sustainable energy sectors.

  • Education and Research

1. Academia: Opportunities in universities, research institutions, and educational consulting.

2. Edtech: Roles in online education platforms and e-learning development.

  • Retail and E-commerce

1. Retail Management: Opportunities in malls, retail chains, and e-commerce companies.

2. E-commerce Platforms: Roles in online retail, logistics, and digital marketing.

  • Legal and Compliance

1. Legal Services: Opportunities in law firms, corporate legal departments, and compliance roles.

2. Regulatory Affairs: Roles ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards.


Dubai's educational landscape offers a diverse range of courses, making it an enticing destination for Indian students. The multicultural environment, world-class institutions, and industry-relevant programs ensure that students receive a well-rounded education, setting them on the path to a successful career. Whether it's Business, Engineering, Medicine, or the Arts, Dubai's educational offerings cater to the diverse aspirations of Indian students, making it a top choice for those seeking quality education abroad. Dubai's diverse job market provides various opportunities across numerous sectors, allowing individuals to explore fields that align with their interests and expertise. Additionally, make sure to check company websites and build your professional networks to find jobs matching your skills and aspirations. If you wish to learn more about popular courses in Dubai for Indian students, you can contact AECC. We have expert counsellors to guide you throughout the process to study abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!


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