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Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada for Indian Students

Canada, one of the most livable nations in the world, is renowned for being the ideal location to pursue a degree in a complex subject like pharmacy. Pharmacy remains one of the most in-demand courses across the globe. It is essential for human health, and nearly every field of work needs someone trained in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and research. As a pharmacy student, you can work in job roles such as pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, or clinical research associates.

In Canada, a diploma in pharmacy has become increasingly popular during the last 5 to 8 years. One of the most sought-after courses in Canada is the Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy, which has a lower tuition rate but offers a comparable educational experience. International students' postgraduate pharmacy courses in Canada are unquestionably unique and are known for their high-tech infrastructure. Continue reading about the Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada courses, fees, eligibility, jobs and salary. 

Why Study PG Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada?

After completing a B.Pharmacy, numerous diploma programmes are offered in Canada for both domestic and international students. Let us investigate the following factors to see why Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada is so well-liked by people worldwide:

Growth of pharmacy as a market:
The market for pharmacies is expected to grow quickly in Canada because of the increasing consumption of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, healthcare costs are projected to rise by more than 11% of Canada's entire GDP.

Lack of pharmacists: Although there is a higher demand for pharmaceutical goods and services in Canada, there is a shortage of qualified personnel in this field. Consequently, there is a shortage of knowledgeable pharmacists in Canada, according to the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA).

Excellent employment prospects:
According to some studies, 13,000 more positions will be available in the pharmaceutical industry by 2028, with 90% of Canadian applicants for courses connected to pharmacy projected to find employment. In Canada, a pharmacy diploma might also help you get a well-paying job.

Quality Education: Canada is renowned for providing exceptional education and the highest academic standards in the world to overseas students. A diploma will give you an equally valuable education because Canadian universities are renowned for their groundbreaking research.

Low tuition: Compared to other countries, studying for a PG Diploma in pharmacy in Canada is unquestionably less expensive than a master's degree in pharmacy.

Popular Diploma Courses in Pharmacy

These are the listed courses in Canada for the pharmacy programme for Indian students.

Course Name


Diploma in Pharmacy

2 Years

Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy

2 Years

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing

2 Years

Diploma in Drug Store Management

2 Years

Diploma in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance

1-3 Years

PG Diploma in Drug Store Management

1-3 Years

PG Diploma in Principles of Clinical Pharmacology

1-3 Years

PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management

2 Years

PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

2 Years

PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

2 Years

PG Diploma in Herbal Products

1-3 Years

Top Universities in Canada for Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada

Canada is renowned for its world-class education system, and its pharmacy programs are no exception. For students aspiring to pursue a Diploma in Pharmacy, Canada offers a plethora of options across its prestigious universities. Here's a comprehensive guide to the top universities in Canada offering Diploma in Pharmacy programs, complete with details on the programs offered and tuition fees.


Program Offered

Tuition Fee (CAD/Year)

Seneca College

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs & Quality Operations Graduate Certificate


Humber College

Pharmacy Technician Diploma


Georgian College

Pharmacy Technician Diploma


Bredin Institute

International Pharmacy Bridging Program


Note: Tuition fees are subject to change and may vary based on program specifics and student status.

Eligibility Requirements to Study Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada

The prerequisites for a PG Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada are relatively straightforward. According to most Canadian universities, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) evaluation exam must be passed to register as a pharmacist in Canada.

Let's examine the eligibility for a pharmacy diploma in Canada:

  1. Academic transcripts and bachelor/master's degree
  2. English proficiency test scores

Now, let's briefly discuss the regulations for pharmacies in Canada:

Academic records and a bachelor's or master's degree

The most fundamental need for international students applying to the Diploma in Pharmacy programme in Canada is to submit their high school and bachelor's degree transcripts, coupled with a bachelor's degree from an accredited university.

English proficiency test scores

IELTS, TOEFL, or other tests must be used to confirm your English competence if you are an overseas student. Indian students must have an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher to enrol in pharmacy-related courses in Canada.

Application Process to Study Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada

Suppose you have all the necessary documentation and follow the steps below. In that case, the admissions process for overseas students for PG diploma pharmacy courses in Canada is pretty simple. It is not at all thought to be laborious:

  • After earning your B. Pharmacy in Canada, decide on your PG Diploma courses and a college to begin your adventure.
  • Send in the application form and the required fee.
  • Send in all the documentation and prerequisites requested by the specific university.
  • If there are scholarships or financial aid opportunities at the university, apply for them.
  • Await the result of the admission.

Documents Required

The supporting documents that must be presented are:

  • Completed application form.
  • certificates of previous education completion
  • IELTS and TOEFL test scores needed to study in Canada
  • Student visas for Canadian universities

Cost of Studying Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada

Starting on your educational journey in Canada involves planning for various expenses. The cost of studying for a Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada encompasses more than just tuition fees. Here's a breakdown of the typical costs you can expect:

Expense Type

Cost (CAD/Year)


15,000 - 35,000

Books and Supplies



8,000 - 12,000

Health Insurance

600 - 800

Meal Plans

2,500 - 4,000


1,000 - 2,000

These figures are estimates and may vary based on lifestyle, university, and program.

Scholarships to Study Pharmacy in Canada

To ease the financial burden of studying abroad, numerous scholarships are available for pharmacy students in Canada. These scholarships not only acknowledge academic excellence but also support students in need. Below is a list of some notable scholarships along with their amounts and eligibility criteria.



Amount (CAD)

Eligibility Criteria

University of Toronto

International Scholar Award

100,000 (over four years)

Academic Excellence

University of British Columbia

International Major Entrance Scholarship


Outstanding International Students

University of Guelph

Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

17,500 - 20,500 (over four years)

High Academic Achievement

Laurentian University

Academic Excellence Scholarship

40,000 - 60,000

Score 80-100%

Jobs & Salary after Diploma in Pharmacy in Canada

In Canada, a pharmacist makes, on average, $93,702 a year, or $48.05 an hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $109,118 per year, while entry-level positions start at $85,787.

Jobs Role

Salary in CAD

Pharmacy Manager




Staff Pharmacist


Clinical Pharmacist




Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy Tech


Pharmacy Assistant




Pharmacy Clerk



Scholarship amounts and criteria are subject to change. Students are advised to check the latest information on university websites.

We hope this blog helped you understand what a diploma in Pharmacy in Canada is and the immense scope of this field. Suppose you are planning to pursue a field of diploma in Pharmacy and do not know where to start. Contact AECC experts, and we will aid you in choosing a programme and institution that best suits your goals and interests while also giving you the necessary training and exposure to this rewarding field of study.


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