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Hotel Management Courses in Australia for Indian Students


The study of Hotel Management Courses in Australia teaches how to create business plans for the travel sector. In order to satisfy customers, Hotel management students learn how to handle wholesome cuisine, comfortable lodging, and enjoyable activities. Students who enjoy travelling and are searching for a dynamic job involving human connection can consider studying hospitality.

If you like to travel, interact with people, and ensure that visitors are having a good time overall, consider pursuing a Hotel management course in Australia. Being a real diplomat, remaining composed in tense situations, speaking at least one foreign language, and learning to take into account all of your visitors' wants and preferences are all necessary for success in the Hotel management profession.

A hotel manager is in charge of all daily operations in a hotel company. They handle a wide range of responsibilities, such as managing accounting, sales, company growth, and customer support. They are also known as an operations manager for a hotel.

Why Study Hotel Management Courses in Australia

  • Australia has worked hard to grow and market its Hotel and tourism industry, making it one of the top countries for many years. Using sophisticated internet navigation, travellers may quickly browse through applications and websites to identify hotels and tourist destinations.
  • The country is naturally endowed with beaches, mountains, and unique animals, so the hard work put into the Hotel and tourism industry is not the sole factor.
  • Students can engage in their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the subject in Australia, which has a history in hotel management concerns. Their degrees are accepted and acknowledged all over the world for obvious reasons. Universities and colleges in Australia provide undergraduate and graduate programmes in hotel management.

Top Hotel Management Courses in Australia

  • The majority of Hotel management courses are available as M.A. (Master of Science) or degrees in (Master of Science). Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are available for some programmes. Normally, it takes 2 years to finish them all. You have a variety of specialisation options when studying Hotel management, including restaurant management, event management, luxury brand management, and others.
  • A graduate degree in Hotel management has different course requirements depending on the university and programme you choose. However, you can anticipate taking courses in areas such as Team Performance, Marketing, Economics & Finance, Marketing, and Strategic Management.
  • In these Management seminars, students can learn a wide range of industry-specific and soft skills. These include multitasking, learning new languages, working in a team, and paying close attention to details, in addition to communication, cultural awareness, and customer service skills.
  • In the tourism and Hotel industries, where you must work with a variety of individuals, personalities, and teams and ensure that your clients or visitors always have a five-star experience, all of these abilities are crucial.

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List of Top Hotel Management Colleges in Australia

The huge variety of courses linked to hotel management that Australia's top universities offer is another element that contributes to the degree's immense popularity. Undoubtedly, it attracts millions of students from throughout the world.

Universities that offer these programmes are specialised organisations that instruct students and help them comprehend the professionalism and every subtlety of the industry. Students are ready to work in the field once they have finished their coursework.

QS Ranking 



University of Queensland


University of Technology Sydney


Griffith University


James Cook University


Edith Cowan University


Southern Cross University


International College of Hotel Management


Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide


Torrens University Australia

Hotel Management Course Fees in Australia

If you have decided to study abroad and pursue Hotel Management, then ensure to consider multiple options. The best options are compiled below to study in Australia.
University Course Offered Tuition Fees
Victoria University Hospitality & Hotel Management AUD 17,000
Torrens University
Bachelor of Business AUD 32,200
Diploma of Business AUD 32,200
Master of International Hotel Management AUD 33,000
Edith Cowan College Diploma of Hotel Management AUD 30,000
Griffith College
Diploma in Hotel Management AUD 30,500
Associate Degree in Commerce and Business AUD 30,500
Bond University
Bachelor of Hotel & Tourism Management AUD 40,000
Master of Hotel & Tourism Management AUD 60,000
Blue mountains International Hotel management school Hotel Management
William Angliss Institute
Associate Degree Resort & Hotel Management AUD 19,700
Bachelor of Resort & Hotel Management AUD 19,700
ICHM Master of International Hotel Management AUD 26,000
The Hotel School
Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management AUD 30,000
Master of Busines in Global Hotel Leadership AUD 27,700
Le Cordon Bleu Bachelor of Business ( Hotel Management) AUD 21,300
Australian School Management Hotel Management course

Hotel Management Courses in Australia: Eligibility

A minimum combined score of 50% in class 10 and class 12 exams is required to be eligible for the hotel management programme. In some circumstances, a diploma or certification in hotel management is required to be eligible for employment in the industry after completing grade 12. Some of the documents that you must provide before applying for Hotel management are:

Transcripts, character certificates, and provisional certificates from all previous institutions and colleges (Bachelor, High School, and Class 10) are examples of academic documentation.
English Language Scores- Should be valid
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Experience letter for gap
Letter of Recommendation, if asked by the university
Identification documents like passport
Application Fees

Test results for English

The English proficiency test must be taken by international students from English-speaking nations, and they must obtain minimum scores of

  • IELTS: 6.5, with a score in each band of at least 6.0.
  • 79 to 85 on the TOEFL, with a minimum score of 17.
  • PTE: 58-65, with a required subscore of at least 50

Hotel Management Courses in Australia: Admission Process

Step 1: Choose your course and education provider.

Investigate courses, institutions, and their locations thoroughly. Consider the specialisations available through various courses and which specialisations will best suit your intended career path.

After deciding on the best course, you must determine which education providers offer it and which provider best meets your needs.

Step 2: Apply.

It is now time to apply for your course and education provider. Check the academic and English language entry requirements before applying to ensure you are eligible. International students typically apply to Australian institutions directly, either by mail or online. Application forms can be downloaded from institutions' websites or requested to be posted.

Most application forms require you to supply:

  • details of your previous academic qualifications, such as academic transcripts
  • your course preferences — the course(s) you are applying for
  • a summary of your employment experience (if applicable).

Step 3: Have your application processed.

When the education provider receives your application, you will be evaluated and informed of the outcome. Your application may take a few weeks (longer for postgraduate applications) to be processed.

Step 4: Accept your offer.

If your application is accepted, you will be sent a letter of acceptance as well as an acceptance form. Before accepting the offer, read the letter of the offer carefully and check for any conditions that may apply.

Step 5: Prepare for departure.

Now that you've been accepted, you'll need to apply for a student visa. You can apply for your student visa using either your letter of offer or your CoE, but you must provide proof of your CoE before your student visa will be granted.

Scholarships in Australia for Hotel Management Courses

Several Australian universities offer scholarships for students who cannot manage their expenses.

This is another benefit these universities provide their students. However, not every university offers it. And there are different types of scholarships; here are a few popular scholarships provided by universities.




The Southern Cross University Masters Scholarship

AU $10,000 for the duration of the 1-year program

The Hotel School Sydney Bachelor Scholarship

AU $10,000 for year 2 of the program

Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

50% tuition fee annually

  • Excellence in education
  • Be an applicant for a bachelor’s or post-graduate course in the institution

Neil Brice Memorial Fund


Queensland university to cater to international and domestic students

Must have proof of lack of funding

Coffs Coast International Women's Day Female Postgraduate Scholarship

Fully- Funded 

  • Female post-graduate scholarship
  • Must be a female candidate who has enrolled for a post-graduate course within the university

Three Pillars Blue Mountain Scholarship

Up to 30%  of the tuition fee.

Must be enrolled in hotel management courses

Alfred and Olivia Wayne Memorial Scholarship

up to 3000 AUD

extraordinary academic record

International Advancement Scholarship

8000 AUD

undergraduate and postgraduate programs

Government Funded Scholarships

Jobs & Salary For Hotel Management Courses in Australia

A degree in hotel management can guarantee a good job in the Hotel Management industry in Australia. A career in this sector also allows for extensive travel and work in various parts of the world, making the sector even more diverse and interesting.

Job Title


Hotel Manager

AU$57k - AU$84k

General Manager, Hotel

AU$75k - AU$128k

Operations Manager

AU$60k - AU$81k

Duty Manager

AU$55k - AU$62k

Bar Manager

AU$49k - AU$62k

General / Operations Manager

AUD70K -AUD 90k

Front Office Manager

AUD 50k - AUD70k

Customer Service Assistant

AUD 43,000 – AUD 62,000

Gaming Hosts

AUD 52,000 –AUD 63,000

Head Chef

AUD 55,000 – AUD 60,000

Future Scope of Hotel Management Courses

The future scope of hotel management is enormous globally. The hospitality industry is overgrowing, with new hotels opening up worldwide in large and small cities. This growth has increased the demand for trained professionals worldwide, so it is an excellent time to pursue a hotel management course. In addition to the benefits of such a degree, hotel management professionals can enter virtually any major job field.

More students are pursuing a career in the industry now. The demand for qualified and experienced managers is more significant than ever. To succeed in this career field, students need to have the right skills, training, and knowledge. In addition to theoretical education, they must also have practical experience dealing with clients.

Work permit after Bachelor in Hotel Management Courses in Australia

When compared to other countries, Australia has a fairly different system of education and employment. This suggests that graduates have a variety of employment options. To work in Australia after receiving a master's degree in computer science, you must submit a work visa application. The post-study work visa enables international students who graduated with a degree from an accredited Australian university to work there after finishing their studies. Students who obtain a skilled graduate temporary visa can remain in the country and work there for up to three years after they have finished their studies.

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