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Intakes in Germany for Indian Students


Germany is considered one of the top destinations for students in case you decide to study abroad. There are many reasons that are attached to this. Some of them are: The country has many top-rated universities that are ranked highly. The infrastructure and curriculum belong to world-class standards. There are no tuition fees that are being charged in most of the public universities in Germany. They are funded by the state governments.

German university intakes work on the Bologna reform that makes sure all the students get a unified and internationally recognised degree. Though tuition fees come for free, you will have a good amount of job opportunities to support your other expenses. Universities arrange for internships at top-rate companies, helping students to have a good experience that might help them land a well-paid job at a later date.

Moreover, you will feel at home as the country is filled with history, cultural activities and last but not the least an active nightlife. It is the world's third most sought-after destination to study abroad.

Types of Intakes in Germany

Most of the German universities are popular among International students. The courses that are popular among the students include research programs and STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses. The German university admission cycles are primarily done through summer and winter intakes. Both these intakes have a significant effect on professional leverage among students.

There are mainly two intakes in Germany for Indian students. They are the summer and winter intakes.



Application Fee


Winter Intakes

Applications for the winter intakes will be open from May to July

EUR 50 to 120

May to July

Summer Intakes

Applications for the summer intakes will be open from April to Aug

EUR 50 to 120

April to Aug

Winter Intakes

Both the intakes are equally good in terms of academic competence. However, the winter intake in Germany is one of the best study seasons in Germany. Most of the academically inclined programs open up for admission only this season.

International students who want to be admitted to any of the German universities during the winter intake need to follow a periodic time. The intake for this program starts in September/October and continues till February/March.

Highlights and Challenges of Winter Intake in Germany


Some of the major highlights of enrolling during the Winter intake are:

  • Most of the top universities are open up for admission during this time.
  • Gaining admission is much easier, and the class size is also huge.
  • This is the time when a new academic session starts. It must be easier to get campus jobs and internships during this period.
  • Most of the orientation programs in the universities start during this time, and you will get all the details and support.
  • Participating in extracurricular activities is made easier during this time.


  • Though there are many well-reputed universities across Germany, getting into the one that is best suited for you at the right time can prove a hassle at times. Hence, it is advised that you start looking out for the best university for you early to avoid the last-minute hassle and stress.
  • To ease your tedious hunt to find the best-suited German University for you, you can seek professional assistance from reputed educational consultants such as AECC, get your queries and concerns answered and start on your earliest Intakes in Germany.

Summer Intakes

Summer Intake in Germany happens during the period of March-April. But the application process for the Summer starts as early as December - January. The competition is lower during this time period, so it is easier for students to get admitted to their desired universities. The university acceptance letter is dispatched during August-September or February-March for Summer intake.


  • Competition is less when compared to Winter admissions. The chances of getting the desired course you want are much higher.
  • There will be fewer admissions, which will result in effective personal attention by the tutors.
  • This is the best chance to take a bounce again in your academics if you have missed the winter admissions.
  • Finishing the graduation degree will be much faster.

How Do You Decide? Winter Vs Summer Intake

A clear decision needs to be taken as to which intake you need to take when applying for a university in Germany. Generally, there are two times when you can take admission. One is during the month of April, and another is during September. There are certain steps that you need to undertake while choosing the right admission. They are:


German university admission cycles vary across various universities. So you need to find out whether your desired university is providing you admission during the session you wish for.

Number of Students Getting Admitted:

Universities in Germany admit only a fixed number of students during each session. And the number of seats allotted to international students is comparatively less. The number of students who get admitted during the Winter session is more. So you can always try your luck during that time.


Most of the sought-after courses are offered only during the Winter session - the best study season for Germany. If any of the courses you want to enrol for fall in this category, there are higher chances that they are not available during the Summer session.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

You need to look into the extracurricular activities that you can enjoy while studying at the university. This will help you to enjoy your studies and at the same time not miss any of the fun activities that you enjoy back home. 

Steps to Steps to Study German Intakes 2024

Complete Scrutinisation

You need to do proper research on the number of universities offering the courses you desire. Also, look for universities that will meet your professional objectives and make a list of the universities that will look like an ideal fit for you. Look for information such as application deadline date, course fees, etc.

Identify the Application Deadline

Visit the university website and find out the application deadline for the summer and winter intakes. Most of the disciplines that you might opt for could be offered only in either the summer or winter intake. So, you need to check the proper time when you need to submit your applications.

Test Validations

Going to a foreign university expects you to satisfy some language credentials. Some of them include IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, TELC, etc. It is always a better idea to go in for a better score on these tests. Most of the admission intakes

Submit Applications

And then comes the serious process of submitting the applications to the desired universities. It is always a good habit to start the process at least one month before the deadline for the applications. You might be asked to submit essays, SOPs, thesis papers, etc. You must ensure these papers are in order and completely reflect your personality. Each and every university will have its own criterion that needs to be satisfied. Satisfying all these criteria makes you a standout applicant.

Acceptance Letters

Accepting letters and interviews is the next step in the application process. You need to send in your acceptance letter to the university as soon as your application is confirmed. This is because most of the winter session courses have heavy competition, and there is a chance that you might lose your seat. In some universities, you are also asked to pay some confirmation fees as a token of rounding your seat.

German Student Visa Applications

Next comes the process of applying for your visa applications. You need to start this procedure as soon as you get your admission letter confirmed from the desired authorities. Financial aid in the form of scholarships, student loans, etc., needs to be arranged right now.

Final Checklist Before Departure

So, the time has arrived for you to take the leap you were looking forward to. You need to start setting travel plans at this stage. You need to make sure you have all the documentation set in place. Finding a suitable accommodation is a critical step as you will not find a suitable place to stay in Germany. Get a good accommodation when you land yourself in a foreign country.

Documents Required

The following is some of the list of essential documents that might be required when you apply for a German university. They are:


When you apply for any University In Germany, you will be asked to submit a copy of your passport. If you do not have one, please apply one for yourself and keep it ready.

Marksheet and Graduation Certificates

Make sure you have all your high school, higher secondary, and college semester mark sheets at colleges and have multiple copies of them. At Least one set of each copy is required. Some universities might also demand an attestation of these certificates from a senior official of the Government. Make sure you have everything in order.

Letters of Recommendations

One of the most important documents that help you to have credibility to gain admission to a foreign university is a Letter of Recommendation (LOR). A LOR that has been given by one of the professors or lecturers from your university is an added advantage to establish your professional and academic credentials. You might require a minimum of two letters of recommendation to establish your credibility.

Statement of Purpose

This document needs to clearly specify why you want to study at the university. Most of the universities try to find the professional aspirations of the students before taking them in. Before you submit an SOP, you need to do strong groundwork. This strong groundwork includes doing complete research on the university and its offerings. You need to check what it is that they look for in their students. Try to address these things in your statement of purpose. 

How to Choose the Right Intake in Germany

Germany is one of the best destinations for students pursuing higher education. There are a plethora of opportunities with many universities. The culture and lifestyles are top-rated ones for international students. There are a few points that need to be kept in mind when choosing the right admission intake for Germany. They are:


Before you come to a conclusion, you need to check whether your chosen universities in Germany are accepting applications for both intakes. Most of the universities do not accept applications for Summer. So, if you wish to take up the course during summer, you need to find the universities that are offering the course in summer.

Acceptance Rate:

Most of the German universities intakes happen during winter. There is a possibility if you are an above-average student to land up in a winter intake university. Moreover, the class size is much larger during the fall intake.

Various Courses:

While the German university admission cycle falls in both summer and winter intakes, the majority of the exceptional courses are offered only during the winter intakes. In case your choice of course falls in the exceptional categories, then there is a high chance that it will not be there in the summer intakes.

Admission Policies and Procedures:

You need to go through the entire admission policies and procedures of the university before rounding them. The relevant information regarding admission for different intakes is found in this document. The admission procedures for various courses will determine the German education intakes and application deadlines.

Extracurricular Activities:

If you want to pursue a high-return career, then you need to take up the course during the winter intakes. Winter intake is considered one of the best study seasons in Germany as it opens up a lot of avenues to get into a leadership role or be a part of the student club.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for German Universities happen at two different periods. The summer intake happens during the time of March-April. The deadline starts in early December and ends on January 15. The winter intake application deadline starts as early as May and ends on July 15. Make sure you have the dates marked in your calendars to apply for these universities.


Getting a quality higher education is the dream of many individuals. A degree from a reputed institution will help you land a high-paying job, setting the roadmap for a great career. We have listed some of the main points that need to be kept in mind for gaining admission through a German university intake. In case you need professional assistance, you can contact educational consultants like AECC and get your queries answered.

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