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LLM in Australia for Indian Students


The Masters in Law program in Australia is a full-time professional course that offers a deep study and knowledge of law subjects and helps Indian students pursue a legal LLB career. This one-year-long program can be expected to improve student's knowledge in various law disciplines and specializations that enhance their creativity enough to become solicitors, barristers, or lawyers. 

Many Indian students are increasingly choosing Australia to pursue LLM, as over 50+ universities offer quality LLM courses. With LLM in Australia, the candidates can earn an average starting salary of AUD 72,530, which can go up to AUD 210,000 with a better experience. So now is the time to consider applying for an LLM in Australia.

 Why Pursue LLM in Australia?

There are plenty of Australian universities ranked among the most outstanding universities in the world, and these universities are often considered to offer a multicultural and diverse study environment to international students who come to study in Australia. 

Still, there are many other reasons why millions of international students are likely to settle in Australia:

  1. Consistently, Australia ranked in the 3rd position for consistently being a top pick as an English-speaking country for international students.
  2. 3 out of 10 of the world's top law universities are in Australia.
  3. Australia is popular for offering a wide range of LLM specializations that allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of intellectual property rights, labour law, civil law, etc.
  4. Pursuing LLM programs in Australia is internationally recognized by countries like Canada, Ireland, the USA, and India, which means you can practice anywhere in the world.
  5. Many Australian universities offer internships and work exposure in addition to the curriculum to gain and grow with real-world experience.

 LLM in Australia Highlights: Course Highlights

Well, there are many LLM course highlights in Australia out there to list: 


Master of Law or LLM

Course duration

Full-time: 1 year; Part-time: 2 years

Course eligibility

Bachelor in Law or LLB

Average Salary

100,500 AUD

ELP tests accepted


Program type


 Top LLM Programs offered in Australia

Due to the high number of international students seeking admission to the full-time LLM program in Australia, many universities are offering a variety of LLM programs to enrich the course. 

Some top LLM programs offered in Australia are listed below:


Programs offered

Course duration

Monash University

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Master of Dispute Resolution

Master of Human Rights Law

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Master of Workplace and Employment Law

1-2 years for Full-time program;

Up to 4 years for a Part-time program

University of Wollongong

Master of Law (LL.M.)
Master of Maritime Policy

Master of Fisheries Policy

1-2 years for Full-time program;

Up to 4 years for a Part-time program

The University of Melbourne

Master of Commercial law

Master of Energy and Resources Law

Master of Intellectual Property Law

Master of Law and Development Master of Private Law

Master of Banking and Finance Law

1-2 years for Full-time program;

Up to 4 years for a Part-time program

The University of Western Australia (UWA)

Master of Law, Policy, and Government

Master of Mining and Energy Law

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

1-2 years for Full-time program;

Up to 4 years for a Part-time program

The University of Sydney

LLM Master of Business Law

Master of Taxation

Master of Administrative Law and Policy

Master of Health Law

Master in Criminology

1-2 years for Full-time program;

Up to 4 years for a Part-time program

Top Universities Offering LLM in Australia

Some Australian universities and law schools are listed among the QS global rankings, which attracts many international students to settle easily in Australia. The following table compiles a list of top LLM offering universities in Australia.


QS World Rankings 2022

Tuition fee in AUD

University of Sydney


45,864 AUD

The University of Melbourne


44,416 AUD

Monash University


46,500 AUD

UNSW Sydney


35,056 AUD

University of Adelaide


42,900 AUD

Australian National University


38,000 AUD

University of Queensland


51,000 AUD

University of Technology Sydney


32,800 AUD

Eligibility Criteria to Study LLM in Australia

The sections below provide the eligibility criteria for admission as an international student applying to any Australian university.

  • A relevant degree in law (LLB, Juris Doctor, or equivalent)
  • Two years of relevant professional experience (if applicable).
  • English Language Proficiency test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL, or PTE.

English Proficiency Requirements

The minimum English proficiency requirement for admission to top universities in Australia is listed below:


Minimum English Proficiency Requirement


Other Criteria

University of New South Wales

Bachelor’s Degree


TOEFL (PBT): 550; PTE: 58;
IELTS: 6.5

University of Queensland

LLB or Junior Doctor

2 years of work experience

TOEFL (PBT): 570; IELTS: 6.5

University of Western Australia

LLB or Junior Doctor

50% with 2 years of experience

TOEFL (PBT): 570; PTE: 64; IELTS: 6.5

University of Sydney

Juris Doctor (JD) or LLB


TOEFL (PBT): 592

Macquarie University

LLB or Juris Doctor with Honours

Relevant work experience

IELTS: 6.5

University of Melbourne

Bachelors of Law (LLB) or equivalent

2 years of work experience

TOEFL (PBT): 600;
PTE: 65

Griffith University

Bachelor degree

Bachelor’s degree

IELTS: 6.5

Admission Process

Universities in Australia usually follow the intake system during the February or July intake for LLM programs. If you are planning to study in Australia, start the admission process now to get entry ahead of the competition. There is a massive demand for the LLM course as there is a vibrant job market. To stand out in the admission process, your application must have a high English proficiency score and a Statement of Purpose (SOP). Here are the deadlines for the admission process to join LLM in Australia:







Documents Required

The following is the element list of documents required to study LLM in Australia:

Cost of Studying LLM Courses in Australia

The cost of studying LLM in Australia is comparatively less costly than in other countries when moving to study overseas. Based on the LLM course structure and curriculum, the fees for the program are calculated. However, the table below discusses the cost of studying for a Master's in Law in Australia.

LLM University in Australia

Annual Tuition Fees

Application Fees

University of Sydney

AUD 55,500

AUD 110

The University of Melbourne

AUD 49,056

AUD 125

University of Adelaide

AUD 45,250

AUD 115


AUD 44,416

AUD 110

Australian National University

AUD 47,940


University of Queensland

AUD 45,670

AUD 150

UNSW Sydney

AUD 46,700

AUD 110

How to Study LLM in Australia with Scholarships?

Scholarships in Australia are a popular way to raise funds for studying an LLM program in Australia. The various universities and institutions offer many scholarships for the LLM course to cover the tuition fees. Here, international students have a pretty wide range of options to fill funding gaps to meet the tuition fees.



Award (AUD)


Legal Entrepreneur Scholarship

University of Technology Sydney

Up to 5,000 


ANU College of Law International Excellence Scholarship

Australian National University

Up to 10,000 

All the year

International Scientia Coursework Scholarship

University of New South Wales

Full tuition fee


Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program

University of Sydney

Up to 50,000 


International Postgraduate Coursework Award

Melbourne University

50% of the tuition fees



Jobs & Salary after LLM in Australia

LLM Jobs in Australia are broad in corporate, business, trade, and other legal system domains. LLM graduates enjoy a variety of job roles and career prospects with high salary packages. The average LLM graduate in Australia makes around AUD 82,500, even more, based on skills and experience. 

The following table sheds light on the salaries earned by LLM graduates in Australia:

Job role

Annual Salary (in AUD)


AUD 170,500

Contracts Manager

AUD 110,620


AUD 92,740


AUD 93,885


AUD 94,840

Contracts Negotiator

AUD 96,540

Administrative Law Judge

AUD 120,650

Well, that was extensive coverage but we have got more information for you at AECC. AECC is the right place for you to expedite your education endeavours with assistance in all aspects from finding accredited courses, to an ideal destination and a leading institution. The expert counsellors provide guidance and will bring your dreams to life. 

FAQs About LLM in Australia

How long is LLM in Australia?

LLM in Australia is a professional one-year programme open to overseas students with LLB, Juris Doctor, or Graduate Legal Practical Training scores. Work experience may be necessary in some instances before admission.

Is an LLM worth it Australia?

Yes, if you choose to study for an LLM in the technically demanding professions of taxation or healthcare, your LLM will most likely boost both your career chances and your compensation. As previously said, an LLM is typically beneficial if you want to work in international law.

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