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Master of Pharmacy in Australia for International Students


Pharmacy is a noble profession that is well respected in society. This course is a post-graduate degree program that runs for two years and provides graduates with validation for Pharmacist registration. The course is innovative and allows a hands-on approach for students while providing knowledge critical for advanced, contemporary pharmacy practice.

The pharmaceutical industry is an ever-expanding one and also well-paying. The Master of pharmacy in Australia allows you to build an internationally recognised career path while ensuring you are educated on the latest research changes and developments within the industry. 

Master of Pharmacy in Australia: Highlights


Post Graduate


Masters of Pharmacy

Duration of the course

2 years


Bachelors in pharmacy or equivalent

Entrance exams


Tuition Fees

32,000-55000 AUD per year


Pharmacist, Lecturer, Pathologist, Clinical Researcher

Average Salary

72,000 AUD per year

Why Master of Pharmacy in Australia?

Listed below are some of the benefits of studying Master of Pharmacy in Australia:

  • Career opportunities: The Australian job market for Pharmacists is expected to keep growing and expanding. The Master of Pharmacy course is also very lucrative, with the average pharmacist salary standing at 95000 AUD per annum.
  • Work Integrated Learning: The Australian education system is very conducive and emphasises the need to gain practical experiences during the course period. It allows students to work with professionals in the industry, giving them a competitive edge once they enter the job market.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Australia is filled with diverse cultures and is very welcoming to foreigners. Its hospitable nature is ranked as one of the top 5 global education destinations for international students. It also allows students to gain employment while still learning, which is very beneficial to international students.
  • Quality of Education: Australia hosts some of the highly ranked universities globally. They offer comprehensive programs that ensure students are knowledgeable in recent and ongoing changes within the industry; they also offer clinical placements to ensure that you are ready and able to practice what you have learnt.

Who should take Master of Pharmacy in Australia?

This course is recommended for people seeking a versatile career because, after graduation, you have many career options available for you to pursue. Although medicine is a key focus of the program, the skills can be applied in different cosmetics or food manufacturing industries.  The range is very diverse.

List of Masters of Pharmacy Courses in Australia

There are 3 main Master of Pharmacy degrees available in Australia; they include:

  1. Master of Pharmacy in Research
  2. Master of Pharmacy
  3. Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy

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1. Master of Pharmacy in Research

Caters to students seeking in-depth study in pharmaceutical practice, pharmaceutics, medical chemistry and even a clinical pharmacy. This discipline teaches practical training to ensure students gain the value of hands-on experience within the industry. 

2. Master of Pharmacy

This course ensures seamless integration into research studies for students while ensuring they have opportunities to diversify their studies and explore more broadly within the pharmaceutical sector.

3. Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy

This course is recommended for you if you are already a registered pharmacist seeking advanced clinical pharmaceutical skills, especially if you are from a less developed region or country.

TOP Universities to Study Master of Pharmacy in Australia

Australia has achieved no easy feat in hosting some of the top-ranking universities in the world, and they ranked as follows:

Name of the University

QS World Ranking


The University of Sydney



The University of Queensland



University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales



Monash University



Cost to Study Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

Australia is unfortunately ranked 16 in the world's most expensive country to live in. This, however, mostly depends on where you live and your lifestyle preferences.  As a student, you should spend at least 22,000 AUD annually.

Tuition Fees

Name of University


Tuition Fees (INR)

University of Queensland

2 years


University of Sydney

2 years


University of Monash

2 years full time,3 years part time


Griffith University

2-2.5 years


University of Macquaire

2 years


Cost of Living in Australia

When looking to study abroad, financial preparation is crucial, especially for students. You will have to consider various factors and budget for expenses such as living, groceries, fuel, public transport, phone and internet. All these are crucial to ensuring a comfortable stay during your study.

Eligibility Criteria to Study Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

Most students endeavour to study in Australia due to its favourable conditions. However, there are several requirements to meet to gain entry to study in Australia. Listed below are some of the minimums you should meet:

Have a minimum of 15 years of education.

  • Must have a completed Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy or equivalent.
  • Proof of English proficiency, to achieve this, you have to take either the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE test and achieve the set scores.
  • Completed a Science Bachelor's degree programme within the past 10 years.
  • Scored a GPA of not less than 5.0 on a scale of 7.

Exams Required to Study Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

There are tests required for you to take to qualify to study Master of Pharmacy in Australia and for your institution of choice to accept your application. The exams are as follows:

Name of the Exam



Minimum Score

Pearson Test English- PTE

Must be 16 years and above and is below 18 need to have a parental consent form

Two years


GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test

Must be 18years and above

Five years

680 and above

Test of English as a Foreign Language- TOEFL

No limitations on age or educational qualifications

Two years


International English Language Testing System -IELTS

Minimum age of 16 years

Two years


Scholarships to Study for Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

Scholarships are one of the reasons why international students favour Australia because securing a scholarship lessens the cost of burden and helps sustain you during the course duration. Some of the institutions offering scholarships to study for Masters of Pharmacy in Australia are tabled below:

Name of the University

Scholarship Amount (AUD)

University of Sydney


Griffith University


University of La Trobe 


Monash University


Full Bright Scholarship


Career after Master of Pharmacy in Australia

Pharmacy has seen tremendous growth in recent years globally. This profession offers a very rewarding career for students who seek to pursue it. 

Some of the job prospects you can pursue include:

  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Toxicologist
  • Pharmacy Executive
  • Lecturer
  • Veterinary Pharmacologist
  • Drug Researcher and Developer.

TOP Recruiters

There is an expansive and ready market for Masters of Pharmacy graduates in Australia; the top recruiting companies are as follows:

  • The Chemist Warehouse
  • Amcal
  • Terry White Pharmacy
  • My Chemist
  • Pharmacy 777

How to Apply for Master of Pharmacy in Australia?

Australia has made applications for international students very easy. Students can request help from their university of choice. You can also reach out to education consultants such as AECC India. We are always ready to help and support you in achieving your dreams. You are advised to follow the steps below when submitting an application for the Master of Pharmacy in Australia.

1. Choose your desired learning institution of choice.

This involves intensive research on courses available and choosing the one best suited for you in line with your interests. You should also check the university's facilities and support regarding the course.

2. Submit your application

You must check on the academic requirements and language proficiency required by the institution in this step. You can find the application forms on the universities website or seek assistance from education consultants. It is also crucial that you check the visa requirements at your local Australian Visa or Embassy office before applying.

3. Wait for processing

Once you have submitted the application, you wait for the university to assess your application and be notified of the results. It usually takes around 4 weeks.

4. Offer acceptance

Following a successful application, you will receive an offer letter and an acceptance form which you should read carefully before accepting as you should be able to meet the terms and conditions stipulated. 

5. Prepare for Departure

The final step is to file a student visa application, ensuring you attach the offer letter and a confirmation of Enrollment offered by the education institution of choice; you can then start making accommodation arrangements and book your tickets.

Enrolling in a Master of Pharmacy program in Australia opens up immense doors of opportunities for a thriving career and international recognition and board certification as a pharmacist. It is a chance we recommend you take, and AECC India is ready to walk the steps with you to ensure your success.


AECC India is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey of fulfilling your dream.

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