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Masters in Architecture in USA for Indian Students


Architecture has been an integral part of our society for generations. We look at delicately designed buildings in the UAE or mausoleums in India; they all come from the minds of great architects. But just having the knack for looking at architecture and thinking about them won't make you an architect. It requires study, a degree and knowing the tools that help put your ideas to life. And you have to find the right institute that can craft your talents into a valuable asset for you and your clients. In this piece, we try to ensure that you get all the essential information and tips on finding the right architecture institute in the USA, its eligibility criteria, admission process, scholarships and fees, and potential job opportunities.

Masters in Architecture in USA Highlights



Program Duration

2 to 3.5 years


No age limit as such


50% in bachelor's degree; GRE/GMAT test score

Annual Tuition Fees

16,500 USD to 55,600 USD per year

Average Salary Offered

110,000 USD per annum

Employment Roles

Design Architect, Project Architect, Architect, Landscape Architect, Urban Designer, Senior Project Architect, Urban Planner etc.

Why Pursue Architecture in USA?

Several reasons attract thousands of students to choose the USA as their prime location to study for a master's in Architecture. Some of them are as follows,

  • It is reported that the bureau of labour statistics wants to increase architects' employment by 8.4% in the USA by the year 2028.
  • The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards of USA famously finds BA architecture and MA architecture as the recognized degree for architecture.
  • The pay for architects is also a plus point as the average annual salary for B.Arch is up to 56,900 USD, and when it comes to M.Arch, it is about 110,000 USD.
  • The architect's salaries also get increased regularly (annual salary increased 6.2% from 2017 to 2019)

Types of Masters in Architecture in USA

  • Masters in Architecture in the USA provides two types of degrees.
  • The first one is M.Arch I. this program is for students who do not have an undergraduate degree. As this is a two-year program, the student will have undergraduate skills and qualifications by the end of it.
  • The second program is M.Arch II. This program is solely for professionals with undergraduate degrees. The time duration for this course is two years and is especially for those who want to study a postgraduate course.
  • As we said before, in the USA, bachelor's and Masters in Architecture are the only recognized programs for architects in the USA. So when you are looking to apply to an architecture program, keep them in mind.

Best Universities for Masters in Architecture in USA

There are tons of universities that offer quality education for master's in Architecture. We have compiled a list below that shows some of the top universities, their QS ranking, program duration and total course fee.


QS Ranking 2022

Program Duration

Total Course Fees (In USD)

The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)


Two-three years

39,000 annually (INR 29.60 lakhs)

Columbia University


Three years

30,540 (INR 22.71 lakhs)

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Three years

32,858 (INR 24.43 lakhs)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


42 Months

27,755 (INR 20.63 lakhs)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Three years

79,469 (INR 59.08 lakhs)

Harvard University


30 months

53,420 (INR 39.72 lakhs)

Cornell University


42 months

58,586 (INR 43.55 lakhs)

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)


Three years

54,964 (INR 40.86 lakhs)

The University of Texas at Austin (UTA)


Two years

39,108 (INR 29.07 lakhs)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)


24-42 Months

16,565 (INR 12.32 lakhs)

Difference Between M. Arch and Other Types of Masters in Architecture

In the United states, Masters in Architecture is called M.Arch. Several other programs involve architecture, such as M.Sc (Master of Science in Architecture) and Master of Arts.

The difference is their core focus. The master in architecture is considered the most acceptable architecture degree because it focuses only on architecture, while others are combined with different elements.

Such as, M.Sc weighs more into the technical aspects of architecture while MA teaches the designing and artistic elements of architecture.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Architecture in USA

Universities in the USA are pretty strict about the eligibility criteria for the students. The requirements for Masters in Architecture in the USA are similar to the rest of the degrees. The students must submit a few documents, and based on these documents, the university will choose you as their student. Let's talk about these documents and test results and their general criteria.

  • CGPA - Your CGPA must be higher than 2.25. This is considered a general standard.
  • GRE - The higher the GRE score, the higher your chances are of getting selected. A GRE score of 290 or higher is considered satisfactory.
  • Letter of recommendation(LOR) - A letter of recommendation from your academic director, supervisor or teacher adds value to your application.
  • Statement of Intent (SOP) - Your statement of intent document is one of the most vital aspects of your application. This is where you present yourself as a valuable candidate for the institute. From the template to the details, you must work hard to put your best attributes forward.
  • Portfolio - And remember to attach a professional portfolio with your application.

Admission Process to Study Masters in Architecture in USA

The admission process for most universities in the USA is clearly explained on their websites. But we will try to simplify all the essential details in order. Firstly, you need to have a bachelor's degree in Architecture if you are willing to apply for a master's. then there is the essential requirement that is crucial such as

Cost of Studying Masters in Architecture in USA

The cost of studying master in Architecture in US is 16,500 USD to 55,600 USD per year. The cost of studying depends on the university as well. The cost of studying Master in Architecture in leading universities is mentioned above. There are various expenses to consider other than the cost of studying, and here are some of the other expenses:

Pre-Arrival Expenses

Expense Item

Cost (In USD)





Application fee




Flight Fare






Cost of Living in USA


Cost per month (In USD)

Boston and Miami


Washington D.C and New York City




San Francisco




New Orleans


Los Angeles


San Diego


Scholarships to Study Masters in Architecture in USA

Like any other degree available in the USA, a Master in Architecture also encourages students to apply for scholarships even though their financial situation tells otherwise. Every year, the scholarship provided to the students helps them become a pro in the field. Some scholarships even completely cover the cost of study. You can have a look at some of them in the below table.



Amount (USD)

Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the USA

Reportedly, 4000 students are awarded this scholarship every year

1,000 - 2,500 (73,422-18,3556 INR)

BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students by partnered universities

1,000 (73,422 INR)

Agha Khan Scholarship

This scholarship is for the postgraduate students who are from developing countries

50% tuition fee waiver

Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

Awarded by AIA National Associates Committee

Complete cost of study

Go Clean Scholarship

No. of Scholarships offered is 1

3,500 (256,978 INR)

ProNet David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship

Given by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

5,000 (367,112 INR)

ASLA Student Award

This scholarship is only for landscape architecture

It varies

Jobs & Salary for Masters in Architecture in USA

After all these years, the job of an architect is still one of the highest paying jobs in the world. The number keeps growing , but the salaries differ from the multiple levels of an architect.

Let us simplify that with the below chart.

Job Profile

Average Salary in India (USD)

Average Salary in USA (USD)

Design Architect



Project Architect



Project Manager, Architect



Senior Project Architect



Landscape Architect



Architect (No Landscape or Naval)



Urban Designer




So many opportunities await you once you are done with your master's in architecture. This is a degree with a massive scope. This is why thousands of students apply for studies in the USA every term. It's not too late, and you can still jump on the wagon and get admitted to one of the country's top universities. Studying abroad could be a long and tedious process however at AECC with expert counsellors. The Counsellors will guide you through every step and help you attain your dreams at ease. They will assist with visas, courses, universities, and more.

FAQs About Masters in Architecture in USA

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