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Masters in Finance in Australia for Indian Students


The Master's in Finance focuses primarily on the subjective knowledge and the essential understanding of the financial decisions of systems, corporations, businesses, and individuals. This is a major help in structuring the financial operations of institutions and markets. Students who study for a master's in finance in Australia will find an ocean of career opportunities in the financial services industry that includes all the banks, broking institutions, investment banks, and management. Studying finance is also useful in offering practical applications with essential theory and financial reasoning skills that help to expose you to high-level, market-specific knowledge. So, if you're looking to pursue a master's in finance, then Australia is the best choice. Read on to find out what more it has to offer you.

Why Pursue Finance Degree in Australia?

Ready to make a move toward the finance world? Then Australia would be the perfect choice to make to hit the big career start with the best universities. Because banking and finance in Australia is a well-reputed and job-oriented study that covers all rounds, including fund management, market strategies, financial planning and control, taxation, investment advisory, and so on. Most colleges and universities in Australia offer UG and PG level finance degrees with expertise in this sphere. In your decision of how to invest in yourself in finance, a degree helps to knock on the doors of a career in finance, which provides just the investment into a rewarding future in Australia. Luckily, all you want to do is to find the perfect finance degree for you!

Entry Requirements for Masters in Finance Australia

Australian universities are mainly focused on a practical education system and world-class infrastructure with great degree programs. It is attractive to international students to study at such high education standards with easy entry requirements. Entry into most higher education courses in Australia is comparatively easy, and entry into a finance course is even a cakewalk. In addition to the academic requirements, candidates also need to meet high-level English language requirements. If you aspire to seek admission to an MS in Finance in Australia, you may have to abide by some of the below-mentioned requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree
  • An eligible score of IELTS or TOEFL




IELTS Academic: 5.0 - 6.5

TOEFL PB: 500 – 550; IBT: 45 - 80

PTE Academic: 42 – 54

CAE: 46


IELTS Academic: 5.5 - 6.0

TOEFL PBT: 526 – 550; IB: 47 - 68

PTE Academic: 54

CAE: 52

Bachelor’s degree

IELTS Academic: 6.0 - 6.5

TOEFL PBT:550; IB: 60 - 75

PTE Academic: 50

CAE: 46

STPM: CGPA 3.0 and above

Types of Master's Program in Finance Australia

By studying master's in Australia, you will take advantage of the great student environment in the classrooms of some of the world's best business and finance schools. In Australia, you will likely find various types of masters in finance, which may prepare students early on for the job market. To have a great career in finance in the future, you must make sure that the available course concerning the current business environment. There are many postgraduate courses in finance that are considered by an international student looking to have a successful career with a wide range of finance degree options. In the following, we would look into the types of Master's Program in Finance Australia before applying for it.



M.Com (Applied Finance Major)

Curtin Business School / School of Economics and Finance

Master in Advanced Finance

Monash University - Monash Business School

Master of Finance

The University of Melbourne - Melbourne Business School

Master of Business - Financial Management

University of Wollongong Australia

Master of Commerce in Finance

The University of Sydney - The University of Sydney Business School

Master of Financial Analysis

University of New South Wales - UNSW Business School

Master of Commerce Applied Finance

University of Queensland - Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law

Master of Commerce in Applied Finance

University of Adelaide - Adelaide Business School

Master of Financial Management

The Australian National University - ANU College of Business and Economics

Master of Business (Applied Finance)

Queensland University of Technology - QUT Business School

Best master of Finance programs in Australia

Australia is a great country to study for finance degrees abroad. More than a lakh of Indian students come here to pursue their higher education every year. Australia has tailored its master's degree to the finance sector to align with the ongoing open economy. Also, the Australian universities offer a wide range of Master's in Finance programs and offer many job options to international students attaining education there. There is a specific kind of master's program in finance that is special to each university in Australia. Such finance courses will get you a rewarding career after the successful completion of the degree. Here is the best master's program in finance you can choose from:



Course duration

Tuition fees

The University of New South Wales

Master of Finance - Funds Management

2 years

AUD 40,500

The University of Melbourne

Master of Finance

1 year

AUD 31,200

Monash University

Master of Advanced Finance

2 years

AUD 36,050

The University of Queensland

Master of Commerce

2 years

AUD 29,800

The University of New South Wales

Master of Finance

2 years

AUD 41,000

Swinburne University of Technology

Professional Accounting - Financial Planning

1 year

AUD 27,000

The Australian National University

Master of Finance

2 years

AUD 35,500

La Trobe University

Graduate Certificate in Finance

1 year

AUD 38,000

The University of Melbourne

Master of Management in Finance

2 years

AUD 31,900

The University of Sydney

Master in 

Financial Analysis

2 years

AUD 41,360

Top 10 universities in Australia for Masters in Finance

A Master's in Finance in Australia is the best choice any commerce student makes after graduating. The universities in Australia offer a variety of courses such as Master of Business degrees, Master of Commerce (M. Com), and Master of Finance (M. Fin). The duration of a full-time postgraduate finance degree at Australian universities ranges between 1 and 2 years. Many universities offer great finance program choices while they are all ranked based on their positions in the overall QS news rankings in 2022. Each university listed here is completely based on past performance and academic results too. Here's the list of the top universities in Australia offering a master's in finance degree:


QS News Ranking 2022

Program Offered

Total Program Fees

The University of New South Wales


Master of Commerce: Finance

AUD 36,000

The University of Melbourne


Master of Commerce: Applied Finance

AUD 38,000

The University of Sydney


Master of Finance

AUD 36,350

The Australian National University


Master of Commerce: Applied Finance

AUD 40,000

Monash University


Master of Finance

AUD 37,560

The University of Queensland


Master of Business: Applied Finance

AUD 36,000

Macquarie University


Master of Finance Master of Applied Finance

AUD 41,520

The University of Adelaide


Master of Business: Applied Finance

AUD 34,600

The University of Western Australia


Master of Finance

AUD 41,500

University of Technology Sydney


Master of Finance

AUD 41,000

Masters in Finance Australia Tuition Fees

Australia is one of the least expensive study destinations in the world for masters. Every year, Australia welcomes approximately 200,500 international students, a figure that is 21% higher than the previous year. However, it is fortunate that universities in Australia offer cheaper master's degrees, particularly for finance and related courses. Meanwhile, tuition fees at Australian schools, institutions, and universities vary from course to course and according to the level you will be studying at. According to a recent report, the average tuition fee for international students who look to study MS in Finance was AUD 36,800 per year in 2021. Let's break down the universities and average tuition fees for pursuing a Master's in Finance.


Average tuition fees/year

Curtin University

AUD 38,400

Queensland University of Technology

AUD 40,450

University of Wollongong

AUD 41,500

University of Technology Sydney

AUD 45,200

University of Adelaide

AUD 34,800

Australian National University

AUD 27,850

University of Queensland

AUD 36,400

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

AUD 41,200

University of Sydney

AUD 36,450

University of Melbourne

AUD 29,500

Scholarships for Masters in Finance in Australia

Great universities in Australia offer an excellent quality of education, but tuition fees might be the one thing that makes students rethink studying abroad. But in Australia, thousands of universities, institutions, third-party agencies, and government departments provide scholarships for prospective international students. And this is why many international students choose to study Master's in Finance in Australia. But anyhow, do you want to pursue an MS in Finance in Australia? Now it's your chance with this wide range of Australian scholarships for aspiring students. Here we've listed a few of the scholarships available for students who enrol in a Master's in Finance in Australia.



Amount in per annum

Econometrics Honours Memorial Scholarship

Monash University

AUD 6000-10,000

RA Simpson International Scholarship

Flinders University

AUD 3,000-7000

Joseph Barling Fellowship; AMP Capital Infrastructure Scholarship

University of New South Wales

AUD 7,500

Betty Amsden AO Mentor Leaders Scholarship

Monash University 

AUD 10,000-15,000

Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

University of Wollongong

AUD 12,500

Masters in Finance Jobs & Salary Australia

Well, Australia has always been voted as one of the world's best countries to study finance degrees, and particularly, a master's degree in finance, is the most viable course one can choose. A huge number of job prospects and a high median salary are two important reasons that make Australia's business schools and universities stay among the top global institutions. Unlike other master's programs, now, MS in Finance in Australia has started attracting students from around the world to find jobs in finance all over the world. For 2021, a fresh master's in finance from a top business school or university in Australia makes AUD 67,000 on average, which is a little more than other countries. To know more, you can check out the following table, which contains different finance job roles and their average annual salaries:

Job role

Average salary/year

Job Growth (2022-2032)

Business Manager

AUD 88,992


Financial Analysts

AUD 81,760


Financial Planner

AUD 73,871


Personal Financial Advisors

AUD 90,530


Senior Accountant

AUD 65,278


Financial Managers

AUD 121,750


Financial Controller

AUD 107,186


Budget Analysts

AUD 73,840


Financial Advisor

AUD 71,651


Compensation and Benefits Managers

AUD 116,240


Scope of Master of Finance in Australia

To meet the demand in the job market, many Australian universities offer a handful of master's degrees in finance. All this is to steer the deserving students towards a huge number of job opportunities in the field of finance to further their careers. So, in a time when the fast growth and a huge amount of demand is prevalent, it's better to pick a master's in finance degree that helps to achieve more senior positions and higher wages. Let's take a look at the top career scope of a master's degree in finance here below:

  • Securities and Commodities Agent
  • Capital Markets Analyst
  • Corporate Investment Banker
  • Actuary
  • Stockbroker and trader
  • Financial Services Sales Agent
  • Inventory Accountant
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Investment Consultant
  • Insurance Specialist and more.

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