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Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Australia for Indian Students


Master of mechanical engineering in Australia is a popular postgraduate degree offered by major universities that aims to improve mechanical instruments and devices through cutting-edge analysis software and computer-aided design. Students with a great passion for planning, designing, and creating machines will often pursue mechanical engineering in Australia because of its broad job scope and opportunities. Also, a Master's in Mechanical Engineering may lead to a variety of high-paying careers in Australia, not to mention the country's high-quality education system. Now it's clear Australia is an excellent destination for international students who look to study overseas. If you are considering studying MS in Mechanical Engineering in Australia, here is a detailed consolidation of information with all the required details to apply and scale your career.

Why Study for a Master in Mechanical Engineering In Australia?

The scope for mechanical engineering in Australia is broad and has an excellent market for mechanical engineering candidates. At the moment, the country, Australia, is significantly focusing on developing its industrial sectors further to compete with other globally leading industrialised countries like China. So, pursuing a master's in mechanical engineering in Australia is now or never. Additionally, there are a few other points to pick here to show why you should choose Australia for your mechanical engineering master's:

  • Studying Mechanical Engineering in Australia will allow students to grab high-paying job roles to earn as much as 55k AUD per year.
  • Australia has some well-reputed global universities that offer mechanical engineering courses.
  • Students who pursue mechanical engineering have many more job opportunities to choose from.
  • Unlike in other countries, any engineering student can go and opt for a graduate work visa and stay in Australia for two years to gain valuable post-graduate experience.

Master in Mechanical Engineering Courses in Australia

Almost all universities and institutions offer master's courses in mechanical engineering in different forms, such as MPE (Masters in Professional Engineering) and M.Eng. (Masters in Engineering) degrees. The duration of a Masters in Mechanical Engineering is usually 2 years, but most of them have unique subjects and programs. We've listed a few of the best master's in mechanical engineering courses provided by Australian universities for you to be selective.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Professional Engineering (Mechanical) (Accelerated).
  • Master of professional mechanical engineering
  • Master of Engineering Practice Specialization in Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Science in Mechanical
  • Master of engineering (mechanical and manufacturing engineering).
  • Master of professional engineering (Mechanical)
  • Masters of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical)
  • Master of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

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Best Universities in Australia for Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Mechanical Engineering are interdisciplinary degrees offered by many top-level mechanical engineering schools. Here are a few of the best Australian universities offering master's in Mechanical Engineering in Australia listed based on the global QS rankings 2022:


QS ranking

Program Offered

Course Duration

Tuition Fees in AUD

Monash University


Master of professional in Mechanical Engineering

2 years


University of Wollongong


Masters of Mechanical Engineering

2 years


University of Adelaide


Masters of Engineering (Mechanical)

2 years


Curtin University


Masters of Professional Engineering (Mechanical)

2 years


University of New South Wales


Masters of Engineering (Mechanical)

2 years


University of Newcastle


Masters of Philosophy (Mechanical engineering)

3 years


Edith Cowan University


Masters of Engineering (Mechanical)

2 years


University of Queensland


Masters of engineering (mechanical)

2 years


University of Sydney


Masters of Professional Engineering (Mechanical)

2 years


University of Melbourne


Masters of Engineering (Mechanical)

2 years


Entry Requirements for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

As said before, the entry requirements for admission to an Australian university may vary from university to university. But there are some general requirements that a candidate who seeks to pursue a master's in mechanical engineering should satisfy to get admitted to any university in Australia. The list of entry requirements to pursue a master's degree in mechanical engineering are:

  • A bachelor's degree in engineering in the relevant discipline is required.
  • Should have received at least 65% or equivalent in their overall education
  • Some may require relevant professional work experience (if applicable).
  • A relevant bachelor's degree in engineering with an average credit of 65% (if applicable).

Application Process for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

Candidates looking to get admitted to a Master in Mechanical Engineering at an Australian university must undergo several admission processes. Before that, it is essential to note that students with bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering prefer to apply for postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering or a related discipline. If you're a non-engineering bachelor's degree student, don't worry; many Australian universities will still accept your application if you have relevant experience.

Where to Apply: Candidates can apply via the university's official website for a master's degree or get an offline application form.

When to Apply: Most Australian universities offer admission in January/February, with some offering admission in July.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Documents Required for Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Australia

The most commonly demanded documents for applying to a postgraduate program in mechanical engineering at any university in Australia are consolidated below:

  • Approved transcripts from the previous educational institutions
  • An updated resume
  • Proof of relevant previous work experience (if any)

Cost of Studying for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

Compared with many other study destinations worldwide, it's much cheaper to pursue a master's degree in Australia. It means studying for a master's in Australia will never cost you more. So in Australia, the tuition fee will be around 30,000 AUD to 35,000 AUD per year, and the cost of living may even come to approximately 21,500 AUD. Other expenses include insurance, travel, and accommodation, which may cost up to 12,500 AUD. Additionally, some other pre-arrival expenses are listed below to know more about the cost of living in Australia.


Cost per week (in AUD)


250 AUD

Visa application

650 AUD


90 AUD

Health insurance

2450 AUD


325 AUD


330 AUD


300 AUD

Food and Groceries

255 AUD

Transportation and other utilities

75 AUD

Course-related expenditure

25 AUD

Scholarships for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

Though the cost of living in Australia is relatively low compared to many other study destinations, many Australian universities and institutions still offer scholarships and awards to make education even more affordable for students who pursue masters. Many scholarships are available for international students in Australia to study for their MS in mechanical engineering. Here's the complete list:




University of New South Wales

UNSW International Scholarship

Up to 5000 AUD per year

University of Monash

Masters of Professional Engineering International Scholarship

Up to 20,000

University of Wollongong

Post Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

Offers 40% of the tuition fees

The University of Queensland

UQ Engineering Latin American scholarship

Up to 10,000 per year

University of Adelaide

Global Excellence Academic Scholarship

Offers up to 55% of the total tuition fees

Edith Cowan University

International Masters Scholarship

20% reduction in total tuition fees

University of Adelaide

Global citizen scholarship

Offers 30% of the tuition fees

The University of Queensland

Alfred and Olivia Wynne memorial scholarship

Up to 3500 AUD per year

University of Sydney

Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship

Offers half of the tuition fees

University of Melbourne

Australian Awards Scholarships

Offers full-fee waiver

Jobs & Salary: Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia

In Australia, the mechanical engineering field offers a comprehensive professional scope with a broad range of work opportunities and high-paying salary jobs. A Master's in Mechanical Engineering degree will open doors for candidates who successfully complete it. Here is the list of job profiles, average annual salaries, and responsibilities mentioned below:

Job profile


Avg. Salary in AUD

Chief Engineer

Monitoring and supervising vital projects of the company


Senior Engineer

Planning and monitoring the work of other junior managers’ tasks


Senior Design Engineer

Create, plan, and test products before actual production of tools and other machinery


Plant Mechanical Engineer

Managing and monitoring all plant operation-related tasks


Junior Manager

Assists manager in handling a project



Takes important decisions regarding all technical aspects of business


Project Engineer

Manages all project-related activities


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FAQs About Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Australia

What is the duration of the Master of Mechanical Engineering program in Australia?

Masters of Science or Masters of Engineering degrees typically require two years to complete. You can hone your technical abilities and specialise in the key areas of Mechatronics, Materials Science, Robotics, and Automation while pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Can I study Master of Mechanical Engineering in Australia without any cost?

There are scholarships available that students can avail however, it might cover only the tuition fees.

What are the admission requirements to study Master's in Mechanical Engineering in Australia?

You must have earned an undergraduate qualification equivalent to an Australian bachelor degree, honours degree, or graduate diploma in order to enrol in a master's programme.

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