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Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany for Indian Students

From promoting health and wellness in society to managing chronic conditions and improving physical well-being and quality of life, there are infinite roles a Physiotherapist plays. All these roles and responsibilities also bring an equal level of commitment and hard work. To be a successful Physiotherapist, you need to understand the pain point of your patient, and it could only be possible by having the best hold of your skills. Physiotherapy is among the prestigious medical courses, where you will primarily learn assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical impairments, disabilities, and pain using physical means such as exercise, manual therapy, and modalities.

The best way to start your career as a successful Physiotherapist is to hold a degree from a well-respected university. A strong economy and a well-funded healthcare system with a strong emphasis on rehabilitation and preventative care make Germany even more demanding among students for a Master's in Physiotherapy. 

So, let us dive deeper to understand everything you should know about a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany.

Why Study Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany?

Getting international experience and perspective and living in a beautiful country is not the only benefit of pursuing a degree from Germany. There are a lot more.

  • Germany is a multicultural country with people from all nations, which offers the opportunity for students to learn and work with a diverse group of people.
  • Universities in Germany are renowned for their well-researched programs and medical facilities that offer students the opportunity to participate in various projects and gain valuable experience.
  • Studying and living cost in Germany is relatively low compared to other countries such as the USA and the UK.
  • Universities in Germany also offer various scholarship programs for international students.
  • Physiotherapy is a well-demanded course in Germany, and pursuing a Master's in Physiotherapy from Germany opens the door to a horizon of opportunities.
  • Physiotherapy courses in Germany are accredited by the German Association of Physiotherapy (ZVK) and are recognised internationally. 

Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany: Course Highlights

Master's in Physiotherapy is a course designed for students who have completed their Bachelor's in Physiotherapy or a related field and aim to further accelerate their skills in Physiotherapy to scale up their careers.

The general highlights of the course are

  • Course duration: 1.5 - 2 years
  • Application prerequisites: Online application, motivation letter, updated CV, academic transcripts, valid passport, and proof of proficiency in the English language.
  • Course fee: Up to EUR 10,000/year.
  • Job roles: Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Research Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Lecturer or Instructor, Physiotherapy Consultant.
  • Average Salary: EUR 45,000.
  • Exams Required: IELTS/TOEFL, GRE/GMAT.

Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany: Best Universities

Universities in Germany are renowned for their excellent academic standards, top-notch faculties, and high-end infrastructure that offers the best possible education to students. The average tuition fee can range from EUR 6000 to EUR 10,000. The table below will help you understand better.


Course Offered

Average Tuition Fee/Annum (in GBP)

Course Duration

Technical University

of Munich

MSc in Sport and Exercise Science


2 years

Heidelberg University - Germany

MA in Dance Movement Therapy

EUR 8280

2 years

University of Tubingen

MSc in Sport Management

EUR 6000

2 years

University of Freiburg

Sports Science – Physical Activity and Health


2 years

University of Hamburg

MA in Movement and Sports Science


2 years

Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany: Eligibility

Pursuing a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany is an achievement as you will get opportunities to be involved in cutting-edge research projects and gain hands-on experience. In addition, Physiotherapy is an essential service in Germany, and the demand for qualified Physiotherapists is going to rise continuously.

Here are the eligibility requirements that you must have.

  • A Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy.
  • Proof of proficiency in English/German language.
  • Valid and approved German visa.
  • University entrance qualifications (if required).

English Language Requirements

If you are taking admission to any course taught in English at a German university, you need to prove your English language proficiency. To fulfil this criterion, you are required to appear for standardised tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum scores required by most of the universities in Germany are

These are average scores, and the exact scores required in these exams vary depending on the university and the program offered. So, confirm the same from the official website of the university.

Masters In Physiotherapy in Germany: Admission Process

In most German universities, the intake for the Master's program occurs twice a year.

  • Summer Intake (begins in April and ends in September).
  • Winter Intake (begins in October and ends in March).

The general admission process for the Master's in Physiotherapy at German universities is as follows.

  1. Research the different universities and courses that they offer.
  2. Finalise the university and course as per your requirements and ensure you fulfil all the eligibility criteria for that program.
  3. Collect all the documents you need to upload along with the application form, such as academic transcripts, language proficiency certificates, and more.
  4. Complete the application form and submit it by paying the fees.
  5. Once you have submitted the form, wait for the decision. The university takes around 2-3 weeks to review the application, and you will receive an update accordingly.

How to apply for a Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany?

The process of applying to any university in Germany is entirely online, and the process is extremely easy and fast, provided you read the instructions carefully.

Now, there are different ways to apply to universities in Germany.

  • Apply directly via the university website.
  • Apply via Uni-Assist. It is an admission portal for international students who want to study at German universities.

Apart from these two ways, you can also reach out to any study abroad consultancy to help you with the study abroad process.

Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany: Documents Required

There is a list of documents that you need to submit along with your application to get admission to any foreign university. Here is the list of documents required for a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany.

  • Academic transcripts of all the previous qualifications
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Motivation
  • English and German language test scores
  • Updated CV
  • Passport Copy
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of health insurance

Cost of Studying Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany

The best part about studying in Germany is that most German universities are public universities and charge almost zero tuition fees for Postgraduate programs. Here is the fee structure of some of the top German universities for a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany.


Course Offered 

Average Tuition Fees/Annum (in EUR)

Technical University of Munich

MSc in Sport and Exercise Science


University of Tubingen

MSc in Sport Management

EUR 6000

Paderborn University

MSc in Applied Neurosciences in Sports & Exercise


German Sport University Cologne

MSc in Human Technology in Sports and Science 


Leipzig University

MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology


Scholarships for Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany

Universities in Germany offer different scholarships to help the students. Here are a few scholarships you can avail yourself of as a student of Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany.



Average Amount

Education Future International Scholarship

  • The candidate must be an Indian and should have a valid Indian passport.
  • Candidate must have a minimum score of 60% in 10th and 12th.

INR 2,00,000 - INR 10,00,000

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

  • Applicant should have a phenomenal academic background.
  • Applicant must be diligent, responsible, and committed to his values.

INR 74,085 - INR 75,870

DAAD scholarship

  • Applicant should have a minimum score of
  1. 6 bands in IELTS or
  2. 550 in paper-based TOEFL
  • For courses taught in German, the applicant should have a DSH 2 or Test DaF 4 certificate.

INR 76,852 - INR 1,07,119

Jobs & Salary After a Masters in Physiotherapy in Germany

With advancements in technology and support from the government, the demand for a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany is continuously rising. The main career options for Master's in Physiotherapy graduates in Germany include Clinical Physiotherapists, Sports Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Specialists, and more. The average annual salary can range from EUR 45,000 to EUR 50,000. Listed below are top job profiles and their average salaries after completing a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany.

Job Role

Average Salary/Year (IN EUR)

Clinical Physiotherapist

EUR 45,000


EUR 50,000

Research Physiotherapist

EUR 55,000

Specialist Physiotherapist

EUR 50,000

Geriatric Physiotherapist

EUR 45,000

Germany Student Visa Process

A valid study visa is a mandatory requirement for studying in Germany. So, once you get the admission confirmation from the university, the next step is to apply for a student visa. You can apply for the visa through the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to apply for a German student visa.

  • Collect all the documents, such as a passport, an offer letter from the university, proof of funds, health insurance, and passport-size photographs.
  • Pay the visa processing fees and schedule your appointment at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.
  • The next step is to appear for the interview, where you need to submit your application, including all the documents.
  • After the interview, you need to wait for a few days to receive a decision on your student visa application.

It's high time to unlock your potential by studying in a beautiful country like Germany, which charges almost zero fees in most universities and fulfils your dream of carving your own success. We hope that this blog gave you all details about pursuing a Master's in Physiotherapy in Germany. You can contact AECC's counsellors to get one-to-one assistance for free.

Connect with us at AECC and take the steps towards a fulfilling career. We at AECC are here to give you all the help, resources, and guidance you need to fulfil your dream of studying at your dream university.

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