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Masters in Psychology Australia


You are eligible for gaining entry into the master's in psychology in Australia if you have completed a degree course in psychology or any equivalent program.  The course usually takes 2 years to complete. Australia holds some of the top-performing universities in the psychology field.

Recent world occurrences such as the covid 19 pandemic have caused a general shift in the need for raising mental health awareness globally. This has made the industry more lucrative for skilled professional graduates.

Masters in Psychology in Australia: Highlights


Masters in Psychology in Australia


Masters in Clinical Psychology

Duration of the Course

Can take 2 years minimum and 4 years maximum 

depending on if the mode of study is part-time or full-time.


Complete Bachelors in Psychology degree recognised in Australia

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees

At least 30,000 AUD/year


Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Therapist, Mental Health Nurse, Clinical social worker.

Average Salary


Why master in psychology in Australia?

  • Quality of Education: Australia is well known for its excellent curriculum which has made it a favoured international student destination, ranking globally in the top five list. The country has also highly invested in research, ensuring students receive quality hands-on experience and knowledge from the course. The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council also regulates the field; hence you are assured as a student of obtaining extensive education in psychology. This governing body also carries out reviews every 5 years to ensure the quality of education remains high over time.
  • Great support system: Students have fantastic support within Australian Universities. The presence of Psychology Student Associations has created a conducive environment within their learning systems. The Australians are also generally very welcoming people, always ready to help, making it favourable for foreign international students.
  • Diversity and flexibility: Australian education are well known for the variety of courses offered and their flexible class timetables, which are favourable for international students and enable them to attend classes while securing and maintaining a job. Being able to work while studying is such a great opportunity, right? However, we have to ensure that you correctly and dutifully liaise with the university to accept and report your timings to ensure the smooth running of your study programme.
  • Visa Process: Australia has a very smooth running visa process. You just have to choose the course you would love to enrol in, and your file counsellor will guide you through the remaining process. You will also have to write a statement of purpose, provide personal information about yourself and then attach the application to your university of choice. All matters finance having been sorted, you are now ready for Australia.

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Who should take Masters's in Psychology in Australia?

Any student who wishes to pursue this course and has met the minimum legibility criteria can enrol on this course. However, it is essential to ensure that you also have an interest in the subject to be able to grow and thrive within the profession. You should have passed the language tests, have completed a psychology degree programme, and have a student visa.

Australia has established itself as a robust educational hub offering care and support to its international students hence why it is one of the top choices for international students interested in advancing their education abroad.

List of Masters in Psychology courses in Australia

It is important to determine where your interest lies. You can pursue many courses when taking a Masters in Psychology in Australia. 

They include:

  1. Master in Occupational Therapy
  2. Masters in Clinical Psychology
  3. Masters in Professional Psychology
  4. Master in Positive Psychology
  5. Master of Brain and Mind Sciences
  6. Masters in Child Psychology

TOP Universities to Study Masters in Psychology in Australia


QS World Ranking


University of Melbourne



The University of New South Wales



University of Queensland 



University of Sydney



The Australian National University



Cost of Studying Masters in Psychology in Australia

The greatest expense for international students is the tuition fee.  Tuition fee ranges from 30,000 AUD to 55,000 AUD per year. We would recommend Griffith and Queensland University of Technology for those short on cash, as their tuition charges are some of the lowest in Australia.

Non-recurring expenses such as application fee, visa fee and registration fee for tests you are required to ensure you can learn in Australia average at around 225AUD. Depending on the arrangements you make regarding your living space, International students spend at least 25000 AUD per year to cater for their living expenses.

Tuition Fees

Name of the University



Tuition Fees (AUD)

University of Queensland 

Master of Psychology

2 years


University of Adelaide

Master of Clinical Psychology

2 years


Charles Sturt University

Master of Professional Psychology

2 years


Cost of living in Australia

Australia is ranked 16 in the world's most expensive place to live. Still, internationals flock there due to its high living standards and the fact that it's not a one size fits all economy. The Cost of living varies with where you live and other changing variables like the recreational activities an individual may choose to indulge in.

The average individual spends about 3,500 AUD monthly. Still, you can keep these costs at a minimum by checking you're spending, sharing your living space, choosing the best mobile plan and cooking your own meals. It is important to remember that all this will be worthwhile as Australia offers some of the best master's in Psychological courses in the world.

Eligibility Criteria to Study Masters in Psychology in Australia

There are laid down basic minimum requirements that students should satisfy to enrol in this course. 

The following conditions should be met:

  • A complete Bachelor in Psychology course or equivalent from a recognized college or university with a minimum 7.3 GPA.
  • English language scores such as IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.
  • Be able to be registered as a provisional psychologist in Australia.
  • Valid proof of identity.
  • Two Academic Reference letters
  • Valid passport
  • Statement of purpose
  • Student Visa
  • Personal statement submission of not more than 500 words should highlight your relevant skills and reasons why you qualify to study master's in Psychology in Australia.

Exams Required to Study Masters in Psychology in Australia

Name of the Exam

Fees (INR)



Minimum Score

Pearson Test English- PTE


Must be 16 years and above and is below 18 need to have a parental consent form

Two years


GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test


Must be 18years and above

Five years

680 and above

Test of English as a Foreign Language- TOEFL


No limitations on age or educational qualifications

Two years


International English Language Testing System -IELTS


Minimum age of 16 years

Two years



Scholarships to Study Masters in Psychology in Australia

Name of the University

Scholarship Amount(USD)

University of Newcastle

27,500 per year

Macquarie University

5000 per year

University of Sydney scholarship

450,000 total

University of Melbourne


Australian National University

5000 per year

Careers after Masters in Psychology in Australia

Career opportunities for this course are diverse, expansive and lucrative. 

The list below outlines a career that you can pursue after completing a Masters's in Psychology in Australia

  1. Case Manager
  2. Child Psychologist
  3. Clinical Psychologist
  4. Communication Specialist
  5. Human Resource Specialist
  6. Probation and Parole Officer
  7. Research Psychologist
  8. Psychiatrist
  9. Neurophysiologist
  10. Senior Lecturer in Psychology

TOP Recruiters

TOP recruiters when you are armed with a Masters's in Psychology within the job market include:

  • Police Service
  • Media companies
  • Social Services
  • National Government
  • Learning institutions

How to Apply for Masters in Psychology in Australia?

Submission of applications to study for a master's in Psychology in Australia is usually easy; it, however, requires sufficient time and careful planning. Always remember that you can seek help from the institution you are applying to or reach out to AECC India so we can hold your hand and advise you throughout the process.

The following steps offer a guide for you to follow during the application as advised by our consultants:

  • Decide on your institution of choice.
  • Apply
  • Submit your application for processing
  • Acceptance
  • Get ready for your departure

We hope that this blog has helped clarify the benefits, costs and requirements of pursuing a master's in psychology in Australia and that we made your decision-making process easier for you. Australia is truly a great hub for quality education and affordable student living.

If you are an international student facing a dilemma on how to go about studying for a Masters's in Psychology in Australia, please reach out to AECC India; our education consultants are always on the line and ready to help.


AECC India is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey of fulfilling your dream.

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